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Mazda MPV Gas Mileage

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited August 2014 in Mazda
This topic is for MPV owners to post and compare their actual MPG.

"Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates

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  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    In the "Real World," my 2004 MPV got 24mpg in mostly hwy driving(say 75%hwy) calculated over 2 tanks of gas. Feel like it is getting close to what EPA indicates. Satisfied. :P
  • Hello Everybody,

    so I took my first HIGHWAY ONLY trip on the 4th of july weekend. I put 178 miles on highway, from 8am to 11 am in a 75 F temperature, using AC 80% of time. I was cruising between 70-80mph.
    Much to my surprise, I got terrible gas milage: 15.67 mpg... (i filled the vehicle up before entering higway, and after puting 178 miles filled it up again - i got 15.67 mpg...)
    What is the probable cause?

    I take very good notes on my fuel economy.In the last 6 month, which translates to 5610 miles driven, my average mpg is 20.89 mpg. This is combined city and highway driving in chicagoland area.

    What is your opinion?
  • I just took a long trip and got 25 miles to the gallon in my 2001 MPV.
    If you don't get that much, I suggest you check the tire pressure. Also having the fuel injectors cleaned and a tune up may be on order. This is my second MPV abd so-far my favorite
  • I have a 2001 MPV and have calculated around 18 mpg highway (and this was right after having new plugs, wires, new coil pack and injectors cleaned). City, I get even less. I noticed that highway driving, at 70 mph the engine hovers at around 3000 rpm (yeah, this is way more than it should). I'm not sure if I have a lower geared transmission or if something is just not working right (yes, I have checked and overdrive is on). Flukee, I would like to know exactly what your rpm's read when you are at 70 mph.
  • gus11gus11 Posts: 1
    Talking about gas mileage, my 2001 mpv is going crazy on gas mileage, talking metric system for every litre it travles 6 km, tried to convert to mpg which is 14. mpg
    and that is not good.
    I there any soultion to avoid this.
  • nierlichnierlich Posts: 1
    We love our MPV in part because it gets about 21-22 mpg when we drive the I5 between Los Angeles and San Francisco as we do several times a year. Our total driving is 380 miles door to door; with much of this highway posted at 70, we drive 70-85. Although mostly flat, only a modest part of this is "freeway" driving; rather most is one or two lanes each way, undivided, with the usual passing and dealing with trucks needed.
    My recollection is that at 70mph the engine turns at about 2600. With a gentle push on the gas, the car will speed up slowly and generally maintain rpm. However, if the cruise control calls for an increase in speed or you press down on the gas, the transmission shifts down (incredibly smoothly--you only hear the revs), and the rpm jumps to maybe 3500. Our car has low miles--25,000--and has been dealer maintained. Strangely we had to replace the O2 sensor at the last service (perhaps the secret of the performance), and haven't made the trip since then.
  • valleyvalley Posts: 12
    Mostly highway with extremely light load (for a minivan). My driving is mild, rarely exceeds 65 mph. But A/C was on 80% of the time - that hurt. Trim is LX-SV.
  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    Just got back from a 550 mile round trip within Texas (in Texas the A/C is always on...)
    My '01 DX with 97.5K miles still gets about 22~23 mpg on the highway - around 20 in town. I fell in behind an 18 wheeler going 75 and let him suck me along the last half on that particular trip.

    The '01 at 70 MPH turns about 3000 RPM. The '02 and above with the transmission change is (I think) about 250 RPM less at that speed even with the slightly bigger engine.

    My O2 sensor makes the infamous "moose" call for 1 minute if the temp gets below 50 degrees (in Texas??) after engine start. This has been going on for three years and I never replaced it. Apparenly, in my case, it didn't affect the gas milage. Plus, I don't recall if we really had a winter in the last three years...

    By the way, I put Goodyear Assurance tires on all the way around about 15K miles ago - pumped up to 37PSI - really smooth - best tires yet.
  • nlsnls Posts: 65
    The "moose" call is not due to the O2 sensor, but due to the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    and it's typically referred to as a "fog horn" sound rather than a moose. The IAC is an easy DIY replacement.

