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Hyundai Sonata vs. Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry vs. Ford Fusion



  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,920
    those are pretty low costs for a 15,000-mile service, man. I'd say your dealer is doing you right, just by looking at those numbers.

    Yeah, PM is always worth it. Plus, if you have your dealer do it you can ask about TSB's(if applicable) and get some of their marginal coffee and....something I love to do...BS with the salespeople about upcoming Kia vehicles, what's hot, what's not, etc. You just don't get the same flavor if you go to Joe's SuperLube down the street.

    Then again, sometimes I'm in a Joe's SuperLube kind of mood, too. It just depends. By and large you're doing your car and yourself a good deed by getting it's PM done at your dealer's service department. One other thing...keep meticulous records of all work done on your car, repairs or maintenance or even a light bulb. Keep all of your receipts. You'll be glad at trade-in time that you did. :)

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • So... are they gonna fix the driver's seat any time soon? Kinda annoying. Hopefully the Azera will not suffer the same affliction. Its in my price range and so far it looks like it'll give Accord a run for its money.
  • I recently purchased a Sonata over the Camry. I feel like the Accord and the Camry are both fine vehicles. Overall, after test driving the Camry LE with no options and the Sonata GLS I4 with no options, it was a no brainer. The Sonata felt just as good if not better in all categories as the Camry, but for about 4,000 less. Plus the Sonata offers all the extra safety features and alloy wheels standard. I honestly feel that if the cars were the same price, that I would still chose the Sonata, but with the extra savings there was really no decision to make.

    I wasn't even considering the Sonata until I read this forum. Then I figured that I owed it to myself to at least test drive the vehicle. Boy I am glad I did. I couldn't believe the improvements that Hyundai has made through the years.

    Just wanted to say thanks for this discussion and that I hope others find it as informative as I did. With Edmunds help I know I have picked the right vehicle for me and I have felt zero Cognitive Dissonance since buying the Sonata.
  • jojoejojoe Posts: 81
    You have made a very good decision.We have the new v6 Sonata as a few of our friends now have.Haven't had as much fun driving in years. Love the shiftronic and sporty car feel in a family car.Congratulations and have fun!
  • goodegggoodegg Posts: 905
    Do you think the driver's seat bottom tilts up enough for you?
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    "People generally don't visit discussion boards just to write "I have a XXXXX and I have no problems--I love it and just wanted everyone to know!"

    Go see the 2006 Sonata Forum. :)
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    So, you were one of the lucky ones. In my 2000 Accord V6, at 36,500 miles, my power steering pump seals went. 900 bucks. Had seat belt sensor repaced 3 times, under
    warranty. Complete brake job at 40K. I also had an
    extended warranty for 80K for my transmission, which
    is one of the reasons I got rid of it at 75K. Didn't
    want to spend a couple grand or more at 81K. Oxygen
    sensor replaced twice, under warranty.

    Accords are good cars, but all cars can have problems.
    You are far.
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    Yes, and Ford makes some very bad vehicles.
    My daughter's 2000 Explorer with 3000 miles
    on it, 2 months old, started on fire in the
    engine compartment, totalling the car. Ford
    and the dealer did nothing for her, told her to call
    her insurance company. Due to depreciation, she
    lost her tradein, two months of payments, and still
    owed 3000 to cover the loan. Great car!

    I would never own a Fix Or Repair Daily again.
    But, that's just me.
  • Sorry to say that my experiences with Ford warranty, & roadside service proved out to be worthless. They basically did nothing, and I ended up having to pay out of my own pocket for their Ford's mistakes or problems or whatever you want to call them. One was resolved by me after 2 days with new battery, the other was I paid to replace total headlight assembly (moisture in headlight). Plus had to replace complete front assembly passenger side, due to "possibly" hitting pot hole. Needless to say, I want nothing to do with Ford or their warranty.
  • goodegggoodegg Posts: 905
    Lets see the 2006 Sonata forum in a couple 3 years. It'll have similar tales as the one you spin.
  • goodegggoodegg Posts: 905
    I had a Taurus transmission issue that no repair facility, or dealer, could duplicate. But it was there. We decided to dump that car (lost thousands) for a Camry. 80,000 miles and 5 years later, never needed a single repair.

