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Lexus ES 350



  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147
    ***I would want pretty much a bare-minimum auto so I'm thinking the base plus the Premium Package ($1098), which itself seems to need Blue Tooth ($240)***

    Why don't you just buy a Camry?
  • Does anyone have a dealer installed Spoiler? Would you mind to share what you paid for (the Spoiler and labor)?
  • forthillforthill Posts: 35
    ***Why don't you just buy a Camry? ***

    Because I am leasing an ES330 with them now and can possibly waive 6 months off of that lease if I sta with Lexus and lease another ES with them. Why should I look elsewhere, unless the deals are not really deals?

    My current '04 ES has a premium package only (again pretty much what I call a base, bare-minimum car)

  • The wheel locks, cargo net and trunk mat will come under the Preferred Accessory package. MSRP of that is $194. A lot of the ES came with that package already. When I purchased my ES through the weekend, all the 10 or so ES that they just received has it. Availability with the PM will be very short but you could always try.
  • mookie18mookie18 Posts: 15
    I have to do it everytime I start. I don't really mind it, my only complaint is doing the Hack after the RX has been sitting out in the sun all day. The Nav screen can be very hot and I need to press on the screen for 5-8 secs before I hear the beep.

    The RX350 comes with a Gen 5 Nav. Not sure what the ES350 has.
  • mmoss1mmoss1 Posts: 9
    who would you get to install this system in the 350?
  • cleblanccleblanc Posts: 45
    I actually ordered the VAIS SLI unit when they had a group buy a couple weeks ago. It should be arriving today. I am planning on having it installed either by a place in CT that is an authorized retailer of the VAIS units or there is a mobile Tweeter nearby that I asked them about. They said to bring the unit in so they can check it out to determine if they could do it and give me a price. I am hoping that whoever does the install can do the Nav hack at the same time. The unit does not have as much use without it since Lexus stupidly disabled the details screen while the car is in motion.
  • mmoss1mmoss1 Posts: 9
    Please let us know how this goes, and what you get accomplished.

  • robynlrobynl Posts: 38
    Well, guess what I found out today?? As of a month ago they are no longer making Ruby with the UL package. My cousin lives in Atlanta and is in the auto industry. He spoke with internest sales manager at Nally and her field rep told her that they are no longer making the Ruby in the UL package. If you want it, it has to be special ordered. Unbelievable!! The very color and package they display at the Chicago Auto show they decide not to build anymore. Supposedly they are still makeing it with the Navigation, just not the UL package. guess I will have to special order it.
  • garmogarmo Posts: 20
    Got a couple of "no problem" replies. You are the only one that had an experience with the transmission at low speeds similar to mine. What did your dealer say?
  • WHAT??? :surprise: How reliable is this source of yours? What does "special Order" entail? More $$$, I assume.

    The only reason I have been dragging my feet is because I have been unable to see the color in person and I will not make such a big purchase without seeing it on the lot with my own eyes. Two times this last week the dealer called me (at the 9th hour) and told me there was a Ruby UL on the lot that a person ordered and is picking up. Giving me about a half hour to spare. I never could make it over there because I have had back to back listing appointments and working late.

    My salesman assures me that he can get the car, color and UL package for me as soon as I decide what the heck I want. (But then again, it seems he would tell me he could part the Red Sea if that is what I wanted to hear.)

    Psychdoc, you have a Ruby UL Package, don't you? What is your address again? hehe
  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147
    ***Psychdoc, you have a Ruby UL Package, don't you? What is your address again? hehe***

    Happy to give you a ride any time you want!

  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592

    I saw a Royal Ruby ES350 in town the other
    day. It was either a Premium Plus or Premium
    model since it didn't have the panorama roof,
    just the regular sunroof. This one had the
    seven-spoke wheels in the chrome finish.
    The car was gorgeous!!!
  • Thanks guys. I am getting so anxious, I should just go for it and order Ruby without seeing it in the flesh. (Hopefully it will not be a "special order.") From what I have read in this and another forum and the pics I have seen, I can't go wrong. Mr. salesman says if I don't like it when it comes in, I don't have to take it. (Again.... anything you want to hear, Darling.) :)

    I am getting concerned because first they do not offer Sirius Radio anymore, now there are rumors of Ruby not being available. By the time I get my act together, they are going to discontinue the car all together.

    Then you will have to drive me to work, Psychdoc.

  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147

    No lovely ruby red and now (horrors!!!) no Sirius?

    Thank goodness I have my Sirius at home and tape Howard Stern's show. I can't tell you how happy I am that they maintained the cassette tape player in the car. And what a shame it is that they deleted this on other high end cars.

