How much did you pay for 2016 or 2017 MDX fwd technology

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im looking to purchase this week a 2016 or MDX fwd with technology package. I'm looking to see how much i
should offer. The dealer slashed the price of the 2016 to $45,000. I really want the2017, but if I save a good bit of money I'm willing to get the 2916. Please help! The dealer is in the New Orleans area and when I bought my tl in 2009 they didn't budge on price. I ended up buying in Louisville, so I'm willing to travel for the best deal


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    I guess I should have read what I wrote before submitting.  Let me clarify. I would like prices on 2016 and 2017. Thanks 
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    Heh, I traveled seven hours to a bike shop near Tulane to get a deal on a 10 speed back in the day (like 1971!). Funny how that works. From reading posts and emails from people down your way ( Baton Rouge right after the flooding), deals are hard to come by in Louisiana.

    On to the numbers, MSRP on the 2016 is $48,380 and the True Market Value average price paid for your area is $44,269. So that slashed price is just average. The typical range for deals is 6 to 12% off MSRP. This deal is at the bottom of that range and should be better for a "last year's" model.

    For the 2017 MDX FWD with Tech, MSRP is $49,300 and TMV is $46,453. So we're at 6% off MSRP for the average for the 2017 too.

    From Toyota posts/emails, I doubt that you are going to have any luck with Texas dealers. Easy enough to email some though.

    You can take either of those links above and change the zip code to shop Louisville or wherever. You'd be looking for some area that has a lower TMV and then you'd try to beat TMV (since TMV is an average).

    Updating the zip to 40209 for Louisville, TMV drops to $46,411 for the 2017. Not worth the drive in other words. But still worth getting quotes from there and anywhere else you are willing to drive/fly to. If you decide to fly somewhere and enjoy a road trip home, check out prices around DC. That's a hot region for Hondas - less so for Acuras but still worth a shot.

    Good luck, you're in a tough market. :'(
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    All the lease payment calculators are a good bit under this amount that they are showing me. Can you please tell me if they are trying to pull something over in me with these numbers? Thanks 
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    I'm putting down $3,000 and told them I'm not paying any fees 
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    We recommend that you don't put any money down on a lease. If the car is wrecked or stolen, you lose that money.

    I'll ask our leasing experts to weigh in on your new numbers.
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    tulane11 said:


    Is that quote for a 2016 or 2017?

    How many miles/year?

    What about taxes? State and tax rate?

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