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New Ford Escape Hybrid Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • kpick4kpick4 Posts: 1
    This is my first SUV and my first hybrid. I use the instantaneous mileage graph to pinpoint when my heavy foot hurts the mileage. I am manging to stay in the 35 mpg range in the city. I avoided the whole battery replacement issue by leasing. The NAV system needs help. The maps have far too little detail resulting in a voice error message about lack of detail and an announcement that you are on your own. I paid far too much money for this level of functionality. Ford should ask Garmin how to do it.
  • ekiehnekiehn Posts: 33
    I'm hearing a lot of people really love the 2008 model. I have a 2006 that I got in April of 2005 and I love it. Mileage seems, for me , to have stabilized at around 31 to 32 MPG and this is measured by gas receipts (thought the instant mileage graph is very close). I use the nav system mostly when I am in Georgia (home base is Florida)and it seems to work fine but it is 3 year old technology. On the batteries Ford made what I consider a brilliant piece of engineering work. I went to one of the Escape Hybrid Road Shows in 2004 and saw that the batteries are just row after row of approximatly D cell sized batteries. Brilliant in that is a cell or cells go bad all they have to do is pull out the bad cells and replace with new. With the 100,000 miles and 8 year coverage that I got on the batteries I should never have to worry about the batteries.

    To date I have spent on service of my Escape around $75, this was for 2 regularly scheduled 10000 mile oil changes. I'm due for my next service soon and I believe I will have an air filter to replace this time as well.

    Good luck with your EHB I hope you enjoy the vehicle as much as I enjoy mine (especially when you pull up to the pump) ;)
  • Quick question..I was too thiking of leasing an 08 later this year when my Freestyle lease is up. Can you tell me what kind of payment you got with years/Mileage/down payment? Also, do you get the tax credit then..I heard you get part of the tax credit, but, wasn't sure if that was true.
  • wvujebwvujeb Posts: 5
    You cannot get the tax credit if you lease. The leasing company would be able to take the credit. If you decide to purchase, the tax credit is subject to the AMT. As with other credits, you must owe more than the credit (If you only had to pay $1500 in taxes, you are only eligible for $1500 of the credit).
  • hippsychippsyc Posts: 2
    Just drove my new 08 escape from Illinois to Colorado and back a total of 1900 miles and averaged 29 miles per gal going 71mph. This is really a great suv. Handles good, rides good. not noisy at all. It beats my F-150 by 3 times. This is the sleeper vehicle that nobody knows about and it is really good!!!
  • ekiehnekiehn Posts: 33
    You've got the sleeper vehicle right. I was just watching our local news the other night talking about how Hybrid sales are going through the roof with the higher gas prices. What did the anchor say, Toyota and Honda are the best selling Hybrids right now, Ford and GM will be offering there own Hybrids by next year!

    Just wanted to scream at the TV since I've had my EH since April of '05. On the other hand, if Ford would market the Escape Hybrid more (so what if you can't meet production), the buzz created about the the Ford EH being in such demand that they can't keep it on the lot would be worth it. Toyota wasn't shy about marketing the Prius when they couldn't meet production, why is Ford?

    Anyway, I just came from a 1400 mile round trip from flat Florida to cold (32-45) Mountains in Georgia and averaged 29.8 MPG (per the gas receipts) and am loving it... :D
  • karlskarls Posts: 7
    We've had our new '07 since early last December, and we love it. I was very disappointed at the DC Auto Show in late January, because Ford had its usual big displays, but it put just two '08 FEH's in the very back corner with no signage other than the Hybrid badge already on the vehicle. Ford spent all its money promoting its Mustangs and Expedition XLs and F150s. The only people that even noticed the FEHs were the people who leaned on them while they watched the dolly with the Mustang on the rotating raised platform. :mad:
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Funny you say this when the FEH superbowl commercial with kermit the frog won an award for best ad of the year at the New York Autoshow.
  • malibuskymalibusky Posts: 15
    OK, first my 2007 FEH is carjacked...waited for the new 2008, had it 1 month..3000 miles and my brakes went out on Saturday!! I cam to a corner and the brakes got "squishy" and although I my foot was at the floor, the car was still rolling, then the ABS and Brake light came on.