  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    Sorry - we always referred the noise as a moose call three or four years ago in prior townhall discussions - I guess the term got changed through time....
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    either term would work. I'm just use to it being called "fog horn" from reading other sites out there. Even the TSB for it mentions "fog horn".

  • First full tank refill.. 20.65 MPG, 100% A/C and all city drive
    One question though, the fuel tank had less than 1/4 left and when I filled it only took 14.1 Gallons, Specs say 19.8 gallon full. I am guessing the fuel warning light comes on with 2-3 gallons in reserve..
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    21mpg city is good for city driving, my DW usually get about 18-20 city.

    The light does come on early it seems. I think the trend with most manufacturers lately seems to be this way. Not to mention that the only real time the fuel gauge is accurate is when it's full, noone makes a truly "linear" gauge anymore. Too bad the MPV doesn't have a trip computer like the GM and ChryCo vans, you'd see fairly accurate gallons used and could go off of that.

  • bajwabajwa Posts: 4
    New Highway and city numbers:

    Round trip from Raleigh to D.C and back, 2 kids, 2 adults and a lot of stuff in trunk..Average speed after subtracting the stops : 81 MPH to D.C, 77 MPH return
    To D.C: 22.63 mpg
    Return: 23.21 MPG

    3rd all city tank refill is 21.17 MPG, No A.C and all city driving.

    I am happy with the numbers, only thing is that I expected the HWY numbers to be sig higher after getting 21 MPG in city..BUT the van was full, AND we were moving pretty quick..My guess is, if I had reduced the "indicated" speed to 75ish, istead of 82ish, the MPG would have been higher..
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Just took my '02 MPV on a trip from Minnesota to Texas and back. Total mileage was 2733.7, about 350 of which was driving in-town. Total fuel consumption was 114.13 gallons. (I topped off the tank at the end at the same station and pump from where I started the trip.) That nets out to 23.95 mpg, right at the EPA highway average. The van was fully loaded with five passengers (three adults, one teenager and a child), a full cargo hold with a week's luggage, and every nook and cranny in the van filled with stuff. Most of the miles were on the freeway, with the typical speed being 70-75 mph with some slower stretches due to traffic/weather/construction. Weather was bad, raining most of the time. I am pretty happy with the fuel economy given the conditions. Also, the van performed flawlessly during the trip. The cruise control was spot-on and did a good job maintaining speed even when going up some pretty steep hills. I did notice some unsteadiness in strong crosswinds (30-40 mph).

    Entertainment note: Before the trip I bought a portable DVD player with a 9" screen ($89.95). I also bought a wireless FM transmitter for $20, which pipes the sound through the van's stereo system. The DVD player was just the right size to straddle the armrests of the front captain's chairs. (For a safer setup, one could easily attach the unit to the armrests with a strap.) The wireless transmitter caught some interference at time but generally worked well. It was well worth the money and an inexpensive alternative to a built-in system.
  • gus11,

    I'm getting bad mpg off my 2001 MPV, have ever since I got it. About 15 city/suburb and rarely more than 20 on highway.

    What's up with our vans?
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    I'm getting about 24 mpg hwy on extended trips with air on in loaded down van. Must be your tire pressure.
  • kronogoosekronogoose Posts: 116
    On a recent, mostly-highway trip, my wife averaged 15 MPG in her 2001 MPV (LX, I think). She has about 55K on the odometer.

    Any suggestions? I was thinking she may just need a tune-up, but it has been suggested to me that the fuel filter may be to blame.


  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    I have constantly watched my mileage on my 2003 MPV and it's always around 17 in the city and up to 22 or so on the hwy.
    The engine seems a bit gas thirsty for the size of the vehicle, etc. I had a Grand Caravan before and it got consistently around 19 MPG all the time on a 3.3L engine.

    It all has to do with the gearing, etc and how your driving habits are. If you push the peddle on take offs from stops, the gauge will drop rapidly on the gas. If you ease up on the starts, it will improve. During the winter months, the mpg's drop off too.
  • I just calculated the average for our 04 MPV LX with Sport Package. It comes out to 18.78 MPG over the life of the car.

    The best mileage we ever got on one tank of gas was 26.6 miles after we'd had it for almost a year. The worst mileage was 14.4.

