WRONG BATTERY: CCA TOO LOW( 390 instead of over 550!!!) IMPREZA SPORT PREMIUM 2.0.( 2013)

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CAUTION! CAUTION!! SUBARU FANS!!! I have bought a brand new IMPREZA SPORT PREMIUM 2.0 from a Dealer here in Arlington Hts. IL (ROTO SUBARU) in November 2012. Still in love with my car, but always had troubles starting my car even in 70 F..Found that other people had same problems. Now I have figured why?!!! WRONG BATTERY: CCA TOO LOW( 390 instead of over 550!!!) The battery was brand new with the car. The dealer told me to call Subaru of America. On the label says battery provided by Subaru of America in NJ. PLEASE CHECK YOURS. I have pictures with my original batteries.. CS ([Email removed])


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    The 390CCA battery is standard for most subbies. I feel it should be bigger but what you have is probably the right one. FWIW when my car goes out of warranty I'll probably upgrade at the first hint of trouble.
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    If you live in a colder climate, with actual winter weather, it's probably a good idea to trade out the battery, as a maintenance items, every 4-5 years.
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