    Now, the Fusion (or Ford) has a serious built in handicap with me that the Japanese cars don't have. I'd wager there are many more consumers like me that would say why take the chance on a Ford.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    You mean we'll see posts about Sonatas catching fire? Maybe you have confused Hyundai with Honda, i.e. the CR-V.
  • Something will go wrong with the Sonata, considering Hyundai's stellar reputation in the past. Go to a car auction and see what those guys do to the Hyundais.

    Sonata could end up being a great car with no problems. Kinda like CamCords have been for the past umteen years. But their heritage is against them. In a few years we'll know. I'd wait til the verdict is in before buying a Hyundai. Anyone can crow about their new car being great. Who's gonna say they just bought a new car and they don't like it?
  • Good ole Canada. Great government up there. On the brink of socialism. Nice tax system too. Anything goes attitudes. Yea - I'll trust their opinion. I sure its totally objective and unbiased. Somebody got paid for that.
  • tyguytyguy ColoradoPosts: 1,172
    What does the political system of Canada have to do with judging a vehicle's attributes?

    This discussion is about the Sonata, Camry, Fusion, and Accord, not government representation.
    2015 Subaru Outback, 2013 Audi A4
  • ontopontop Posts: 279
    Kinda lame comparo. No Honda, Toyota, GM, Mazda etc.

    Sure the Sonata seems to be a good car. But the true test will be in a few years when the real world has affected the car. Will the Sonata hold up?

    I know my Accord has fared well, but so has my brother's Cadillac. And my friends Volvo. Most cars are good nowadays, provided they're maintained correctly.

    Toyota and Honda have passed the tests to be in my garage. Ford has failed. Sonata is a maybe (never owned Hyundai). Lets see how it is after the 06 has been out for a year or so.
  • Yeah, the 2006 Sonata scores higher than the Funion in external styling. What are they smoking up there in Canada? Everyone and the mama knows the Fusion has by far the best external styling,period.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Well, you know how those car of the year awards go -- only new or significantly redesigned cars may apply. Old workhorses don't get honors because they're, well, old.

    Speaking of Ford trannies, I had to get mine replaced in a '90 Sable at 93K miles. Between that and numerous other problems (esp. A/C), I'd pause long and hard before buying a Ford again.
  • I had a 94 Ford Thunderbird I bought new. Its trannie went out at 35,000. They covered it under warranty but 1,000 miles more and I would have had to pay the bill!
  • That won't help you much when Ford goes out of business and you need parts (and you will need parts!)
  • You mean Toyota's stellar engine reputatuon with their v6 that burns up the oil in 1,000 miles and builds up sludge in the engine in a year? Engine problem - what engine problem.
  • GM - there is a company that has all of about five years left!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Well, not everyone thinks the Fusion has the best styling, including those Canucks. And me. But I live in Minnesota, so my air supply comes from Canada at this time of year. :)
  • They have either built crap or rested on their laurels too long. I invite the competition. Go Hyundai!!
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    That's not a good comparison. The CRV fires were really
    caused by negligence, both by manufaturer (in England)
    and oil filter installer. I have a CRV, and 9000 miles,
    no fires. I did ask for the gasket at first oil change,
    and it was given to me in good shape.

    Ford is another matter. :-) They never own up to their
    problems until forced by the government. At least
    Honda diagnosed and corrected their problem without
    being forced by the government.
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    Heritage? I guess you are too young to remember the first Hondas sold here? Junk. I don't think their heritage was
    that great for their first 15 years.

    And Toyotas weren't any dream car either. I remember
    my first Toyota well, since I had to learn how to
    do a tuneup every 1000 miles due to the poor design of
    points and distributor.

    You must be too young to remember also when anything
    Japanese was sneered at as being JUNK. I guess
    they overcame their "heritage".
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    Wow, you got 93K out of a Ford transmission.
    My Ford Auto transmission lasted exactly
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Yes, to their credit, Honda diagnosed and corrected their problem. Just because a part is made by a supplier doesn't mean the car company isn't liable for it. There is, after all, something called Quality Control.
  • Hey, nobody thought that Samsung would overtake Sony, but it happened. Why not Hyundai? It looks as though it's already happening. Better to buy a Hyundai now while it's cheap cause them prices won't last too long.
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