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Required 60K maintenance on a 2013 Subaru Legacy 2.5L

bobisnextbobisnext Member Posts: 4
edited November 2016 in Subaru

My girlfriend owns a 2013 Subaru Legacy 2.5L with 56K on it. She took it to the dealer for a small recall repair and they quoted $675 for 60K service including spark plugs, oil change and filter, tire rotation and balance, coolant and ATF fluid change, and some other items to be inspected.

IMHO, I think only the coolant should be changed, as well as oil change and filter. ( she has always kept up on oil and filter changes anyway)

Since I am not familiar with Subarus, do plugs need to be changed at 60K. (many other auto mfg only require plug changes at 100K miles) How about ATF change at 60K?




  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    edited November 2016
    Yes, plugs need to be changed, but ATF can be inspected only and shouldn't need changing. Should have a new fuel filter though, and depending on climate and use, a brake fluid flush.

    Here's the 2013 Legacy Maintenance Schedule. Print it out for GF and keep it in the glovebox.

    Dealers will sometimes recommend things beyond what the factory says. These "extras" aren't always a bad thing, especially when it comes to fluid changes, but no sense doing things prematurely either.

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