1997 Honda Accord

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Hey everyone!

I'm having trouble selling my 1997 Honda Accord (2.7L 6 cyl). I think the car is great, despite it not looking great (inside is fairly worn out from last owner), but it has some issues. I put about $500 into maintenance to get it to pass safety and emissions, and am trying to sell it for $1200. I had a buyer take it to a shop for a pre-purchase assessment, and the biggest concern was that they said the timing belt and shocks and struts would need work soon (It's got 156000 miles). Those repairs are more than half of what I'm selling the car for. Is there even a way to make this car worth buying? Or do I need to drop the price a ton to even sell it?


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    What's the body and paint like? Shocks and timing belt are maintenance items. Any used car could need those--that's not a "defect".

    Cars sell based on how they look, not on how they run. So if it's shabby inside and out (not saying it is, just giving an example), then no amount of $$$ spent on mechanical repairs is going to make much of a difference.

    I don't see what people expect for $1200. Put a tag of $1175 on it and if you get a seriously interested person, let them haggle you down to $950, and be done with it.

    You can buy these nice and clean inside and out for $2200--$2500, to give you an idea of the competition.
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