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we should all write to Gm and let them know if they dont make a major RECALL on this model will all signature for petition for a COLLECTIF CLAIMS for the stress we have when driving whit all thos probleme the money we spend for those inconvenient and the risk we have on road whit this MODEL.

If some agree for a petition for the RECALL to me [Email removed] i will send a letter to GM main house if we dont have no respond will try for COLLECTIF CLAIMS



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    I apologize that we don't allow e-mail addresses to be posted publicly (for your protection); also soliciting our members for legal action isn't permitted under the Rules of Use.

    Of course, we know you're frustrated with your Torrent--have you filed a complaint with the NHTSA ( If they get enough complaints on a certain car and a certain component, that's the first step in initiating a recall.

    Here are FOUR RECALLS on the 2007 Torrent

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    Can you tell me if there on the 2006 as well? I have spent more on repairs than the car is worth :angry:  
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    NHTSA doesn't list any recall for the 2006 Torrent---sorry.
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