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Put my 2010 Avalon in the garage last nite. Everything seemed normal. Went to start it in the morning, nothing, dead as a door nail. No interior lights, no dash lights, no start, nothing. All power was gone. Cleaned the battery posts, checked connections and made sure the battery in my key was good. I tried jump starting the car with no success. Nothing, the car is completely dead. ??


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    If its a 6 year battery, could very well be time for a change. Jump start doesn't always work well if battery is really dead and jumper cables not left on for a while.
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    Best thing I could suggest is to put it on a slow charger. If it "takes" the charge and starts the car, then the battery is probably OK but you may have a parasitic battery drain. If after 24 hours on a slow charger, it won't crank the engine, then that battery is probably toasted.

    There are some excellent videos on YouTube about how to test for a parasitic drain using simple tools.
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