    I THOUGHT I was very happy with the 2008 FEH...I am not now. Of course, I am out of happened at 3:30, I called Roadside Assistance and they responded within 1 hour. Got it towed to the they were closing...and of course they cannot look at it until a call this morning and the Ford computers :sick: are down so they cannot run the codes to see what is wrong....still waiting to hear!

    Meanwhile, they did not offer me a courtesy car, the on lot car rental was closed and they left a F-150 truck for $45 a day or a Lincoln for $95...well gee, I guess I drive a truck for a few days...while on much fun!!

    With an extra night in our hotel and 2 days so far for a rental, I am out $300.....and I still don't even know what is wrong with the car.

    Thanks Ford, I am sure you appreciate my business...
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems while on vacation. Please save all receipts for the Rental Car and the Hotel. Then call roadside and see if you can get any of it refunded.

  • fomoconafomocona Posts: 19
    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm not aware of any general problems with the brakes on the Escape Hybrid. Ford does care about your situation. Please call the Ford Customer Relationship Center at 800-392-FORD (3673) and let them know what's going on. They would be in the best position to assist you. I know there were issues with some of the Ford computer servers on Monday but they are all working today.
  • Really like my new car. First tankful (which was supposedly filled at the dealership) I averaged 32MPG. Second tank I averaged 35MPG. Most of my driving is hiway, so I'm very pleased with the mileage. Beats the heck out of my 04 Explorer I traded in. I liked the looks....especially the front of the 07 better then the 08's. Also......I wanted a red one.....and red is not available in 08.
  • malibuskymalibusky Posts: 15
    So the brakes go out on Saturday, today is Thursday...yes, it took until 3:00 today to get the darn car fixed. The part didn't arrive at the dealer until late (at least that is what they told me) Wednesday afternoon, so of course they couldn't get the car fixed.."too much work" they said. :mad: After my husband calls and screams at numerous people at wonderful Palm Springs Motors, he finally said if my car was not ready by 5:00 he would have me drive home in the rental car (3 hours) and they could bring me my car when it was fixed...well, I guess it worked.

    He did also call Ford relations and they were very nice, they called the dealer also and tried to help but basically it did not good either. However, they said they would file a complaint against the dealer...what ever that means. All I have to least I was stuck for 5 days in a nice place!! :lemon: hope not......
  • ekiehnekiehn Posts: 33
    Red's not available? That's lame :P Believe it or not that is a factor in my purchase of a vehicle since every car but one has been red (I totaled the car that wasn't red). I love my '06 Hybrid and was looking forward to adding another one later this year to replace my aging '98 Windstar Van, but if I can't get Red that's out of the question.
  • kengreenkengreen Posts: 2
    April 7,'07.....purchased new '08 FEH
    This my third Ford Escape. This is the smoothest, quietist, and nicest of the three.
    In the last year, I drove the '05 12,800 miles, averaged 18.8 mph. At to days price,($3.00), my gas bill would have been,$170 monthly. I am currently averaging 33.4 mpg, my gas bill is $96 monthly, savings, $74 a month.
    Call me a Happy FEH owner. :shades:
  • dean58dean58 Posts: 14
    With about 1600 miles on my FEH I am getting 33.5mpg while driving 65 to 70mph on the Interstate. If I speed up to 70 to 75+ to keep up with the traffic, my mileage drops to about 27.5mpg. These are using actual receipts although I agree with a previous post, that the dash readout is very close. I had my dealer change the standard Continental tires to Goodyear Fortera's before delivery. These have better braking and handling and also are quieter but don't roll as easy so gas mileage might be a mile or so less than standard equipment. I'd expect the mileage to increase after a few more thousand miles.
    I had an '05 V6 for the past three years and liked it, but I think I will like the '08 even better!
    I also was upset with Ford about their limiting the color choices to what marketing thinks we should have on a hybrid. My emails were answered by customer service people who told me marketing makes these decisions and they feel these are the best colors for the Hybrid. I replied that I didn't understand how that can sell the most vehicles!
  • gmoreaugmoreau Posts: 4
    Mileage during freezing cold (20s) appx. 17 - 19 on AWD 2006 FEH. Mileage in Spring/warmer weather (50s/60s) appx. 23.4. Taking vehicle to the Ford dealer to find out what's going on. After reset of the computer; no change. Driving mostly in town appx. 35 mph. Total mileage: 13,800. First 6 months were great; last six months have been a nightmare. Feeling buyer's remorse; not a good hybrid, from my perspective. My Audi A6 Turbo got better gas mileage than this lemon.
  • loveakloveak Posts: 10
    Let me know how it turns out. We've had almost the same experiances. Ford just shruggs their shoulders and says "Sorry, we can't find anything wrong, that'll be $90 please" It's enough to make you want to drive it through the dealership instead of using the parking lot. even with 50 degree weather, no snow tires, most mileage under 40 miles an hour, parking inside a night-hell I even waxed it trying to find something.
    It is a real mystery why some are getting great mileage an others are getting crappy. My 90 Z-71 off road gets only 5 mpg less than the FEH.
    Perhaps one of us can find a capabale tech how can figure out what the problem is and let the rest of us know. Anybody know of another web site on FEH by any chance?
  • ekiehnekiehn Posts: 33
    Since both you and the previous post seem to drive in similar conditions, have you tried using the L setting. L isn't really Low it's a different program and I have found that it makes a huge difference in just the type of driving you are describing (35 to 40 mph).

