Honda Accord Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

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Hybrids are in hot demand and the Accord Hybrid is no exception.

What deals are you seeing? How is your experience at the dealership?


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    I paid $700 below INVOICE in Ohio, but it was a very tough negotiation. I had no trade in and got a 1.9%, 36 mos, 0 down financing. The car is a dream.

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    I have not been on this board for a while because I had HAH on order and 1 week before it came in I went to the dealer to get all of the pricing. It was at this point that the dealer I guess felt like he was going to make as much money as he could. I under stand that I was going to pay sticker for the car but then he wanted to hit me for 2k less than the trade in value on my trade in, we looked it up on th computer together. I told him to give me my deposit and to sell the car to someone else whom did not mind wasting money. Now that it has been a 3-4 months I am wondering are most people paying sticker for the car.
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    Shop around. You should get one for close to invoice. You may be better off selling your trade-in. Dealers are really low balling used cars with all the discounts on new ones. The HAH is NOT selling well so you should find one on a lot and a dealer wanting to sell it. Be tough, and not afraid to walk out.
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    Look on ebay, dealers are listing them there WELL below MSRP and they are going unsold. You might have to travel to get a deal, but compared to being overcharged it would be worth it. Dealers in LA, MA, NJ, etc. Tell us where you are and maybe someone can steer you to a better dealer.

    In any case, selling your car yourself and not trading it will almost always net you more money.

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    I am glad to hear they're not selling well. Why? It never made any sense to hybridize a car that gets the same mileage as the 4cyl version. Granted you get a little more ooomph... but it's very expensive to get that ooommphh. Good luck... I hope you get it at $100 over dealer invoice.
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    One has to show statistical figures to prove the HAH is not sold well. Even if it is not sold well I would tend to think any vehicles of over $30K is a bit customer selected and therefore a bit slow in sales.

    The HAH should be named as a "Japanese Mustang". I will not be hesitating to buy another one when my need arises. I am suggesting Honda making a fifth door (hatch back) to make the HAH pretty much convenient like a SUV. I do not have a demand to buy a truck or a SUV but when I need to carry some lengthy stuff in my sedan it bothers me a lot.
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    Maybe Honda will resurrect the Accord wagon. That was a nifty car in its time, really sharp for a wagon I thought. I know this is heresy to an Accord fan like you but, there is the Highlander hybrid for SUV convenience...

    But I don't think there's any chance that the HAH will be confused with a Mustang. The Mustang is unique. I don't know any 16-year-old boys who lust after a HAH. Well, OK, maybe your son does. :)
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    In the questionnaire for the future HAH Honda asked me lot of questions. Some typical questions I like most and answered YES are:

    1- Fifth door in rear.
    2- Folded rear seat.
    3- More trunk space.
    4- More power.
    5- More MPG.
    6- Very last question (a) Compromise between power and MPG, (b) More power less MPG, (c) More MPG less power. I voted for (a).
    7- Spare tire,
    8- Moon roof.
    9- Internet access.
    10- Road hazard notification to responsible people.
    11- etc.

    I voted YES for all those above that I can recall.

    For the current HAH I can feel its strong torque, quickness, responsiveness and smoothness. Accord is better and better every year. I have 4 Accord now for 4 people in my family. These Accords are in excellent conditions. No need to buy another one. May be I will have to commit a big shameful sin to fake a solid reason to show my wife that I need to buy another one. The Dad is insane with cars while the Mom is crazy with homes, home improvement and shopping like a typical American housewife. Just kidding, I am most conservative and strong in analytical and researching skills. Love to think through critically before making any major decision.
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    I don't really know the stats either. This is based on what Gary posted. If someone is considering the HAH they should also cross shop the Acura TSX. The car is less money, gets great mileage and similar performance. As an added bonus it handles better than the HAH and has stability control. I can think of MANY cars that can out handle the HAH,, it is definitely NOT a Mustang, but a fine all around car. I'd prefer the six speed that Midcow purchased. Where art thou Midcow??
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    My information on HAH sales is from the Honda website. They just posted June sales for the HAH at 1080 units. April HAH sales was 2023 units. Total sales of the HAH for 2005 is 7939 vehicles. It looks like everyone that wants an HAH has gotten it. I consider that poor sales for a car that had so much hype before it came out.

    I don't think you can compare the HAH to the Mustang. They have averaged 16k cars per month this year. With 96k sold this year & Ford is having difficulty keeping up with demand. And they are not discounting the Mustang. It is a great looking car just sitting.
  • falcononefalconone Member Posts: 1,726
    Gary... it certainly makes sense. Have you checked that dealer by you that was marking it up 3k over sticker? You oughta visit the guy and rub it in his face. I can't stand greedy dealers!!!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Member Posts: 2,363
    In the Portland, OR area, one dealer is advertising the HAH for $27,635, with two available at that price.
  • gagricegagrice Member Posts: 31,450
    The bright side is the viet should be able to get his second one at invoice... I will stop in and see if they are still trying to gouge for the HAH. In Alaska till first of August.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    It looks like everyone that wants an HAH has gotten it.

    Maybe so... I guess we'll know for sure when the July sales numbers come in. If they are zero for the HAH, you'll know you were correct.
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    Not only did I pay nearly list price, there have been 4 other Accord Hybrids sold in the two weeks since I bought mine at my dealer....
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    Congratulations Doc Professor on your new HAH. I love the new HAH technology and also do not care about the cost break-even. I just "feel Heaven" and complete satisfaction when I drive my HAH. That's all I care. As long as one owns and drives the HAH he/ she will eventually develop good driving technique to get best MPG.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Member Posts: 709
    I paid $500 over invoice in May and have been very happy with my HAH.
  • falcononefalconone Member Posts: 1,726
    Glad to hear you got a good deal. I think at that price it is worth it. I feel a little bad for the early folks that paid full retail and above. At least they're enjoying their cars and that's what really counts!!
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    That is true of just about any car - if you gotta have it right away you will pay more. Folks used to pay full MSRP or over for S2000s, mine was under invoice. It happens over and over. Just don't get in any hurry and you will pay less - most of the time.

