Just changed the spark plugs on 2010 Nissan Sentra SR. Driving to work the car stalled. Why?

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Before changing the plugs I had a service engine soon light on. The mechanic told me I needed a tune up. Changed the oil, changed the air filter, and continued to drive the car because I was told it wouldn't effect how the car drives. Never had an issue. Last night I have the spark plugs changed with vehicle specific Pulstar spark plugs and cleaned the battery terminals that looked like they needed it. Afterwards, started the car and the service engine soon light was no longer on. Drove the car around the block a few times, no issues. Went home and went to bed. This morning started the car, no problem starting. Let it run for a couple minutes while I fixed the clock and the presets on the radio. Left to drive to work. The car drove fine for the most part, maybe the slightest of shake at one point. About half an hour later, I moved into the left hand lane and had to almost stop completely because of traffic. At that point, all the dash lights came on and the car died. I turned the ignition and it started right back up and drove with no problem the rest of the way (about 15 to 20 minutes). The service engine light never came back on. Is this something to be concerned about or is it normal after changing the plugs?


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    Sometimes when you disconnect the battery the car has to go through a "re-learn", so it may act strange for a few days. But if it doesn't settle down then you'll have to find out why. Also were you sure of the plug gap?
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    They came pregapped and they are vehicle specific. The person at Autozone used my VIN to determine the correct plugs.
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    I stopped in and had the diagnostic done on the car. The computer showed no codes at all, it was clear. So the next thing they did was check the battery and although it showed fully charged, it showed it as a bad battery. Luckily the battery was under warranty so they changed it out for me for nothing. They then ran a complete check on the charging system and everything else checked out fine. So it looks like I was fortunate enough for it to only be a bad battery. Thank you Lord and thank you Ceasar for helping me out.
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    I guess now I'm finding out that after you replace the battery, it takes the computer approx 50 miles or so to reset itself. The resetting could cause the car to do weird things like it did with my car earlier. I'll know for sure in the next day or so I guess.
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