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Helpful Catalogs / Websites for Mods

Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
edited March 2014 in General
This topic is for listing the names of helpful catalogs or websites for ordering or researching parts to modify your car.

PLEASE DON'T NAME WEBSITES THAT HAVE FORUMS IN THEM! Those will have to be deleted as per Edmunds Forums "Terms of Use".


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    "Performance Products" puts out a nice catalog. See www.automotion.com

    It's primarily for Porsche mods and restoration but they have EXCELLENT performance products for all cars as well----including fuel additives, water wetter, high performance lubricants, and a good selection of books on handling, ignition systems, modifying brake systems, learning to race, etc. that relate to all modern cars.

    The website, www.automotion.com, also has links to parts for trucks and Jeeps, some of which are speed and handling related.
  • dayoungonedayoungone Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know any good v6 performance part website. Someone help me,
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    which V6?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
  • rs500rs500 Member Posts: 1
    hey i dont know my self but if you go onto www.passionford.com then you might be able to find out thanks.

  • killian322killian322 Member Posts: 1
    I have been modifying my 2000 Impala and am now looiking for a nice grill for it. I have seen alot of Impalas with the billet grills, but I want something that looks different from the rest, can anyone suggest a good site to search through for this??

  • empiredjempiredj Member Posts: 21
    www.summitracing.com 1st #1 in Mail Order Sales

    www.jegs.com - 2nd best Mail Order Performance Parts

    www.knfilters.com - See below

    www.aempower.com - See below

    www.holley.com - See below

    www.cranecams.com - Self-explainatory

    www.compcams.com - ZEX and Comp Cams...

    www.focusport.com - Focus specific tuner

    www.howellautomotive.com - All things Sport Compact

    www.modernperformance.com - Domestic Compact Specialist

    www.nopi.com - Number #1, Number #1 highest prices online

    www.gmgoodwrench.com - Mostly V8 stuff still...

    www.fordracing.com - Everything from the Focus to Trucks

    www.mopar.com - HEMI's, Vipers and SRT's Need I say more?

    www.trdusa.com - Toyota Suspension and Supercharger kits

    www.greddy.com - Various turbo kits and E-manage piggyback

    www.perfectpower.com - Piggy-back ECU

    www.borla.com - Exhaust for just about everything

    www.pacesetterexhaust.com - Exhaust for everything

    www.unorthodoxracing.com - If they don't make a pulley for it

    Then, www.aspracing.com does

    www.nitrousexpress.com - Best Nitrous kit on the market

    www.blitzusa.com - Scion xb/xA supercharger

    www.turbo-kits.com - Sells most Turbo kits for cars

    www.superchargersonline.com - Sells most Supercharger kits

    www.tein.com - Coilovers and Suspension for popular cars

    www.kw-suspension.com - Excellent Coilovers for everything

    www.hasport.com - Honda Engine Swap Gurus

    www.sctflash.com - Ford Chip Tuning and Flashers

    www.superchips.com - ECU chips and PCM flashers

    www.hondata.com - Honda ECU tuners

    www.mossmotors.com - Mostly Old British Stuff

    www.cecwheels.com - High End Cars (BMW, Porsche, Benz)

    You want more specifc ones, let me know.

    I got links for everything, well nothing old and nasty.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Some of us use Yahoo or A9.

    But it's just like any other question - it's more fun to ask other people than to read the manual. Especially when people have had real experience with a company. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • brymanbryman Member Posts: 2
    First off, I apologize for the long post, but I need to expose RPMOutlet.com for what it is - a pretty website with horrible customer service, business practices, and no interest in customer satisfaction. Here's my story.

    Early in March, my wife ordered a Hurst shifter for my birthday over the web via www.rpmoutlet.com's website. She received a confirmation of the order and tracking link to check the status of the order. After a week of "tracking unavailable" status on the website, she sent them an email asking about it. More than two days later, she finally received a response telling her that they could not find an order in their system and to call in about it. She then called their customer service asking about the order, and was told by a rude CSR that some other company handles their online transactions and they must have lost the order. This might not sound that bad, until you consider that her full credit card information and address were also submitted with this order. In this day of age of theft identity and credit card fraud, "losing" an online order is a very bad thing. The CSR acted like this was all no big deal, and told her that she could place the order again over the phone if she wanted. She told me what happened, and I tried to find a competitive price for the same Hurst Shifter (HUR391-0200). Unfortunately, I could not find a price close to what RPM Outlet had ($150), so I just had her order it over the phone with them again. This was a huge mistake.

