2010 CX 9 Sky High Mileage!

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Hello All,
We are looking for an affordable SUV with great reviews, this leads us to the CX 9! I love it, however the one within our price range (10k or less) has 147k miles being sold from the original owner. It is in good condition considering the amount of miles. What do you all think? It rides and checks out good, just need a thumbs up from someone that owns one!


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Lots of miles. Be cheap insurance to have your own mechanic check it out good. Usually you can get a pre-purchase inspection for an hour of shop time (i.e., around $100, maybe less).

    When I appraise one here (Touring, no options, good condition) I come up with a $6,854 private party price.
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    Here's my two cents. Statistically, most modern cars have a predicted lifespan of 175K--225K

    So no matter how you cut it, this vehicle is a senior citizen and we don't see a long future for it.

    Of course, you can keep just about any car running for ages if you pour money into restoring it.

    If you're looking for a "keeper", I'd look elsewhere. If you're looking for something to make do for a few years, and IF the vehicle passes a pre-sale inspection and has no major needs, and IF you get a REALLY good price on it, to account for perhaps 3/4 of its life being over, then ....OK.

    What trim level is it, what are they asking for it?

    This vehicle should be well under $10,000 either private party or dealer pricing. The mileage deduct is about $3000. I'd like to see you pay no more than $7000-$8000 for it from private party.

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