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New Ford Escape Hybrid Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • karlskarls Posts: 7
    Purchased our 2007 FEH AWD from a local dealer's lot two weeks ago after seeing the 2008 sneak-peeks and the LA auto show text/pics. The new design probably improves on some of the prior version's looks/layout issues. I'm sure the Ford fleet managers and focus groups love the changes, but the 2008 seems too truck-like for us. (Of course, that's certainly our subjective opinion; your mileage may vary). ;)

    My wife's the primary driver. We've only put a bit more than 500 miles on it so far, and both of us like almost everything about this vehicle. No buyer's remorse at all. :D

    Nice performance; comfortable front heated seats (although the switches need to be moved to the dashboard); great space/capacity behind the 2nd seats; very smooth transitions between the elec and gas propulsion systems; exterior fit and finish look really great; the interior is familiar when compared to our 2004 Expedition, although most of the non-leather materials are very bland.

    The GPS' technology is long-in-the-tooth (using CDs), plus the CD set is two years old. When updates are available every 24-30 months, they'll cost $200+ per set, based upon the mapping company's response to my inquiry.

    Above all, this vehicle is fun to drive! We look forward to going through our first winter with this economical AWD. :shades:
  • loveakloveak Posts: 10
    I purchased our 06 Escape from a Saturn dealship here in town with only 3500 miles on it. After some research I was able to establish that lady had purchased it new from our local Ford dealship-but had 4 kids-three of which were in car seats. So before too long she traded it in on a Saturn Van.
    The first 5 or so tanks were runnning about 29mpg. Then it started dropping. When it hit about 24 I took it into the dealership-according to them nothing was wrong, and we were told it took 5-6 thousand miles for the computer to "learn". I took it back when it hit 20 mpg and was told again that there was nothing wrong and were told by the service departments only "Tech" (qualified to work on it)that "You do realise that this is not a multidriver vehicle, right?" I was astounded. We hit a bottom of 17mpg and it is now at 20. I contacted the service manager and he said he was baffaled. (Much to the irritation of my wife) The up side is my wife loves it, it handles fantastic in the snow.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks , Randy
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    If you are encountering snow, the wheels are slipping more, and it is cold. If you are also making short trips, it can really zap the MPG. Your MPG may rise come spring... :shades:
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    If you want an accurate reading, you need to reset the trip computer with each tank up.

    You also need to read back a few pages as many people have already posted how the cold effects all hybrids and what to do about it.

  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 583
    I've tested lots of hybrid vehicles in the last 2 months.


    Accord was nice. Camry was somewhat disappointing. Prius was good. Mariner was good. Escape was good.

    At this moment you can't find no 4WD Escape Hybrids in dealer stock in Atlanta (or other big towns in Ga.)

    Most of the Mariners available are 4WD, and they are loaded up with costly packages. Many have the navigation unit which several owners posting here indicate they are not satisified with. So I found 2 base units. One black MMH 4WD and stumbled into one "sage" MMH 4WD.

    The sage colored one was showing up on internet but dealership "couldn't locate it in their inventory". It turned out that they had a "computer glitch" (or human glitch aahaha) and I ended up benefiting from it.

    After several calls from me to them they discovered it in their adjacent lot. I drove about 60 mi and tested it. Bought it on the spot. And they did not charge to deliver it that day to my home 60 miles away!

    Aside from great gas mileage, the Mariner had 5 miles on it and was fun for me to drive. It's:

    a. Handsome style
    b. 'Sage' is a dynamite color
    c. Entry and exit are excellent
    d. Controls ok. (takes a little getting use to)
    e. Visibility is great (compared to Element, etc)
    f. Noise level is low.
    g. Cloth seats comfortable
    h. I like the self dimming mirror (standard)
    i. 16" wheels look good
    j. Bumpers and panels were smooth "sage" color.
    k. Roominess
    l. Better than expected handling
    m. I like tax credits
    n. Standard sound system is just "ok"
    o. Good environmental image

    I bought the base model of the Mariner Hybrid 4WD. I like it. Did the X plan price and saved pretty well off MSRP by paying cash. (And no "Documentation Fees" added in because of using X-Plan)

    I'm shopping for vent shades for windows (rain out, air in) and trying to find a set of decent splash guards because areas behind tires will suffer from dirt, tar gravel, etc. over time.