    Another thought is to try and network with some other area FEH owners and see if they have found a dealer that has a tech who can do a little more than plug in a computer and say the computer says it's within specs.

    My 2006 FEH gets around 31 mpg in above type of driving and I almost always use L.
  • ekiehnekiehn Posts: 33
    I'm drooling for the new '08 model. I am seeing reports left and right over the improved milage from the '05,'06 and '07 models.

    I'm still happy with my '06 FEH where I average around 31 mpg, on a recent trip to North GA going about 80+ and a tail wind I actually maintained 29 MPG (same trip last year with a strong head wind put me down in the 25 MPG arena).

    You guys with the '08 have a quiter nicer ride, If Ford would just put the Hybrid technology in some of there other vehicles (Freestyle, Edge or Van) I could get my wife a new Hybrid as well (she wants more style or room). ;)
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a large local newspaper is looking to speak to owners of the 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid. Please provide your daytime contact info to no later than Monday, May 14, 2007.

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  • alloysteelalloysteel Posts: 1
    I didn't even know these cars existed, my wife took our 1999 Buick LeSabre to get milk, and she stopped in at the Ford dealer on the way. She is subject to sudden enthusiasms, and by 8:00 that evening we had traded off the Buck, a 1998 Chevy Silverado and a lien on about 7 years' future income, for a new vehicle that is about as ticklish as a VCR to program, but what the heck, she likes the driving position.

    A couple of small glitches, having nothing to do with the vehicle or its performance. There is no hitch receiver yet available for the mounting of a cargo carrier, which we need for carrying along a power scooter (my wife is disabled, and has need on occasion of additional mobility).

    I understand such a hitch is soon to be available (through U-Haul, of all people), but Ford discourages the mounting of ANY hitch receiver on their hybrid models. We are talking about a load bearing not to exceed about 350 pounds, suitable to a Class II hitch, with a square receiver tube of 1 1/4", rather than the standard 2" tube.

    Also I have a question - is the engineering on the Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner based on the same platform as the Volvo XC90? Shorter wheelbase, and less overall length, but there is an uncanny resemblance when the vehicles are side-by-side. Ford is great for sharing platforms, and I know that some of the midsized sedans are essentially Volvo or Mazda platforms.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757

    The Escape goes back to the Mazda 626. The next Escape will be on a platform shared by Mazda, Ford, and Volvo.

  • tomgentomgen Posts: 6

    I just purchased a FEH last week. I know it's too soon to make many real determinations about it, but I believe you have to "Love" the whole hybrid experience, or you may end up being disappointed. Diesel auto drivers really really love those smokers. They don't mind putting up with the BS associated with owning a diesel.

