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daktula1daktula1 Member Posts: 11
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Hi folks:

Wanted to get your thoughts on used Chrysler 300 - the good bad and ugly - maintenance costs. I am considering one from the online site called carvana. They have most OTD around 21K and even lesser in some cases.
Any help would be appreciated.


  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 56,758
    I was recommended to comment here, as I just had a longish rental 300. I don't know how they age in the long run, but I think most of the platform has had the kinks worked out, and they are relatively sound. My rental had no issues, and appeared to be properly assembled.

    Cars with that mileage could easily be rental returns, especially if they are basic spec without sunroof etc. If you want to experience one, I think Hertz has a bunch of them in the fleet right now.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I think if you like American-style looks, room and handling, it's not a bad choice--too bad they don't offer AWD with the V-8 anymore.

    But you have to be careful checking off the options list---if you ordered a V-8 with the plush interior and top trim line, you're going to bust through the $50K barrier, and at that price point, there's some very tasty competition waiting to tempt you.

    But a base model V-6 off-lease might be priced as a lot of car for the money.
  • sdasda Member Posts: 6,781
    If you happen to look at an older 300 avoid the 2.7 V6. It is underpowered and that engine is known to self destruct from 60k+ from a clogged oil pump.

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  • daktula1daktula1 Member Posts: 11
    Thank you folks. Specifically was looking at this one -
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