    She placed the order over the phone this time, and it came about a week later. During the time I was waiting for it to be delivered, I read several threads stating that some people were having problems with the Hurst shifters (vibration, etc). Even though I felt bad for having my wife go through all the trouble of ordering it, I decided I really didn't want to take the chance and install this shifter, so I sent RPMOutlet this email:
    My wife ordered me a Hurst Shifter for my 2006 Mustang GT for my birthday and it arrived today. The problem is that I don’t want the shifter because a lot of people have been having trouble with them. I’d like to return the unopened box to you and have her card credited if possible. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks,”

    Two days later, I received this twice, once addressed to me, and once addressed to Douglas(?):
    We have received your request for the return of your product. After reviewing your request, it has been determined that due to the guidelines provided on the yellow return sheet included in your order, we are unable to accept a return on your purchase.
    These guidelines have been implemented to protect both our customers and RPM Outlet with regards to returns on non-defective products. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. As always, we thank you for shopping at RPM Outlet.
    - George
    Customer Support Team --
    RPM Outlet Inc. (www.rpmoutlet.com)”

    I responded that the conditions were not made clear before the order was placed (no record on any emails my wife received or during the order process), and that they were unusual and ridiculous, considering that the item was completely unopened and I hadn’t even cut open the packing slip. They replied back:
    “We are sincerely sorry that feel this way about our policy. The guidelines provided on the yellow return sheet included in your order. Please understand that we are an aftermarket performance retailer and that this is not a policy that is unique to RPM Outlet, this is the normal practice within the entire aftermarket automotive industry. All of our sales receipts and the terms and conditions posted on our website clearly state this fact. We are confident that you have reviewed both and than you have found that all sales are final, the are no cash refunds and we can offer an "in store" credit only towards another purchase. It further states that no exchanges will be allowed after 15 days.
    We are within our terms and conditions and the BBB has had a hard copy of these terms and conditions on file at their office for the last 5 years. We do try to work with our customers as much as possible, however we cannot accept a part back into inventory if it is not defective, as becomes a legal liability and cannot be re-sold.”

    I thought this sounded suspicious, so I looked into RPMOutlet’s policy online and compared it to other aftermarket performance retailers to see if it was “normal practice.” I found that what RPMOutlet told me was a complete lie. I responded back with this:
    “This policy is not “normal practice within the entire aftermarket automotive industry.” Here’s the return policy from Summit Racing, a much better known aftermarket parts distributor:
    How do I return an item?

    We have a 90 day return policy on new and unused parts. All returns beyond 90 days are subject to a restocking fee.

    Complete the Return/Exchange Form, which is printed on the back of the corresponding invoice; then simply place the form in the box with the part(s) to be returned.

    Here’s Jeg’s return policy:
    How to Make a Return
    If you are not completely satisfied, return the new/unused item in the original box prepaid within one year, with a copy of the invoice, for a refund/exchange.

    You are clearly out to make money only, and don’t care much for your customer. What other company has a 5% fee just for canceling an order than hasn’t been shipped? That is absolutely ridiculous. And as for your policies, they are not displayed on any receipt my wife received. In fact, she first placed the order online, and heard nothing, only to call back a week later to hear the CSR tell her that some other company does the online orders and must have lost it. Who knows what happened to her credit card information – if you want to discuss liability issues you should be concerned about this."

    I also told them several times that if this situation was not rectified, I would post on web forums exposing their shoddy business practices. They seem to not even care, because now they are just ignoring my emails.

    Here are the facts about RPM Outlet:
    1. You cannot trust their online ordering process. It is outsourced and is completely unreliable. You are putting yourself at risk for credit card fraud and identity theft by ordering on their website.
    2. Their customer service is horrible. Expect two days or longer before hearing back from them. Also expect them to lie to your face to protect themselves.
    3. They are only out to make money. What other company charges a 5% cancellation fee when the order is cancelled before it ships? There are NO RETURNS allowed on UNOPENED items, which is absolutely ridiculous considering the liberal return policy of most major online auto parts stores.
  • brymanbryman Member Posts: 2
    4. They do not care about their customers. Their policies are designed to maximize their profit and the customer is the least of their concerns. It is not posted during the online order process that there are NO RETURNS, nor is it told verbally when you order over the phone.

    RPMOutlet may have a pretty website and reasonable prices, but don’t be fooled. They do not function as a legitimate business should, and cannot be trusted. Do yourself a favor, and go to a reputable retailer. I wish I had.
  • blackie1blackie1 Member Posts: 5
    Blackie, If you call or e-mail them for a part if they have it or not they will say they do . Give them your credit card number and they will send you the right part if they have it and the wrong part if they don't They don't care .As far as they are concerened you got your part. Now try and get an exchange or your money back. No one out there ever did! Now you are chump meat and that is there scam. Want to see them face to face,want there home phone numbers or there home addresses? Ask and you shall receive. Blackie 1 at your service.
  • ringo159ringo159 Member Posts: 1
    Hey do you have any inside scoop on some numbers internal to RPMoutlet. I am awaiting parts ordered on Apr 30 and it has been 2 months.

    I agree I got suckered but I am ready to raise hell.

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