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2016 Honda CRV EX AWD lease

gchir12gchir12 Posts: 2
edited December 2016 in Honda
Hi, I am in the Chicago area (60603) and got the following quote on a 2016 Honda CRV AWD EX.

MSRP - $28,870
Cost - $23,500
Residual - 0.59 (16,935)
Destination - $900
Taxes - $2,109
Fees - $392

Lease cost - $315 (277 + 9.5% Chicago tax + $18 interest)
$0 down (just need to pay the first month lease)

Do you guys think this is a good deal? I expected to have a lease cost below $300 (with $0 down) given it is the last day of the year and Honda is trying to clear inventory. Is that realistic?


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