Forte5 lease. Am I being delusional?

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Hello (warning, long and I'm pissed),
So I've been looking for a new car as my current lease is due. Received an offer from Kia to terminate my contract early (4 months) where they'll waive the remaining 4 months of payments and up to $400 of turn-in fees to move to another lease option. Sounded good to me. I've been really wanting a Forte5 hatchback SX (manual) for a little while now, and felt this might be a good opportunity.
Started looking at options and found this site for building and pricing kia models:

I select the Forte5 2016, the SX Trim and no options (the base package for the SX is perfectely adequate for me).

I add in my zip: 97124, and the estimate pricing for a 36m lease is $215 per month.
This is without any mention of a trade-in or any money down... (in fact it states $0 down).
So I contact a local dealer. The same one I obtained the current lease that I have. After some information back and forth I get a verbal quote of $300pm.

So I go back to the build site, add in all the options I can find, and the est. monthly comes to $285. Something must be off here... so I text back to the sales person, asked what options were added into his quote mentioning that I assume given the price difference there must be some additional options in his quote to which he responded this was the base model (no options) and his sales manager was willing to lower it to $271pm, still a $50pm difference.

So I contact a different Kia dealer, inquiring on the exact same model. This time going through all the back ground checks (I have 820 pt credit rating, so this can't be a negative factor) and after all is said and done they throw out these offers:
315/$2000 dn $300/3000 dn all the way down to price I was expecting (215) that had a 5k dn.

WTF? I mentioned the site I used to estimate and they insisted this site factored in a low ball level of the vehicle with base options. No, I explicitly selected the SX model and yes, base options.

After noting my dissatisfaction with this explanation they started the "What would you be willing to pay" game and I almost agreed to a 300/1000 deal, but caught myself the last minute and terminated the purchase process right then and walked.

IMO someone here is lying. Either the site is under pricing the products in order to get a consumer's attention to attract them into contacting a sales person who can then jack up the purchase price, or the dealers are hoping to put their kids through college on the added charges to the lease. At this point I'm leaning towards he latter.

Is there any other reasonable explanation for this wide discrepancy? I would expect some difference, maybe +50 (so the first deal sounds like a comparably good deal), but even this I have to wonder why. It's not like the Kia build site didn't know what my location was when I got their estimate.

Please enlighten me.


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    2016 Kia Forte5 SX automatic
    .00110 MF and 43% reidual for 36/12.
    $2500 lease cash.

    What's the MSRP on the one you "built"
    What state and tax rate?

    Something to think about. The 2017 model is already out. The dealers who quoted you might not have any 2016 base models left, and might be quoting payments on what they have in stock.
    Also, on-line payment estimators on manufacturer's websites might not have any link to reality.

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