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What's the best place to buy accessory? looking for a cargo cover for 2017 rdx and i m not sure i have to go OEM or other brands will fit too.

On another note, dealer is telling he can give me 1 if i were to give him 5 star on customer survey. Is that even legit? I wasn't blown away by the dealership and actually pissed off because in the deal free all weather mats were included but at the time of delivery they played games with me and asked me to come back to get it, and they said they were out of stock, once i pushed him hard, i got it after all on 3rd attempt. And the item got back in stock all of a sudden :) I don't have trust of him giving me for free if i were to give him 5 star.



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    Why Car Salespeople Beg for Top Customer Survey Scores

    You could give them 5 stars on the Acura survey, get the cover, and then turn around a couple of weeks later and ding them on DealerRater, Yelp, and our Dealer Ratings module. :)

    Several Honda dealers sell official accessories online. Here's one that also has Acura stuff and has a good rep. $120 for the cargo cover but they may not have 2017 stuff in stock yet.

    Congrats on the new ride btw!
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    Great. Thanks a lot..
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    Well I doubt there's a law against it, although it is a bit sleazy. This 5-star system has created all kinds of unsavory practices and the sooner it's done away with, the better.

    I assume you mean a "cargo blind" that pulls over the baggage in the back?

    Have a look at THIS ONE on eBay.
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    Yes that's the one I meant on ebay. I would have def given them low ratings. I was also not happy about the way they gallop the 750$ rebate. It's partly acura's fault too for not clearly advertising the rebate. Part my fault for not checking upfront. But the way dealer collect/claim the proof of that rebate is also very sleazy. They just ask you for your insurance card to prove that you own 1 of those vehicle which qualifies you for rebate. Most of the people will not realize that and will just think that since you are buying vehicle they need ur auto policy to verify coverage
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    $115 seems like an okay price for this.
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