    Posting in here because Mariner Hybrid is a cousin to the Escape Hybrid. MMH has no discussion here at Edmunds.

    These vehicles are kind of fun and makes you feel good driving them.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Hey, check out

  • loveakloveak Posts: 10
    It actually started before the snow hit. Car is garaged at night. I spoke to another Escape HY owner the other day at I-Hop and he lives in Fairbanks AK. Now that's cold weather-he is getting 19 on the highway and over 20 in town.
    The service manager and I got into an interesting discussion the other day about the snow tires. I'm going to take a tape and see if the tires are exactly what the originals are.

    We aren't depending on the digital but using the old pen and paper.
    Running about 20 off and on now.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You may be getting 20mpg in mixed driving but I assure, that is at least as good if not much better than what a v6 Escape would get in mixed driving.

    Also, the snow tires are scrubbing off some MPG due to greater friction.

  • I own a 2006 FEH AWD and live in Vermont. My experience:

    The Good: 28 - 31 mpg in the city or on the highway; pretty good in decent weather. Handling in bad weather is decent.

    The Bad: This morning, after dropping my daughter off at school, I looked at the mileage and it posted 19.1 mpg. In the 1.3 mile drive from the school, it dropped down to 18.9 and 18.8 mpg. The "Miles to Empty" gauge dropped from 184 miles to empty to 182 miles to empty in less than a minute of driving! The typically sluggish performance of the truck seems significantly exacerbated by the cold (and admittedly it's really really cold here--although the truck is garaged). Also, I have stock tires--not snows, and recently inflated them. I read that in cold weather, mpg would drop some, but 40%?? That's really bad--my former Audi A6 turbo got better mileage than this. Because of the squeaks that should never occur on a new vehicle (see my and other people's posts about this), the klugey computer that needs to be reset often and doesn't even provide an external temp, and the crummy NAV system, I'm less than satisfied. Ford needs to own known problems (like the squeaking), and has a lot more work to do regarding how to engineer a hybrid in cold weather conditions (should we all just move to Florida?), and I'm seriously considering replacing this with a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, but I don't know how that handles the cold...
  • ekiehnekiehn Posts: 33
    Wow maybe I'm the luckiest EH owner out there, but I ave had no problem with my 2006 model. Granted I am in Florida but I have a place way up in the north GA mountains and have had no issues there either. Mileage avg around 32MPG both locations (sometimes I do a little better in the mountains) - Not sluggish at all as I zip in and out of traffic (anyone who has driven in FL will know what I mean) - Squeaks are non existent except those that I normally associate with an SUV of any make (Can't fairly compare an Audi to a truck - though I've heard the Lexus SUV is quite) - NAV system, yes it needs to be modernized but it found a dirt road out in the middle of the GA mountains for me without a hitch and has been able to match direction for direction comparison maps that I have gotten from Yahoo and google maps.

    Ya the thing that does bug me is that I don't have an external temperature reading, and a few more storage compartments (overhead space is wasted)would be great and just one more gallon of gas in the tank would extend my range considerably.

    One thing you have to realize is that on extremely short trips (a mile or less) you really kill the mileage. This is true in most vehicles until they warm up. It may be aggravated a little in a hybrid because the engine runs at a higher RPM to charge the batteries even while stopped. Once you hit the 3 to 4 mile mark it all seems to balance out. The cold obviously has a big effect as both batteries and engines are least efficient when they are cold.

    Overall I have been extremely happy with my EH and it has saved me a tone of money in fuel bills compared to the VAN that I was using. Now if they would only put in a diesel then we could be talking real mileage :)
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The Ext Temp will be available on 08s with auto climate control.