    My 2003 Infiniti M45 (with a 4.5 liter V8) has averaged 18.8 MPG since I've owned it. I don't usually drive with as many passengers on my M45, so maybe the weight made the difference. :confuse:
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    On your 18.78 mpg, what is the mix between city/highway driving... about 50/50?
  • rickand2rickand2 Posts: 2
    We had a 2000 ES and it rarely got over 20MPG even on long Highway trips. We laid off the gas, you could not speed with the anemic engine. Combined city highway driving was
    16- 18mpg and we maintained the car and kept the tires inflated. Pretty frustrating !!
  • My husband and I talked to Mazda today about our gas mileage never beeing better than 17.6 and they informed us to check our filters and plugs. We are going to try it although we do not expect an improvement since we have not received better mileage from day one. I really regret buying the van and if I ever have a choice again I will not buy another one. Good luck. I hope you get yours figured out. Weekly I average anywhere from $100 - $125 just hauling my teenage kids to and from school and getting back and forth to work.

    Susan Keltner
  • steinprsteinpr Posts: 11
    2002 mpv 11.5 city 16-18 hwy.
    Since i bought it i was complaining, but Mazda Suck so will never buy another Mazda. new tranny after 18.5 k ($600 in rental car that was supposed to be covered)
    car died on hwy with kids in the car doing 65, we all almost died, no brakes no steering.
    It just died again this time 52k doing 50. no kids in the car thank god. but they cant find a problem, maybe a loose cable.
    never again
    this was a $25,000 mistake.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Had it for 18 months (bought it with 45k miles on it). Averaging about 17-18 in the city and 24-26 on long trips on the highway. The highway miles were all at 65-70 mph (max speed on freeways in the Midwest). I noticed a slight improvement in FE, from around 24 to 26, on the highway after having the 60k service, which included new plugs. Also they had to replace a couple of coils, covered under an extended warranty I got when I bought the van. Since these numbers are within or even slightly above the EPA ratings, I am satisfied with the fuel economy.
  • djkmdjkm Posts: 1
    15 months with my 2002 MPV, averaging 22MPG(50-50 highway and local). No mid-seats unless in need and no other useless heavy stuff on it. So far so good.
  • surfdog49surfdog49 Posts: 1
    I have a 92 MPV with about 260,000 miles. I am lucky to get 12 in the city and 15 on the road. I think it does need a tune-up, but what can I change other than plugs to increase the mileage? I know this is fuel injected, do they need to be cleaned periodically? I had an owner's manual but after two moves, it is lost somewhere. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have a road trip coming up and with the price of gasoline, my fixed income doesn't stretch enough.
    Rudy W
  • tgozdalski1tgozdalski1 Posts: 34
    I just came back from 525 miles trip in Texas. I keep my Kumho touring tires at 38/39 psi. Maximum tire pressure as per manufacturer is 44 psi. I topped fuel tank to the first click, reset the trip odometer to zero and for about 85% of the time used cruise control set at 62MPH. At 62MPH my RPM's were 2000. Few times I incresed speed to about 65MPH. I also got in stop & go traffic for about 8-10 minuts in San Antonio. AC was on during entire trip. After driving 308 miles I pumped 10.892 gal of regular gas giving me average MPG 28.28! During second segment of the trip 217 miles my wife drove for about 30 miles without cruise control at about 70 MPH, then I took over setting again cruise at 62MPH but for the last 100 miles I increased speed, still cruise control, to 70 MPH, RPM about 2300. My average MPG for a second segment was 24.55, I pumped 8.837 to the first click. I remember when I first got MPV I took a longer highway trip and my MPG was about 23 but I was driving 70-75 MPH. My MPV has 76k miles on odometer with standard oil/oil filter/air filter/battery only mainteinance
  • engtechengtech Posts: 6
    Just got back from OBX NC, Drove 65 to 70 MPH got 28 MPG average on trip. That was a surprise to me. This is in a 04 LX. New tires and oil change before trip. Van ran great and even when through smoke in Norfolk VA from a wild fire. Vary happy with MPG we will see in a month if it keeps up going to Vermount to visit friends around the same distance as the first trip will let you know it is the same. :blush:
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