Can I trust the dealer?

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I bought a 2013 Toyota Prius from Mossy Toyota in San Diego Aug 30 this year. The car had a bit above 31000 miles, and I pointed out that the car should have had a 30k service which was missing in the carfax report. The dealer said that the service had been done but just wasn't showing in carfax yet. True enough, a few days later, carfax showed that the car had had an extensive service Aug 22 at 30079 miles. So far so good, seems the dealer was honest.

However, at 33300 miles it started saying "Maintenance required", which happens to be exactly 5000 miles after the previous service at 28269 miles. Now I don't know if they did the service and just forgot to reset the computer, or if the dealer was anyway lying. I figured I'd get some clarity by calling the dealer's service department, since the car's complete service history was at Mossy Toyota. So when I call them the service rep says I'm due for the 30k service. I ask her if my understanding is correct that they have not done the service, but reported to carfax that they have. This has her put me on hold, and after 5 mins she gets back saying that the 30k service has been done. When I asked why the car shows "Maintenance required" she says I have to bring the car in for a check.

Mossy Toyota has good reviews on Google, and I'd like to believe that they just missed resetting the computer. But I also don't understand how their service records can be ambiguous on whether they did the work or not. I'm more interested in caring for the car than to save the $300 or so on the 30k service, so I might just take it somewhere for a possibly redundant service. But ideally I'd like to know whether the dealer was screwing me over or not. Any advice on that?

Thanks in advance for any comments.


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    I think you should just go in and get a print out of the service. That way you'll know for sure.
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    Thanks for the advice. I'll do that and see what they say.
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