I hope I didn't buy a piece of junk

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Car has started everyday since I have had it until recently. No problems that I paid attention to for the first 28 days. day 29 didn't move the vehicle at all. day 30 wouldn't start, got a jump, all was okay. Started driving realized interior lights brightened them dimmed again. Realized that this has happened before maybe a week and half after I got the car. Had AutoZone and dealer check out battery, starter and alternator, all good. But something is draining the car. Does anyone have any idea what it could be. Afraid to not start it even for one day, it stops while I'm driving or it will not start at all in a sol situation.


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I could see why Autozone wouldn't spot a parasitic drain situation but it seems that the dealer certainly would.

    You may need to ramp up to a higher level of competence.

    Look through this list (see link below) and see if there's anyone here in your area that can help you track this down. Click on "Repair Shops" and then plug in your zip code.


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