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Dodge Challenger 2008 and Later



  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Check out the interior! It's got a pistol grip shifter, and a 425 HEMI. If this thing is properly priced, it's sure to be a hit.
  • If they can bring it in with the V-8 under $30K they'll sell all they can make.
    One mag had the price as $35k+, I think that's a bit much.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    How about $30K for the standard V8 Hemi, $35K for the 425 horse unit?

    Best Regards,
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Why would it not be in roughly the same price range as a Charger or Magnum with Hemi?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I wasn't posting prices as if I knew what they were going to be (I wish I did), I was posting them to see if that would be the threshold at which scootertrash would bite. Personally I suspect that Hemi Charger pricing would be a good guess as a base line. That being said, the new Challenger might could well come in a little lower as it is a smaller car with fewer doors, and possibly a few less bells and whistles.

    Unfortunately for my bank account, I'm of the habit of ordering virtually every available option on my cars with the exception of the slushbox transmission. :P That means that regardless of the base price for the Challenger, the one that I'm hoping ends up in my garage will most likely come in north of $40K.

    Best Regards,
  • Here's a site that contains a whole lot of information, including drawings, photo's, etc.

    I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have already. I will definitely have a Hemi version of this car when it becomes available. The Charger was a disappointment so maybe they'll redesign it too.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080 er=1

    Car and Driver also estimates base price for the 425hp Hemi engine at $35,000. Wonder if Dodge will make a cheaper one with the 340hp Hemi. That should be around $28-29K.
  • Sure hope I can wait for a convertible RT version in all the wild colors, a shaker hood and the 392 6.4 Hemi. Looking forward to parking one next to our 70 Challenger RT convertible. :) Production date needs to be real soon like fall of 06 as Ford already has a least a year on them with the new Mustang!
  • 1968 was the first year for the road runner,a chrysler corporation mile stone car. Make 2008 another mile stone year for this incredible, beautiful 21st century 2008 challenger! A fitting 30 year tribute to the king of muscle car manufacturers, chrysler corporation. And please, dodge, keep them comming. Make car shopping and new model anticipation fun again. Dodge PLEASE GO FO IT!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!The world is ready for the 2008 Challenger.I sure am. And please make them affordable and plentiful, and don't let the dealers charge over the sticker price for a few fortunate ones to have.Every one out there, bombard dodge with your emails to get this car in production now!!
  • 71vert71vert Posts: 6
    They need to be quick about the release as not to miss out on the pony war like they did in the late 60's. I think the front looks more like a 71 challenger and definatly a 70 on the rear. A winner for dodge, and a great make up for that boob they call the new family car...oops! I mean new charger Ha. Ha.. Cant wait... Steve
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "1968 was the first year for the road runner,a chrysler corporation mile stone car. Make 2008 another mile stone year for this incredible, beautiful 21st century 2008 challenger! A fitting 30 year tribute to the king of muscle car manufacturers, chrysler corporation."

    Not to split hairs here because I feel exactly the same way you do, however, last time I checked, 2008 would be the fortieth anniversary of the introduction of the Road Runner. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • I have seen a pic. of the 2009 Challenger, it looks great, got to have one...But if chrysler could bring back the Road Runner, that would be the best thing ever from chrysler. I would try to buy two of them, one to drive and one keep in the garage.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmm, a new Road Runner, I'm thinking that would require a "Double Dust-Off" ceremony. Why? Well, unless DC calls it a Dodge Road Runner (don't sound quite right), they'd need to reincarnate Plymouth as well. That by the way isn't a bad thing as far as I'm concerned, but it probably ain't gonna happen any time soon. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • 71vert71vert Posts: 6
    I agree, although its too bad! I loved the plymouth line of 60's and 70's cars, but the dodge cuda' or dodge roadrunner just doesn't have that ring to it. The new challenger is going to be the biggest thing since my x-wife's bungee cord broke in colorado. thanks!
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    I found some pictures of the Camaro which is what we'll se at Detroit. ealed/

    So let's hear it. What looks best on the outside, the Camaro or Challenger? Let the debate begin!
  • The prototype of the Camaro is hideous. Once again, GM screws up and misses again. The Challenger on the other hand looks great. Some of the drawings earlier in the thread are even better. I own a 2001 Cobra and I would consider the Challenger in a heartbeat. I wouldn't give this Camero one look.
  • 71vert71vert Posts: 6
    I think the design has a little bit of the camaro feel. The challenger on the other hand screams old muscle, new muscle. I am a dodge guy I'm afraid, I have had a 64 ford galaxy 390 4-speed, a 69 chevelle ss394 4-speed convertible and I currently own a 71 challenger 383 4-speed convertible, hands down the dodge is the more desirible muscle. I had a 96 z28 covertible 6-speed in the late 90's..I liked it, but I find the chrysler line very unique where the gm line is too exploited and predictible. You cant walk through a salvage yard without tripping over a 350. The new design looks o.k. but I havent seen the driveline specs or the interior. I need more information to make an educated decision, to be fair to both brands. Thanks
  • dbushdbush Posts: 1
    Daimler Chrysler has done what both Ford and Chevy have failed to do, and they really nailed it in the process. This is what the Muscle head boomers have been requesting for years. This car, unlike the Mustang and Camaro, says '70's MUSCLE!!'all over,in all caps with a double explaination point! Thanks Dodge, way to go, don't change a thing, or you're Plum Crazy!
  • 71vert71vert Posts: 6
    With that information, I think the challenger is the best thing chrysler has come up with since they stopped the e-body production! The camaro looks like a spacecar on the inside lacking any retro appeal. The outside has a slight 69' camaro feel. I am definatly excited about the challenger and I hope they keep the price coparible to the rest of the pony line. That is what kills sale: example the viper and the prowler.
    Thanks :shades:
  • I called my buddy a sales manager at Dodge.