    I traded in a Lexus RX300. The FEH is no Lexus, but I knew that going in. There is no comparison between the two. I guess if had an extra $20K laying around I would have gone for the Lex hybrid. That said, I like the FEH. I love getting 50%+ better mileage than the Lex. I love not having to buy premium gas. I love it when it can run on battery when I'm stuck in a big traffic back up. I'm glad it doesn't have an annoying and distracting Prius-like Synergy Drive display. If I don't run into some of the issues other owners have mentioned, I will grow to really really love it.


  • dean58dean58 Posts: 14
    I just returned from a 2500 mile trip thru mountains and flatlands. I drove between 65 and 70 mph most of the time on the Interstates and didn't do a lot of city driving. My actual average was 30.1 mpg which was very close to the computer readout. I did drive between 60 and 65 for about 200 miles on two lane highway and the computer showed 32-33 mpg and when I drove 75 for some of the trip, the computer showed 28-29. There is quite a difference in mileage between driving in the low 60's compared to the mid 70's. I now have 4800 miles on the vehicle.

    At about $3.25 per gallon average I figure that I saved about $75.00 on this trip compared to my '05 V-6 Escape! I used to get about 23 mpg with that on a similar trip.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I just returned from a 2500 mile trip thru mountains and flatlands. I drove between 65 and 70 mph most of the time on the Interstates and didn't do a lot of city driving. My actual average was 30.1 mpg which was very close to the computer readout. I did drive between 60 and 65 for about 200 miles on two lane highway and the computer showed 32-33 mpg and when I drove 75 for some of the trip, the computer showed 28-29."

    I've noticed before how little difference there is between my 2003 Honda CR-V and the FEH in highway driving. I have since sold the vehicle, but it got 27 MPG at 80 MPH, and about 30 if one kept between 60 and 65 MPH. It was an AWD version as well; the FWD got slightly better MPG. Also, the CR-V went to 5 speed transmissions in 2005 (mine was a four speed).

    Of course, there is no comparison in the city; I got 22 at best in pure city driving, and more usually around 20-21.

    I almost bought a 2006 FEH, but I found it "tippy" (in my opinion) the moment I left the lot for a test drive. The lack of stability control (still not available on the FEH, although it is STANDARD on the 2008 ICE Escape) made me pass on the FEH in favor of a Freestyle.

    BTW, the 2006 Freestyle (for comparison) gets about 26.5 MPG at 80 MPH, and about 19 MPG in pure city driving. My usual tank is about 50 / 50 highway, which yields around 22.5. I have received over 30 MPG on the FS as well, at 55 - 70 MPH on pure Los Angeles all-freeway driving. But then the FS is about 600 lbs heavier than the FEH or CR-V, so this is actually pretty good for the size.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The Hybrid uses an internal combustion engine also.

    How about calling it the V6?

  • So far it is a good vehicle, I am at about 500+ miles and my mileage is still working up through the break-in period. I do a lot of city driving and enjoy the electric drive at low speed. My only concern is that yesterday on the way home doing around 45mph the A/C just stopped working. I fiddled with the controls, temp, fan, on/off and got nothing. At the next light I shut off the engine, restarted and the A/C came up. Any ideas? Anyone else seen this?

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Unless the "Econ" button is pushed and its light is on, the AC should not cut out and the gas motor will stay on at all times.

    If the Econ button is lit, the AC will then cut out whenever the gas motor shuts down.

    If your Escape does not work like this, take it back to the dealer and let them know what is going on.

    You have a brand new vehicle with warranty and should not have to experience anything working less than 100% correct.

  • mingo1mingo1 Posts: 5

    I've been driving a FEH for about 3 weeks on mostly flat terrain and the performance has been pretty good. Well, yesterday I was carrying 3 adult passengers and 3 pieces of luggage in the boot (about 750 lbs total including me). I turned on a street that immediately went up a steep hill for about 150 yards. The engine started screaming and the RPMs went up to about 5K and my Escape crawled up the hill. I thought someone was going to get out and push. It started to get embarrassing. Fortunately, the road leveled out at the top of the hill and performance returned to normal. Has anyone else had an experience like this?
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