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Dodge Challenger 2008 and Later



  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277 - dge-challenger-concept/

    I am too young so I did not live through the days of Muscle Cars. Here is a chance for people like myself to experience that. I am ecstatic about this car. :D

    Make mine a 6.1 SRT Plum Crazy with the Pistol Grip... :shades:
  • ogremanogreman Posts: 5
    Thanks for the information

    Nice to see a big company can move and respond, now lets hope they deliver. ;)

    Next question, did they give any hints about the run size and specifications?

    If they bring back the crazy colors, this could be a wild looking car.
  • dude12345dude12345 Posts: 1
    I just wanted to know of you could tell me if the clutch is cable, hydrolic, or electronic.

    Thank you!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    Unlike my 1970 Challenger (which had none of the above, it was a mechanical rod and lever linkage), the odds on bet is a hydraulic linkage to the clutch assembly. Is that a definitive answer? Nope.

    Best Regards,
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    First of all, I did NOT say that the Porsche out handled the old Corvette, if they did, tell me why Porsche came to the USA and purchased 2 '57 Corvette's (maybe '56, not quite sure without my book in front of me), because the Corvette's were kicking their Butts? Secondly, you'd better stick to your ZOOM SPLAT'S, if you want a car, and I use that word lightly when talking about something you can drive for under $21.K! :confuse: Also, I like the looks of this Concept Challenger, it looks great, but too close to the old Challenger! I would like to SEE the updates, not have them try to come out with the same vehicle, when looking at it doing 30 mph. I want something that has the newer vehicle looks, with the old styling built into the new! But PLEASE keep all the POWER! I know several people that OWN and have sunk a lot of money into Restoring "Original Challenger's", and this would take away from all they have done! Just change it slightly, enough to say it is a 200?... Sorry but I like the new Concept Camaro, it has everything that makes an old car NEW, yet still gives you the idea of the old car it is replacing, not a ZOOM SPLAT! Please buy AMERICAN, keep OUR people working, not the little people in Asia! No offence meant to the people in Japan, I for one lost a job at GM, so didn't many people I know, because of people in this country buying foreign!
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    THANX, I agree, wide, low & FAST!!! :D Just a slight change would be nice though! But that is MY OPINION, and the opinion of the friends I have that have many hours and $$$$ into Restoring these Old Challenger's, and would hate to see a new one come out that looks just like theirs!
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    I hope that you get what you want, I KNOW you will enjoy it as much as we did when they did come out (the 1st time)! That would be one great looking car, very FAST and MEAN, no matter HOW they introduce it!!! :shades: :D
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    Sorry "ogreman" for the mix-up, I was just trying to point out what someone had posted, and I thought it was you, MY MISTAKE, SORRY!!! :blush: With today's light weight materials, that are strong, and not as expensive as they once were, it should be very interesting to see what hits the road, and what don't?! :D I would love nothing more then to see another "Muscle Car War" like we had in the mid-'60's, early '70's! It was AWESOME to drive a 425 HP car, when you could put a $20. Bill on the dash, and nobody could reach for it! :) I'm driving a C6 - '05 Z51 Vette, that brings back the old days like nothing I've owned in the '60's & early '70's, and I've owned some cars that were supposed to be fast, but never had the HP to do anything! I guess we owe that to the "NTSB", and I hate seeing Big Brother looking in on us all the time! My Vette only weights in at 3135 lbs, with just over 400 HP with a couple of minor mods, and goes like you wouldn't believe! I've had this up to 150 mph, in 5th gear @ 5000 RPM, with a Red Line of 6500 RPM, and 6th gear to go! This should give you an idea of what GM, or any of the other Auto Maker's can do when allowed to do so! :shades: :D
  • ogremanogreman Posts: 5
    It's ok,

    I see a chance for DC here to make a muscle car that out handles a Trans Am race car from the 70's.

    If they want to "prototype" advanced construction techniques in the small run business case :D say all aluminum or carbon fibre I think they can stay true to the muscle cars look, and straight line performance.

