Next Generation Infiniti G35? When?

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When will infiniti update the g35.

In comparison to the technology of the 2006 3 series, I think the g35 is starting to look a little old. (I also think that the interior lacks the character that the bimmer and a4 have.) Audi is also redesigning the a4 in '08. So, when will infiniti do a complete redesign and show us the next generation?


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    Add front fog lights and drop an optional 4.5 V8 in it (335 horses). It would be utterly unbeatable.
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    Will the 07 G35 coup have AWD
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    While I agree the G is inferior in some ways to the 3 series and A4... check the sticker price! I was at BMW the other day and they had a loaded '06 (black on black- SWEET) but they wanted $57k for it. YES, a 3 series! That's not a competitor. The G is in the middle. It's more expensive than the Rx8 but much cheaper than the new 3 series. I do not know about the Audi. Plus, I think reliability records will show you that the Nissan 6 cyl engine is rock solid and good for a LONG time. Just my two-cents.
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    $57k for a 3 is out of line. Can't compete with G35 coupe at at that price. That is more than a $20k difference. :cry:
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    BMW the other day and they had a loaded '06 (black on black- SWEET) but they wanted $57k for it

    Was that the BMW 3 series with the 24 carat gold body frame painted in black?

    Who of sound mind would buy a non-M 3 series for 57k?
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    Yes that's crazy! Even an M at that price is over the top.
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    That had to be a greedy dealer "market adjustment" price, exploiting the new model's rarity. Even with all the options checked off (including expensive but questionable ones like active steering and active cruise control), you still barely cross the $50k threshhold. But, indeed, comparably equipped, the 330i will be about $8k more than the G35 (the main reason I chose the latter).
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    Actually, on the configurator, I checked every option plus a rash of accessories and got about that price. For fun.

    Doesn't mean it's not kinda silly though...
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    I think the next generation G35 sedan should improve the intererior a bit because it's almost perfect otherwise, that is, with power and handleing. :)
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    they need to shrink it and improve the interior. A lot.
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    I agree, don't forget Infiniti is a Nissan product, Toyota does a much better job than Nissan with interiors.
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    Are you willing to pay an extra 8 grand for it?
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    Good point, improving the interior will cost more, but I don't think by 8k. Actually the G35 interior has been much improved over previous years without the price going up too much. In fact the G35 is priced very nicely compared to the TL and BMW 3 series. :)
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    actually, I don't think the interior is all that bad. I've had a 2004 G35 loaner car (from the dealer) for two times- once when my I35's clock needed to be fixed, and another time when I took the I35 in for its first oil change.

    The G isn't bad, just a little too firm for my tastes.
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    Test drive an 05 and you will notice a big improvement in the interior. Plus it will be a lot of fun, even if you have no intention to buy. :P
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    I just checked the website for the local BMW dealer with the $57k 3 series and it's not on their website. Maybe someone actually bought it!? Roseville BMW, part of Autowest, is the dealer and I have found them to have outrageous prices without much negotiation. That is MSRP is their standard sales price. Last week they had an M3 limited edition with $10,000 dealer markup (which I didn't think dealers bothered putting on the sticker anymore) for $77k.
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    I have an 05 and the interior is nice enough, but it isn't as nice as the 3 series or the TL. However, the 3 series is 10K more and the TL saved money on the FWD platform so more money was available for the interior. But at the end of the day, I prefer great looks, styling & performance over a nicer interior. ;)
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    Hey, the G35 is a great car and the coupe my likely next car. My wife has a TL, so if I buy a G35 we can switch off for a nice change of pace. ;)
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    I prefer great looks, styling & performance over a nicer interior

    I think a BMW is a bit more than a nicer interior?

    If you prefer performance over gizmos, then a BMW 330 with minimal options does not cost much more than a TL. But if you prefer gizmos more than RWD performance then a TL with all its standard features would be your answer.

    To each their own! My preference would be a spartan option-free BMW 330!
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    The 06 3 series, not the 05, is a very nice car, but it is 6K to 10K more than a comparably equipped G35. My aforementioned point was: I'll sacrifice a little on the interior to have the performance, styling & looks (grin inducing lines) that the G35 offers for 30 to 35K. The G35 is the clear winner in performance, styling & luxury as a package of "value", but not necessarily in every category.
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    The 06 3 series, not the 05, is a very nice car, but it is 6K to 10K more than a comparably equipped G35.

