Finding brake pads is annoying..

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I'm looking into changing the brakes on my car soon, I'd like better brand ones and I've been looking at akebono's and wagners mainly. My biggest issue seems to be.. my stupid car comes in 2 types.. A sedan and a Coupe version.. Nearly everywhere I go to buy brake pads is a freaking issue. There's NEVER any clear distinction between the sedan and the coupe brake pads.. I've looked on amazon and I'm scared to purchase anything for this exact reason...
I've had orders prepared for me at Pepboys only to go in and ask them if they're sure its for the sedan.. only to walk out empty handed because whoopssss turns out it was for a coupe. -_-

Any advice?


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Why don't you shoot an e-mail or even call Rock Auto ( and see what they recommend?

    I check the rockauto listings for you and I see that they have abundant listing for the Altima, and do differentiate between coupe and sedan, and they show some good performance pads for your car, so I think this might solve your problem.

    [email protected]

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