    If they manage the weight (3500lbs max please), ride height, contact patch, and Coef. Drag (my clk is 0.29) they may also have a true sports car by design.

    The muscle car would need a 0-60 under 5, hoping for under 4, quarter in 12 or less.

    The sports car 60-0 in 110 feet, skid pad 0.90+, salem 67mph+, and have great turn in.

    Remember make it sound like the V8 is under the hood.

    If they can keep the weight down and HP up, you will have the monster acceleration, obtw don't put a speed limiter chip in it, or at least publish the specs so a random ;) computer jock can make it forget about particular settings.
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    Well all you MOPAR Lover's, I just read on that Chrysler decided to come out with the Challenger for 2008, after being such a Big Hit @ "The Detroit Auto Show"! :D They said that they do not think that they will be coming out with a 6 cyclinder, but do say it will have the 425 HP motor in it, and will run in the Mid $20's, good bang for the buck, especially with a 425 HP motor! :shades: How many options you'll get for that, I have no idea, they did not say! Also they did not say if it was going to look just like the Prototype, but I am assuming it will! :D Let the War's begin, this is great news, especially with the Shelby Mustang coming out, and the Camaro, LOOK OUT! I am really Happy to see all the "Muscle Car's" coming back!!! I see Ticket's coming out of Johnny Law's pockets! :cry: :shades: :blush:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Yes, please no replica cars. I think the new one will have the high belt line and super sized width, so it will be different in that respect, plus other different styling cues.
  • suzyqudasuzyquda Posts: 1
    I just want to say, that I am sooo happy, that Dodge is coming back with the Challenger. That is one beautiful car. I have always loved Barracudas & Challengers.....My first car, when I was 16, was a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda. I wish I still had that. My brother knew that was my favorite car was a Cuda, he meant well, with the 1965, but I wanted a 1970. but, I was happy with that..My payments were only $28/month. My user name everywhere on the internet, is SuzyQuda. I know I'll never own an old cuda or Challenger, but if I really, really save, I may be able to buy a 2008 Dodge Challenger. I just wanted to voice my opinion....I gotta get me one of those.....
  • acurielacuriel Posts: 1
    Finaly 2 2 door car Excelent desition. THe Charger is a great family car,but it's a shame that was not 2 door like the original. :cry:

    The Ideal Sport Car is: 2 Doors, Great Engine, Manual 6 gear transmission, Low profile, Mag Wheels, sport seats. All other extras make's the car much more expensive. I would like a stripped version. A low cost and self-customizable version.

    When is the ETA for this car. I will be waiting for.
  • advequityguyadvequityguy Posts: 138
    Doodge's first Challenger got squashed like a grape by better looking and better built competition. This time around, they're getting to the party 3 years late at best. Everybody that wants a muscle car and can afford to buy a muscle car and has any sense already has a Mustang. The Charger is nothing more than a stopgap to compete with the Mustang, however patheticly, until the Challenger can be built. By the time DC alters their showcar for a production run, nobody will even care. I wouldn't bother dreaming about a camaro either. It'll be 2009 at best, if GM decides they're definately going to do it. I love pulling up next to people in chargers that paid way more than me for a car way uglier than mine, then showing them a pair of chrome 3" pipes. Give it up and buy a Mustang already...
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    I'd like to read this definition of 'sports car' you are refering to. I know that there've been a few threads on the 'Coupes and Convertibles' forum where folks have tried to hash out just WHAT a 'sports car' is. Apparently, no consensus was ever reached.

    BTW - what the heck does a really fast 1/4 mile have to do with being a 'sports car'?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,076
    This discussion is about the Challenger. Off-topic posts have been removed.


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  • mashkmmashkm Posts: 2
    I am thrilled to once again see the Challenger re-enter the automobile market once again. I was an original owner of a 1972 Dodge Challenger Rally which had a modest 340 Magnum
    V8, with 240 HP. It was nothing compared to it's more
    powerful 1970 and 1971 Challenger R/T brothers, which had the larger 383, 440 Magnum and 426 Hemi engines, but the styling was great just the same.