    That was not what I was saying.

    A comparably equipped BMW330 to a G35 or TL will definitely not be comparable.
    My point was that if your priority is to have a car with benchmark performance/handling and you dont care so much for the standard equipment offered on a G35 and TL, then a option-free BMW330 would be preferable.
    That is precisely why my top pick as a next car will be a plain vanilla BMW330i!

    Unless ofcourse the next generation G35 improves substantially then a G35 would be my first choice.
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    The G35 coupe more than holds it's own against any BMW 330 IMHO
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    I love my new '05 G35x,. However, if I had one complaint, it's the front seats, particularly the driver's side.

    They are too small, both in terms of length and width. For the driver, the high sides and oddly positioned seat controls are uncomfortable. Also, the hard surface of the inner door hurts your left knee if you lean it against the door (which is how I and many other people drive).

    I get the feeling the seat engineers were 5'4" 120 lb. Japanese men!

    That aside, I do love the car. But if they want to sell more, I think fixing those common complaints are the most cost efficient improvements they could make for 2006.

    Infiniti, are you listening?!?
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    I'll get to test drive a 2005 the next time I take my I35 in for service...

    Hopefully they've traded in all their 2004 G35s for 2005 G35s...
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    I strongly disagree. A plain wrapped G35 could be bought for about 30K. The handling is right there with the 3 series and the power far exceeds it. What other performance is there?
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    Realty Pro,

    I think we are a bit off topic since we are talking about the future G35. But here are my three cents worth on the current G35.

    G35 cant compared to a BMW330. Maybe a 325 but not a 330. If you honestly think that having merely more hp means better performance/handling then I can understand why you think the G35 is a better car. And the handling of a G35 is not even close to a 06 BMW330, let alone a 05 BMW330.

    Check out the test drives by recent auto mags that compares a BMW330 vs. a G35. I believe either August's R&T or Automobile magazines compares the G35 vs. the BMW330.

    But what others say is not of any importance. You have to test drive the 06 BMW 330 and G35 within the same day to fully understand that a G35 is not at all comparable to the Bimmer. I've had the experience and so did the test drivers in various auto mags and the conclusion is the same among everyone!(except a few G35 diehards who dont want to be confused with facts)
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    I truly think Infiniti has a fighting chance in the future against the BMW3 series. The key for Infiniti is to make the G35 smaller and lighter and then it just may be able to out-handle a Bimmer. Something that the current G35 is unable to do!

    The key improvement for the future G35 is not performance but handling.
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    "G35 cant compared to a BMW330"

    Then it's reasonable to conclude that a 3 series can't be compared to a G35. Although the 3 series has slightly better handling, the engine is inferior to the G35. Can we agree that the 3 series falls short in power to the G35, as the G35 falls short to the 3 series in handling? They negate one another. I find the handling of my 05 G35 to be very impressive, but still short of the 3 series. And I'm sure you find the power of your 3 series to be impressive, yet it still falls short of the power on the G35. But at the end of the day, is the 3 series worth the extra 6 to 10K? That is the point.
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    I dont know about this. While most test drivers say that the BMWs handling is slightly better, I have never heard anyone say that the BMW is soo much better that cannot even be compared to a G35.

    I read every comparison test for this class of cars I could get my hands on and the G35 was the biggest winner. For example, road and track compared sports sedans and had the G35 in first place and the 330i in second. They said the 330i has a little better feel to it but it is not sufficiantly better for the difference in price. Similarly another test by car and driver compared manual shift sedans of around 35 k and also gave the top honors to the infiniti g35 (a bmw 325 was second the 330i would not qualify for the test due to a high sticker price).

    And every magazine comparisson i have read does not really say that the bmw handles better but that it has a little better feel to it. I.e. the steering wheel feels better it has a nice oversteer, etc. Which essentially means that as far as pure performance the G35 does just as well or better. But the BMW is more refined.