  • Damn right the cold affects the hybrid! We don't need the AC then, unless it rains and cannot see thru the foggy windows. Still getting over 30MPG - figured out longhand - not the trip computer method. 25mi commute 1 way, rush hour traffic, highway/city roads. Ethanol.
  • I realize you need snow tires to navigate in the Great White North. Down here in Texas, we rarely have anything to deal with that you must be used to - until recently. My '06 Mariner Hybrid came with Continental Contitrac ECO Plus tires. The Plus denotes a higher tire air pressure - 5psi. Specific to the Hybrid, it is not fitted on "normal" Mariners. We had quite a time getting a replacement tire after my wife destroyed one by cutting a 2" hole in the center tread - concrete planter shards. They are available only thru the dealer ( Ford ), with the VIN required to order and have drop shipped from the factory - Continental that is. What a hassle. However, the tire was priced less than the non ECO plus at local tire shops. Fortunately we have a spare car to drive while we wait for a replacement tire to arrive from Carolina.
  • devomidevomi Posts: 10
    I have a FWD '07 I bought in August. I was getting 36MPG until it started getting cold (Michigan). Now with temps in the 20's I am getting in the 28MPG Range. I expect to get back to 36MPG once the weather breaks.
  • I owned it for one month...then I was carjacked!! :cry:

    Don't think the guy even knew what he was taking!!

    Waiting for my insurance $$ to purchase a new one...was wondering if I should just wait for the 2008...when are they coming out?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    They are in production NOW will begin to ship in February!

  • That is great, I had heard chatter about it in general but I thought I would need to wait longer..what happened to Sept. releases of new cars? I will contact our dealer, just wondering...are they back ordered?
    Well, I guess bad things sometimes create good things..I get a 2008!!
  • What is the story with the "foggy windows"? I thought it was only me. A few weeks ago it fogged up so fast I barely had time to pull over...and almost drove into s strawberry field! What setting seems to be causing "instant" fog?
  • loveakloveak Posts: 10
    Interesting. Just got ours back out of the shop again. We have been running as high as 29 when we first got it to a low of -get this 11. I about croaked. My 92 Z-71 chevy 4x4 does better. Well, most of the time. According to the dealer they "couldn't find anythng wrong" and because we couldn't find anything wrong that'll be $90 dollars thank you. I have found that you cannot go by the mpg in the instrumnent cluster. Wife and I were going down the road teh other day and the cluster was jumping showing mpg of 6.8,7.3,8.9-etc. I asked the better half to look and she said "What'd you do to my car!?" This was holding th e speed at a steady 60 mph. What I found interesting is after we got it out of the shop and they "ran all the tests" last tank was 22mpg. I wonder if in the process of testing they reset the klugey computer? I hadn't thought of that. Met a guy in the credit union the other day and he has one and has a friend sho has one also. He is getting consistant 24-25 and he is a self professed lead foot. His female friend is getting right around 30 but she drives like the proverbial old lady. I think I should have gone with the Toyota Highlander. Florida huh? Hmmmm, Not ready for that yet.
  • I have an 06 FEH When I got it last summer I was getting 26-38 mpg. When the temp. droped my milage droped to 18-22. the dealership cam't find anything wrong. The first diference I noticed was that it wasn't going over to electric as often and it was charging a lot more. I have also noticed that on extreamly cold mornings (below 20) that the engin revs a lot higher at the same speeds and when I stop at a light with the defrost on the engine will shut off. Starts right back up when I step on the gas pedal.
    I have had it in the shop several times and they tell me unless they get a check engine light there is nothing they can do because if something wasn't working right they would get a fault code.
  • loveakloveak Posts: 10
    We just got ours out of the shop recently for similar problems. Couldn't find anything wrong-sorry-that'll be $90. Problem is-it went from 11-14 mpg before to up to 22 after we got it back. Hmmmmm. let's see didn't change anything after we got it back.........needless to say very uncomfortable with the dealership right now. T I really don;t think the techs understand the systems involved fully-meaning what to do when things don;t work as they should When they are checking "eveything" they are either reseting the computer or something.
  • ekiehnekiehn Posts: 33
    I hate to say it, but the "certified tech" who is supposed to be able to work on Hybrids probably passed a test but is only a "paper" expert. Even though I am based in Florida, I have driven my '06 in the Georgia mountains when it has been below 30 degrees and still was up in the 30MPG range (and this is based on tank fill ups, not just the instrument cluster). While I have found the instrument cluster to read a little high it isn't that far off from reality. One thing that did make a difference was after the 1st 10,000 mile check up - I believe the dealer tech did some sort of firmware/software update and my mileage was better and the instrument cluster more accurate. Of course my '06 was one of the first ones out since I had put in an order for an '05 and they ran out of that production model. Maybe you can find another dealership that may have a tech who is a better diagnostician as opposed to someone who relies just on what the computer is telling him. :D
  • loveakloveak Posts: 10
    I think you are absolutly correct. When I had our EH in once about this he tried to try to tell me "You do realise that this is not a family car? This vehicle should only be driven by one person". You bring up an excellent point. Nly the other dealership is about 50 miles away-but it just might be worth it.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Dang I want to sell there!!!

