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Is this a good deal?

ag_2100ag_2100 Posts: 1
edited December 2016 in BMW
Is this a good deal?

2016 BMW 328i

MSRP: $47,195
Vehicle cost: $44,185
Vehicle Profit: -$4,400
Total Selling price: $39,785
MSRP After Discount: $38,350
Purchase Option: $29,260.90
Cap reduction: $0

Security Deposit: $2,800 (We will get back this deposit after lease is over)
Acq. Fee: $925
Fees & Ins.: $474 (includes - Regi. County, Tire, Filing, Smog Fees)
Upfront taxes: $75.37

Allowed miles per year: 12,000
Term: 36
MF: 0.00085
Residual (base): 60%
Residual (bump): 2%

Tax: 7.5%

$377.36 per month with $4651.73 down at signing (which includes $2,800 Security deposit which we will get back).

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