    Unfortunately I was not able to test drive the 330i since the bmw dealer in my city was quite rude, but I recently bought a g35 and honestly I cannot understand how the bmw can handle significantly better. My car has always been perfect on all turns without any sign of understeer or oversteer and no body lean whatsoever. Of course it is logicaly possible that the 330i handles better than that, but I dont know why I would need a better handling car since the G35 has given me no problem in cornering so far. And I have thrown it into some very sharp turns.

    BTW I have a 6 speed manual coupe.
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    Based on the 2006 330i test from C&D--I got this portion from the IS forum today, But it can be verified in Car and Driver:

    "All of this adds up to a car that runs smoothly, feels wonderfully safe and secure on the road, and drives with a rare precision. As our exclusive test numbers show, it is also very quick for a less-than-$40,000 compact sports sedan: 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds and the standing quarter-mile in 14.3 seconds at 98 mph."

    I Repeat 0-60 in 5.6 seconds for the 330i. Can the G35 accomplish this?
    If anybody honest believes more hp automatically translates into better performance then that person will never understand how a lower hp BMW remains a benchmark performance car!

    Where on earth have you dug up your C&D data? Just dont tell me that comparison is on the dated e46 BMW 3 series? Why dont we just focus on the 06 3 series because that is the current car!

    6-10k more expensive. Have you seen the base price for the 330i. Does not come close to 6-10k premium!
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    Well I walked right into this flame war didnt I.

    Well I should at least note that the number given by C and D is indeed impressive but it does not even match the number on the official BMW website which is a half a second slower. Now one would would think that the BMW professional drivers would be able to get the most out of their own car, and the BMW marketing would want to put in the best numbers on the website.

    I think the discrepancy may have been due to the fact that C and D tested a Eurospec car (they say so in the article) which may have been more powerfull than the US version for various reasons.

    I would like to focus on the 06 3 series and 05 g35 but the magazines have not done any comparisons between them yet. Keep in mind that the older compaisons were also based on an older version of the g36 which was about 18 hp less powerfull than the current one.

    6-10k is just my personal experience. I was able to get the infiniti dealer to go below MSRP, while the BMW dealer was quoting some ridicoulosly high prices without a shade of embarassment. I believe if I had to buy a 330i I would probably have to pay at least 6k more than what i paid for my g. But that is just my experience.

    I am sure the BMW is a fine car and once you get down to it it may be even a little better than the G. But to say that the 330i is sooo much better that it is beyond comparison is incorrect.

    I know there is more to accelaration than bhp but the G has those other things -- RWD, fast short throw stick, limited slip diff., low end torque, tires bigger than 330i's, etc.

    I really like the BMWs and would probably have gotten one before I even knew what a g35 was, if I had better experience at the dealership.
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    Here are the 0-60 results of the Automobile (August) comparo between 2006 330i 6MT vs. 2005 G35 6MT vs. 2005 CTS 3.6 6MT:

    G35: 5.8s ($34k tested price)
    330i: 6.1s ($42k tested price)
    CTS: 6.5s

    Same track, same drivers, same conditions. G35 was faster.

    R&T (August) 330i 6MT road test:

    330i: 6.2s

    All U.S. spec vehicles.


    No review I've read says that the handling of the 330i is so much better than the G35 that the two cars cannot be compared. Mostly, they say that the 330i gets the nod in handling, but not by that much.
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    Full Automobile performance results:

    0-60 MPH
    G35 - 5.8 Sec
    330i - 6.1 Sec
    CTS - 6.5 Sec

    0-100 MPH
    G35 - 14.4 Sec
    330i - 16.0 Sec
    CTS - 16.7 Sec

    1/4 Mile
    G35 - 14.4 @ 100 MPH
    330i - 14.7 @ 97 MPH
    CTS - 15.1 @ 95 MPH

    Top Speed
    G35 - 155 MPH
    330i - 149 MPH
    CTS - 140 MPH

    Braking 70-0 MPH
    G35 - 157 FT
    330i - 162 FT
    CTS - 168 FT

    Braking Peak-G
    G35 - 1.13 G
    330i - 1.09 G
    CTS - 1.06 G

    330i - 0.95/0.93
    G35 - 0.92/0.89
    CTS - 0.87/0.85

    The 330i was running on max performance summer Bridgestone Potenza RE050A, while the G35 was running on performance all-season Goodyear Eagle NCT-5.

