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Repair or Sell my 2000 Volvo?

watson71watson71 Posts: 5
edited November 2016 in Volvo
For about a wk,. my 2k GLT SE volvo, with 130k miles, was tough starting. But, one day it fired right up, on the first attempt. Took it to the dealer, was told the engine coolant temperature sensor, and thermostat, needs replacing. They also said, oil is leaking on the turbo and lifters. This is due to the pcv ventilation system, is "restricted", with carbon. Their mechanic said he found corrosion. I check the oil every few days, it is never low. They said the leak is very slow, so it is hard to notice. Both repairs are cost-prohibited, via the dealer. . This car also devours bulbs, which is typical in the volvo world. I am concern if the vehicle is worth sinking dough into it?

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