After 2,000 miles on a 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum Energi

westchesternywestchesterny Member Posts: 1
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I leased this car in early November 2016 and have almost 2,000 miles on it. The experience has been excellent. My commute is about 23 miles each way into and back from NYC, and when I'm just using the car for the commute it hardly uses any gasoline at all. I charge it an night in my garage with the 110 volt charger that comes with the car, and at my office there is a nearby parking garage that provides competitive parking rates and free charges.

For those who don't know, this car is a plug-in hybrid, so on a longer trip when the battery is used up it switches to gasoline/electric hybrid mode.

My previous car was a 2013 Fusion hybrid, and the new car, on battery, accelerates slightly faster than the 2013 did, and on a longer trip it seems about the same as the 2013. I've taken it on three longer trips for about 500 miles overall, when I could not charge it, and got at least the 42 MPG advertised. Overall, I think that the 97 MPG advertised is reasonable but this depends on the proportion of shorter trips and re-charging. I think that if I did nothing but drive back and forth to the office the MPG would be much higher than 97 MPG.

After another 2,000 miles I'll post again. Thus far I'm delighted with this car.


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