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I have an 05 chevy equinox. The heat works when and how it wants to, it blows fine but usually i get mildly lukewarm air. Occasionally it will be colder, occasionally warmer. I assumed it was something like the blend door as that seems to be a problem on these cars. I took it somewhere and he said he found exhaust gasses in the heat system which means its a head gasket. My question is, there is no other signs of a head gasket problem. Oil is clean, I dont leak antifreeze or overheat, no water from the exhaust, etc. Could the head gasket just cause the heat problem and nothing else? I dont have this kind of money so I really cant afford to pay him to do this and then turn around and still have to fix a heat problem. thanks


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    You can buy a simple test kit at Autozone or some such to tell if there are indeed combustion gases in the coolant.

    I'm a bit dubious of the diagnosis that a head gasket can cause heat problems UNLESS your coolant level keeps going down and you constantly have to add coolant, or UNLESS your truck is constantly overheating,

    If neither of those conditions exist, then I think someone is on the wrong track.

    There's no reason to "guess" about a bad head gasket. There are various tests one can perform to verify this with actual data.

    By what means was the head gasket diagnoses as being faulty? If it's just "I think I saw bubbles in the coolant", that's not enough.
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    what they told me was just that...they found the exhaust gasses in the heating system (dont remember if they specified antifreeze) and that it would be a 2 day job to tear it apart and fix the gasket. That is all they told me that they did besides hooking up a scan tool, and they did not tell me if that had any results so i assume not.
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