    Driving you to work sounds like fun but the commute from NYC to CA is just a bit long.
  • amf1932amf1932 Posts: 79
    All things being equal as far as optional equipment which car would you prefer, the '07 ES350 or the GS300 AWD? Advantages and disadvantages??

    I'm asking this because I got into a discussion with a friend of mine who went into his local Lexus dealer and they were able to discount the GS to about the same price as the ES.

    What's your take on this situation and what would you do, and why??
  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147
    I thjink the GS looks positively horrible. Reminds me of the old AMC Pacer. A really ugly hatchback. And fitting it with the underwhelming 3.0 liter engine at the same time as they were using a 268hp 3.5 in the Avalon??!!

    File this under: "DUH."
  • Went to order my wife a new ES350....salesman told us that someone at Lexus made an
    unexpected assembly decision removing xenon headlights and the sensors from the
    preferred package....problems has been rectified but cars will not have these two items
    until fall...any ideas as to why....and is this a no kidding reason to wait to reorder in the fall?
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I hear you on the cassette player! I know,
    some people are going to call us "Old school"
    but I don't care. I've still got some good
    cassette tapes that I've made over the past
    several years. FYI though, you can only get
    the cassette player in the ES if you get the
    navigation system. Without the nav, no
    cassette player. I like to play my XM Roady
    through the cassette player in my current
    car. I love it, no interruptions, no
  • philo82philo82 Posts: 10
    While I have no "inside information", doesn't this seem to be disinformation put out by auto dealers designed to spur people to buy as soon as possible? Don't play their game. I'm also considering a Ruby Red UL, but am waiting until prices come down - hopefully within the next few months. And if the prices don't come down appreciably, then so be it. I refuse to chase a car. The auto dealers may have what I want, but I also have what they want - my money (which is more important), and which translates into their sales commissions. And right now it's in my pocket, not theirs. Let's see how car salesmen (and their sales managers) manage to pay their monthly bills with a lot full of unsold shiny new cars.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    You know that the GS can be had with a 300 Hp V8, right ?
  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147
    ***You know that the GS can be had with a 300 Hp V8, right ?***

    Not in awd and I would never own a rwd car here in NY.

    Still, of course, it leaves you with the hideous hatchback appearace of the GS, it's cramped interior quarters and spartan interior appointments.

    Face it, the GS is a styling disaster not unlike the current generation SC (which is right up there with the most horrific looking cars of all time).
  • Don't hold back, Psychdoc. Tell us how you really feel. LOL

    I finally saw the Ruby Red yesterday. It is a very nice color. The blazing sun was directly overhead so parts of it was that beautiful sparking Rudy but then the sides of the car took on a darker maroon shade. Hmmm. Maroon.

    Of course the car was just delivered and filthy. (Didn't help my whole "keeping dark colors clean" theory.)

    I will have to take one more look at it. I was a little tired and cranky because I just got back from riding bikes at the beach and was viewing a red, dirty car in over 100 degree weather. :sick:

    (The suspense builds.)
  • lrnlrn Posts: 1
    I have the very same problem: the transmission seems to hesitate at 20-40 mph, not knowing whether to shift up or down, and finally engaging with a lurch that is rather rough. It is intermittent, and not sure the exact conditions under which it happens, but it seems as if I can replicate it if I have let off the accelerator pedal for a few seconds and then want to increase speed again. It is indeed annoying and uncharacteristic of a smooth-shiftng Lexus under all conditions. I called the Lexus service guy and they said the car was too new for any experience or reported problems. So I can only hope a service bulletin will come out some day. Has any one out there had a service performed for this particular problem? Thanks for any advise you can provide.
  • 2007 Toyota Camry Woes
    Check this site out; it may explain the tranny problems, since the 2007 Camry & 2007 ES350 use the same V-6 & 6-Speed Automatic tranny.
  • iycrraiycrra Posts: 24
    There were some posts earlier about tilted sidemirror when shifted from nuetral to reverse mode.

    I have ulta package and I can't get it to work on mine. Something wrong with mine or this just can't be done. Thanks.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Move the left/right selector switch for your mirrors to either the left or right mirror, then shift into's covered in the owners manual on page 41.
  • carrelman2carrelman2 Posts: 80
    For those of you who are interested, Body Side Moldings are now available and can be ordered by the parts dept.They are available in colors that match the color of the car.
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    When you leave the side mirror switch in either the right or left position then when you back up the mirror will move downward. If the side mirror switch is left in the middle position then the side mirrors will not move downwards when the the car is placed into reverse.
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