Rx 8 no connection to PCM

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Car is basically a repo radio is pulled out and door panels are ripped out ( custom speaker system)
I have no contact to PCM and a lock out code flash 1:6 But I think I should get a DTC code and can't connect
I am Afraid that there could also be a extra security on board Cannot find wiring diagram for code reader port to trace to PCM to check if any thing is wrong here. also concerned that the radio and heat control missing could be part of the problem(some link through them to PCM) can't find anything that looks to disable car. any help would be great


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    Don't know if this will help either but wiring schematics can be found (for free) at bbbind.com. But maybe you just need the code reader schematic....
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    Sometimes you should try another scan tool. Also check your fuses and the PCM connectors and PCM grounds.

    You might want to run a compression test on this RX-8 repo before you put any serious money into it, presuming you can get it to at least spin over.

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