    Im on the list first name to put a deposit on a Challanger.
    He said to exspect a call late this spring to put a deposit on the car and get it ordered Dodge told him they may bump up the timeline a bit.

    I own a 05 magnum rt awd and love it.
    I hear the new Challenger wont change much at all from the concept only a few minor changes wil occur other than that this is no Charger or gto hype .This is the real deal .

    It will crush the mustang!And look so good doing it.

    He told me today as I was added to the list he may need a deposit by late this summer 2006 to start the build and too assure I get one of the first ones in early to mid 07.
    No rush Ive waitied 30 years for this!

    I hear the production has been bumped up a bit so to compete with Ford and the new mustang. The gto dosnt event come close too these two retro cars,nor the new charger.

    This car is simply what all others cant seem to do .
    Get the public what they want..
    Im sold and only have seen pics Ill be wating and counting the days.
  • The challenger I hear is starting at 35k I figure and have budgeted 40-42k loaded to the gills .Then add tax etc.Ill most likely dump a big down payment on the car asap to keep payments with in reason.
    Who cares about gas prices when you only live once and this is a once in a lifetime oppertunity .

    I hear several powerplants may be used but then hear from dodge only the 435 hp and a 500 hp engine both v8 will be available.This is the most exciting thing to hit Detroit in years not event the new stang can come close Dodge hit a grand slam with this car .
    If its like my rt magnum it will be a great car .
  • The new Challenger has captured the essence of is past perfectly.
    Now dont ruin it (Dodge) like you did the Charger.

    Im a baby boomer with cash to burn make this car a reality and youll see people flock to buy it.

    2.50 a gallon for gas is nothing it would have to hit 5.00 per gallon before id count this car out.Here that dodge now get making them .

    Oh and dont forget alpine white when you make up the color charts DC..
  • Its an (all carbon fiber body) thats ureal !!!
    The whole car is carbon fiber and they leave the hood stripe exposed looks great in my opinion.The car is stunning .
    It hit me like the magnum did a few years back I knew Id own one of those,and I do .

    I figure the extra bucks with be worth to own such a retro cool car .Theres so much motre to this car than the charger and magnum have to offer.The interior is awsome and has many touches the others do not.
    I figure the little things add up .

    I plan on 35k to start .My magnum rt awd carried a 38k sticker I picked it up last june for 33,500 and I thought that was a great deal for such well thought out vehicle.
    I cant recommend the car enough it is been fantastic not a single issue but cheal tires ..
    Gotta pay to play .
    Id do 40k for this Challenger loaded no problem .
    Now add tax,ouch ..
    Im packing away money already for a huge down payment knowing this car is coming out in the summer of 07 and Ill have one gauranteed..
    Ill most likely own it till I die,but Im a 30 year old 43 year old which leads me to this car to beging with .
    Gotta love what dodge is up too..
  • I bet the fit and finish will be like the magnum & 300c very acceptable unlike the older Challenger I owned the door gaps and hood gaps where sad.The rattles would drive you mad on a road trip not to mantion sqeeks but thats a much diferent dodge.
    Dont foget guys its all about the buck and DC is packed full of german tech now.Thats why I bought the magnum over several other cars out there the qaulity is so much better than I remember so support US made steel.

    This is such a hybrid muscle car Im impressed way beyond chevys new camaro which they should have never had trashed to begin with.I own a c5 vette and love it now I want the challenger for once a week take to the store car etc..

    The mustang has seemed to wake these guys up..
    I wont sleep till theres one of these beasts in my garage.LOl.
  • I just read its a all carbon fiber body ...Im sold.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636

    Photo slideshow and video... plus, you want it built? Comment on the blog as well that you'd like to see this hitting the streets.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    My 12 year old son and I often differ on cars. Yes, he thought my 530i SP 5-Speed done all up in black was pretty cool, however, when I started casting my eyes toward the A3 as a replacement for the 530i, things were different. "The A3", he opined, "is a station wagon and as such is a dork car. Please don't get that, I wouldn't want to be seen dead in that."

    I responded with, "Ummm, Son, the A3 is considered to be a pretty cool car with most young folks, wagon or no."

    "I don't care, it's a dork car." Then I showed him the pictures of the new Challenger he said, "Ummm, Dad? Ummm, if you get one, would you take me to school in it?" High praise indeed from a kid. ;-)

    Best Regards,
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