Buying New Cars in Neighboring States

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Sorry if this question is asked before. I've been scouring deals for a Ridgeline around the region and found that dealers in the Atlanta are giving me the best out-the-door pricing via email than anybody close to me.

With that said, Atlanta is a good 5 hour drive from me. I've never traveled that far to purchase a vehicle and was wondering if anybody has had a good or bad experience doing so? I'm a little concerned with transparency when dealing with any dealerships and I want to make sure if all possible not be jerked around or disappointing when actually walking into the dealership to purchase the vehicle.

Any advice would be helpful.


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    You don't say what state you are in now, but be aware that GA dealers tend to have very high dealer/doc fees. As much as $500-$800.

    It's like doing any business over email or the internet. Get a feeling for how upfront they are in answering your questions, and giving you real, out-the-door numbers. Make sure you can pickup the car there, without paying GA tax.

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