Can't find electrical short

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Need help tracking down a short. 2007 Ford Focus hatchback, manual trans., 2.0L motor
The problem: When I turn on the parking lights (ie: the 1st on position on the light switch) the 10a fuse in the number 30 socket blows. The instrument lights, the lights for the climate control and the tail lights go out. The cluster indicator lights (oil, check engine, etc.), brake lights, turning lights and headlights still work as do the gauges. The A/C and heater fan still work. So does the dome light.
What I've done: I took the entire dash apart and removed the instrument cluster and radio. I replaced the bulbs in the cluster and the tail lights. I also inspected the wires where they go from the body of the car to the hatchback for chafing. I did not find any obvious short under the dash or in the back (of course there could be some bare wire somewhere I can't see).

Does anyone have any ideas how to track down this short? Anyone have a wiring schematic they can give me?

Any help is appreciated.



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    There's no easy answer here.

    You can often find free wiring diagrams HERE.

    You may need to consult with an electronics specialist if you can't make any progress.

    See if there is one on this list of highly qualified techs who is near you.


    You might try disconnecting (one at a time), the circuits for each of those items that goes out, like unplugging the tail lights or the connector for the instrument lights. In that way at least you can narrow it down a bit. Sounds like a short to ground, yep, if the fuse pops right away.
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