    My 1972 Challenger cost me $4,250.00 brand new, fully
    loaded, with a T-shift , 3-speed Tourqeflite automatic transmission with air conditioning, bucket seats, and an
    AM Mopar radio.

    Still regret letting it go. It was a beauty.

    I wonder what the 2009 models will sell for?
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    mashkm: I forgot where I seen or read this BUT, it is supposed to be out for the '08 season, with the 425 HP engine in it! It was not mentioned what options, or configurations changes would be made, but the wheels and tires did not fit well, and the test car could not be fully tested as the tires hit the fender wells, even on a slight bump, so we know some changes will be made! But I too am happy, even though I am not a MOPAR lover! I am quite happy to see the "Muscle Car Wars" BACK AGAIN!!!!! There is a God! :shades:
  • THANK YOU, Daimler-Chrysler for producing the new Challenger. I was a child during the "Muscle-Car" era. By the time I was old enough to drive, there were NO fun cars available. I made up my mind then that once I was able to, I would own an original "Muscle Car". I have finally fullfilled that lifelong dream when I purchased a 1970 Dodge Challenger SE from an uncle. For two years I have been disassembling my dream car, and now have begun the restoration process. I look forward to the day when I can drive it in newly restored condition for the first time.

    No other time in automobile history was as special as that from 1964 until 1974. Cars were more than just a means of getting from one place to another. The cars from this era were fun. By and large, all of the cars that were considered to be "Muscle" or "Pony" cars looked great, sounded great, and were fast and exciting to drive. Most of the current vehicles all share a similar shape. One looks like another.

    The new Mustang and the upcoming Challenger will bring back many of the fond memories of this time period. I am already making plans to get one of the new Challengers once they become available. The only thing that would make the new Challenger complete would be for Dodge to offer it in the original "HIP" colors. It would be great to have a choice of colors between "Plum Crazy", "Top Banana", "Sublime", or any of the other great choices from that earlier time.
  • What a fantastic car!
    If the Challenger is priced competitively with the Mustang and the Camaro, Chrysler has a great opportunity to kick butt and show the market that ,without a doubt, they have the best design team and leaders in the industry!
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    I don't know about having the BEST Design Team out of all the Manufacturers, but they do have a great looking car there. One that would make anyone Proud to drive down the street in! I'm willing to bet with the 425 HP motor in it, it will sound great, people will know when your coming, just like the good ole days! It even uses the same shifter that they used back in the '70 Challenger, the Pistol Grip. The next few years should prove to be very interesting with all the old "Muscle Cars" coming back out! There is nothing that would make me more Happy then to see all of these cars back out on the street! Chrysler really did good with this one, big HP, Hemi Engine, 2 Door, all of this for Mid $20,000, AWSUM!!! :shades: The price alone should have people lining up at the door just waiting for their car to come in! :shades: It is a Great Feeling to mash that right peddle to the carpets, and have it set you back in your seat! Good Luck to all you people that are going to purchase one of these GREAT replica's of the old days, and make us old timers feel back at home again with all the muscle on the road!!! :D I sincerely hope that everyone gets exactly what they want, and see them driving with a smile on their face that would take a 357 Magnum to remove! :shades:
  • "IF" Chrysler actually produces the Challenger in the $20,000 price range and in significant numbers unlike the Viper and other previous "performance" cars, I'll buy one right now. As much as I despise Ford products their marketing team has done their work. Sell a good looking performance car at a reasonable price and they'll roll off the lot one after another. I'll be parking a new Mustang GT in the garage soon and would love to add the Challenger. But here in western South Dakota the Chrysler dealers always jack the price up an extra 40%-50% for the "Special Editions" and if that happens I'll just buy two mustangs instead.
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    I went to Ford Online Pricing, and found out things I did not know about this new Mustang, like Safety Features! I never realized how much FORD does not really care about the person driving this vehicle! :( It don't even offer "Active Handling" or full side curtains, and in my opinion, after driving GM vehicles with ABS & "Active Handling", these two items are possibly the best reason for me NOT to buy a High Performance Mustang from FORD! ABS is an OPTION, and "ACTIVE HANDLING", isn't even offered, same with Side Air Curtains (this item I could be mistaken, but don't believe I am), just call me spoiled, as these are mostly standard items on the GM vehicles I have owned, or now own!!! My wife was driving my Corvette home from the Local Dragstrip, and attempted to take a corner too fast, I looked over at the "Driver Information Center" (DIC), and noticed how fast she was actually going, as you really can't feel just how really fast you are going, and the rear of the car started to come around on her, but the "Active Handling" took over for her, and slowed the vehicle, applying the brake on the appropriate wheel, cut the Air/Fuel mixture down to slow the car also, and it made that corner with little effort, and STILL at a good speed (.75G's) Thanx to the "Active Handling"! I'm sorry but Mustang DOES NOT offer anything that even slightly interest me, not in the least! It's NOT even that fast, but they DO NOT offer enough Safety Features! But that is my opinion, and everyone here is entitled to that! Good Luck with your new Mustangs, but PLEASE be careful when driving them at a greater speed, I like talking to everyone in here, and will respect all opinions, but would HATE to see anyone hurt for lack of knowledge of Safty equipment offered/available! :sick: I think that I WILL stick to my GM products, something I feel very safe in! :shades:
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
  • Just a bit of information to the question posed,
    "Challenger ? Why not a Charger? !!!"