    The 330i still won the comparo based on its somewhat better handling feel and better interior.


    R&T results for the 2006 330i 6MT:

    0-60 MPH: 6.2s
    0-100 MPH: 16.9s
    1/4 mile: 14.9 @ 94.1 MPH


    Anyway, rumors in Japan say that the next Skyline (G35) sedan might get a 3.8 VQ producing 330hp. Of course, just a rumor.
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    I would like to note that the manual g35 coupe comes with the potenza re050A tires as well, so that will probably allow it to even or improve the score on the cornering and improve the skidpad times.
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    I read the automobile magazine BMW vs. G35 comparo too! Also their verdict/judgement based on performance/handling specs was also interesting!

    Having said that I do think the future G35 has a good chance in beating the BMW330 and becoming the benchmark car for performance/handling!

    But that is assuming Infiniti does not take the route Lexus did with the IS. The IS is more cushy, insulated and refined than the older IS, but unfortunately it is less of a true sport sedan than the 01 IS.
  • deweydewey Member Posts: 5,251
    6-10k is just my personal experience

    If I was confronted with such a price difference, I would definitely not buy a BMW.

    I just got new Nokian snow tires for my 99 BMW323 and hope to drive my car until the new G35 arrives. Or buy whatever car becomes the benchmark sport sedan, whatever that will be?
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    Fine reporting. I don't think you, myself or anyone else on this thread is bashing the 330. The point that is being made is that the G35, as a package, is the winner in the sports sedan market. The G35 is just the right mix of style, performance, handling & value. Sure, Infiniti could throw another 6 to 10K at the G and make it the best of the best, but that might jeopardize sales.


    Good luck with your 330, but please don't consider it better than a G35.
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    What 330i :confuse:
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    LOL :P
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    As far as the original question goes, the Skyline sedan came out in Japan in June 2001 as a 2002 model. A standard 5 year cycle means that the next Skyline sedan would be out in Japan in 2006 as a 2007 model.

    So even though the G35 came out in the States in 2002, it is possible that the next G35 could come here in 2006 as a 2007 model.
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    2006 G35 Coupe pictures and details now available at! Check out new bi-xenon projector headlamps, new LED tail lamps, intelligent key, bluetooth, new front bumpers, side skirts, and spoiler, available rear active steer and more!
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    To say that the bmw 330i is a better car than the g35 is crazy, to be the best, one has to do everything the best. If it can't stop quicker, go faster or handle better than the other then in my mind it's not the better of the two. If Wayne Greziky could not shoot a puck or stick handle he would have never made the NHL. And further more if I spent 6-10 thousand more dollars for a car I would expect(no demand) that this could out accelerate, stop quicker, etc,etc,etc. any thing in it's class.
    Well that's just one man's opinon.
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    I prefer the G35. Some people might prefer the 330i.

    The G35 is a better deal. That's enough for me.
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    I agree, the 298hp G35 coupe is a huge value compared to the 330ci, it also looks a lot better, the G35 is a hot looking car, and a hot car for acceleration, handling etc.. :P
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    Peak hp numbers are used by car salesmen to sucker those who dont know about cars. You also have to look at the rpm at which the hp is made, the gearing ratios, the weight etc. The g35 does have a slight advantage in acceleration numbers, but nowhere as close to what you would think with the hp numbers....g35 makes those peak numbers at near redline rpm, which isnt useful in everyday driving unless u like to rev that high all the time. The peak torque for the 330 is wayyyyy lower in the rpm band compared to the infiniti even if the actual number is lesser. BMW has always been known for putting up incredible acceleration numbers for the amount of hp they advertise. I agree with the looks comment tho, the g is damn sexy, the bangle-ized bmws look ugly.
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    I was just distinquishing the 298hp G from the 280hp G. I understand the importance of torque.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    the G is very attractive, especially next to my slightly boring and predictable I35.

    Too bad its too small on the inside for my family. That's where the I35 wins. :D
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    The G35 coupe is not a family car. :P
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    I found out one day that the G35 Sedan isn't much of a family car either.

    That backseat is cramped! :P

    Hence why I like my I35. :D
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    Really? I have not been in a G sedan, so I wouldn't know, however, the TL has fairly roomy back seats and I assume about the same size as a G sedan. :cry:
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