Airbag Light

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The airbag light is on when no one is sitting in the passenger seat. It goes off when there is someone sitting in it. We have had it serviced and got a quote of $600+. A couple repair shops said that they wouldn't spend the money to fix it. Now I want to sell the car but don't want to spend $600 to fix. Any suggestions?


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    Well if you are selling the car you really don't want to by-pass the occupancy sensor or plug in a trick "emulator" so the best I can suggest is to disconnect your battery (make sure you don't have radio codes that you might lose) and then pull apart and clean the connectors under the seat.

    Or maybe you can get a quote from a local repair shop to do this work, and then show the quote to the new buyer and take that quote amount off the price if he agrees to buy the truck.

    Did the dealer scan the SRS system for codes? How does he know what the problem is exactly?

    Have you tried turning the "airbag on/off" switch a few times? If the warning light in the switch goes bad, sometimes that little thing can set the airbag light.
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