    The answer I would say to that is the Challenger and the
    Charger of the late 1960's and early 1970's were two very
    different machines.

    The Charger was built on a larger frame, and thus had more
    body weight. It performed very well, but the handling
    characteristics were nothing like a Challenger's, which
    sat much lower to the ground and was a lighter body.

    In the end, it came down to personal choice.

    Those that had the Charger's loved them as those that
    had the Challenger's loved the smaller body style.

    I owned a 1972 Dodge Challenger and decided on buying
    it over a 1972 Dodge Charger at the time, because I
    liked how the Challenger handled over the Charger.

    That my answer, and it just as I said, a personal choice issue.

  • As it said in the reading about the 2008 Challenger, that the original sketch was that the color of the car was going to be "purple" i think they should make a purple (plum crazy) w/ black strips to honor the CHALLENGER. I will definately buy the car, no doubt...if it was offered in that color. Other than that.. the car looks very promising. As was the CHARGER it makes a nice 4-door, hopefully it will soon come as a two door.

  • Would it be possible for someone to tell me IF this Forum is Closed or not? I haven't heard a word about this vehicle in sometime now, and it's just too HOT an item not to be discussed!!! Although not a MOPAR Fan, I am a Fan of ALL MUSCLE CARS, especially the ones that were out during the "Muscle Car Wars" of the mid '60's, and into the early '70's!!! I grew up with these animals, and have an undying appreciation for them! Any information on this Forum would be greatly appreciated! I certainly would enjoy more discussion on this particular vehicle! It made such a splash back then, and I am sure it will again with the massive 425 HP Hemi under it's Hood! :D Thanx!!! :shades:
    PS: Any discussion on the Charger would have to be on Welding the Back Doors SHUT, and re-painting the vehicle, to look like a 2 door again! But that is only MHO!!!
  • hello C2456Ron. your post is evidence that this forum is not closed. i think the challenger will probably be awesome as long as it comes with a standard shift. i'm mostly ignoring this forum until the Challenger is actually available - in the meantime i'll be too busy working and leisurely dusting of mustangs and C5 Z06s with my 6-spd GTO.
    speaking of mustangs, i love that new shelby/cobra ad where the USA dude brings it to Germany. that ad rocks.
    btw, i think i heard "450hp" for the Challenger rather than 425hp. BRING IT!
  • yes2yes2 Posts: 1
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,076
    Thanks for joining in, and welcome!
    But... typing in ALL CAPS makes it seem like you're shouting at us. We'd love to hear more from you, in sentence case :)


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