    My Ford dealer in somewhat rural NJ has about 10 other franchises within 20 miles. :( 3 more recently closed.

    I use to work at a dealer with over 20 other dealers within 20 air miles. At least half of them were across the bridge into Philly/PA so it wasn't all bad.

  • testestestes Posts: 13
    This sounds as though you began to run the defroster. If the HVAC dial is on a red area, like defrost, the ICE continues to run. I have only had the ICE turn off a few times with the defroster on in MA. Therefore, I turn on outside air, and turn up the temp. It keeps my windows clean and the mileage up. I did see a drop in mileage from 29 down to 25 when it got very cold up here.
  • loveakloveak Posts: 10
    Yep, I have had to run the heater in defrost mod on occasion. Mainly when it's a blzzard conditions. I have now run 5 tanks through it since it has been in to the dealer and they could find "Nothing wrong". But lo and behold our mileage is hovering around 20. Before the dealer-mid to low teens. But see, your getting 25 correct? Even babying it, keeping it in the garage, very little highway milage really and still only 20. Hmmmmm.
  • malibuskymalibusky Posts: 15
    Picked up our new 2007 was stolen and all I have to say is ...WOW!! 2008 is a different car, they cannot even compare to each other in any way. The 2008 is a complete and total improvement over the 2007. The interior and exterior styling, the drive and handling, the sound system is waaaay better with Sirius and the GPS is actually usable, the AC system is made to to take advantage of the hybrid engine and the gas mileage even seems to be a bit better. Best of was about $300 less than the 2007.

    Only incentives but if you wait for will not be disappointed.
  • lv031170lv031170 Posts: 3
    I test drove a 2007 FEH back in January and my wife and I decided to wait for the 2008 model to see the changes. WOW! What changes. The most immediate change I noticed was the significantly quieter ride, wind noise and overall road noise. Ford stated they put more insulation in and I could sure tell.

    Next, is the new and improved instrument cluster and center stack. It took seven years but they finally put in a separate button for the A/C. Yes, you can actually pick what direction you want the A/C to blow! The new "Ice Blue" instrument lighting is a nice new touch. The sound system is definitely better, too.

    Overall, I am very impressed. We are getting towards the end of the first tank and it looks like we'll come in around 470 or so miles. I have a 2001 Escape and it has been a great little SUV. I'm hoping for many happy years with the new Hybrid.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    the direct tune radio. buttons 1 through 0 allow you to punch in the exact spot on the dial you want to turn to!


  • curly5curly5 Posts: 1
    Additional thing I want to add is that you will get more tax credit than for 07 model...
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