    With the "new" pricing the hybrid Accord is more attractive - but you can get the I4 and V-6 for under invoice too - so the premium is still high to get one.

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    "I'd prefer the six speed that Midcow purchased. Where art thou Midcow?? "

    Still around surfing, too many new users asking the same questions in too many threads and too much thread meddling.



    P.S.- The 6-speed is still AWESOME and flawless.
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    Thanks everyone for the awesome info on these threads. Today I was offered Invoice + $800 in the San Francisco peninsula area, and I felt there was ~$200 more to be had if I'd been ready to sign. But my questions for you are:

    1) Should I buy a 2005 HAH in August? I am poised to probably buy an HAH. Now that it is August, would you experts recommend buying a 2005 HAH now, as dealers presumably want to make room for 2006's? Or is it better to wait and buy a 2006? Will they be different cars in any way? If I have to pay a little more for a 2006, will that be worth it in terms of residual value when it comes to resale, or won't that matter if I assume I'll keep it more than 5-7 years and put 15-20k miles on each year?

    2) I was offered the extended warranty (7 year, 100k miles, 0 deductible) for $1450, and I understand it costs the dealer about $900. I usually assume warranties are overpriced, but was thinking I might take it for peace of mind at $1050 or so (Prius has a much better warranty as I understand it). What are others paying for the extended warranty? Any other thoughts on this?

    Thanks again for the help,

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    I bought mine for invoice minus 700 in Ohio without any extra warranties. I think at invoice plus 800 in SF, you got a good deal. I dont beleive there will be many changes to the 2006 model. The HAH is a fine car. Go, get it. You could wait till the 2006 model comes out and then buy a 05 HAH if one is still available.
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    In your negotiations, you should consider that the 2005 hybrid may get you a federal tax DEDUCTION. If you wait until January 1, 2006, there will be a much more advantageous federal tax CREDIT. Bush signed the Energy bill today.

    The sales manager at the dealership is well aware of that nuance. Do they want you to buy now? Or do they want you to wait a few more months? My bet is that they want sales now and will try to make it worthwhile to you. If not, say goodbye and tell them that you will shop down the road.

    Also, don't be in a rush to buy an extended warranty, especially at the price you were quoted. You have up to three more years to decide. You may want to check or
  • dave67dave67 Member Posts: 4
    First - thanks for the helpful info.

    I was ready to wait for the new tax law till Jan, till I go this quote from a local dealer: $25,800

    Is this as good as it looks to me? Should I be aware of anything when I go see them?
  • zoranzoran Member Posts: 69
    Wont be 2006 NEW REDESIGNED MODEL?
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017
    No zoran, the 2006 Accord sedan is a 2005 Accord sedan with a refreshed front grille and a new tailight configuration, plus a few other updates. The 2008 Accords will be of a totally new design.
  • lipitorkidlipitorkid Member Posts: 11
    Since no one was really posting here I thought it was better to post in the normal accord buying folder, but maybe I should cross post this here.

    We just bought a Hybrid Accord w/o NAV (sorry blane, but the extra 1800 was just too much) for a little more than $500 UNDER invoice. We used the internet to talk to several dealerships in orange county, CA and some were a little slow to respond but we got the best responses from the Honda dealership in Anaheim (their internet staff was honest and attentive) and the one in Costa Mesa. We went with the Costa Mesa location.

    I almost walked on the deal when they sprung a $249 price on splash guards and wheel locks that they "put immediately on all EX models" but we talked them down on that way too high price. We were prepared to walk at any time, but the transaction went pretty smoothly. They tried to sell me the extended warranty for a "low" price of $1350 after starting at around $2000 (god who jumps on that 2000$ warranty?)- they showed me that it costs them 950 dollars so they are only making $400. I wish I could make $400 on a 5 minute transaction. The finance guy was pretty cool though about us declining everything and we drove away more than happy. BTW this is my first car with XM radio and I'm already addicted. This is definitely not the accord of even 10 years ago. With the leather it almost feels like a luxury car.

    Two things added here that I didn't put in my original post

    1. The $500 under invoice included the 515$ destination charge so it was more like $1000 under invoice.

    2. When I talked to the salesman on the phone he said they had 2 in my color. When we got to the lot he brought out the key and pointed out a nice clean one in the front. Upon further inspection I noticed tons of swirl marks on the hood and two cuts in the paint on the rear bumper- the car also had 100 miles on it. I kept looking at the paint and I was ready to walk away from the deal when the salesman left for a while- then he came back and I was ready to tell him we were leaving when he said he found another of the same color way in the back by the service area. That car was dusty, but perfect and it had only 35 miles on it!

    The lesson is don't buy a car unless you're completely happy with it.
  • mi_satmi_sat Member Posts: 42
    Don't wait for the new tax law. I understand that taking delivery in 2005 will result in a $2,000 tax DEDUCTION. At a 27% marginal tax rate, the net benefit is $540. (Use your own appropriate marginal tax rate.)

    Based upon info from ,
    the Honda Accord Hybrid would yield a $650 tax CREDIT.

    The difference is only $110 benefit year-over-year by waiting for 2006 new tax law.
  • ps_bindraps_bindra Member Posts: 5
    Hey lipitorkid,

    I am researching a hybrid vehicle for my next car...There is not much choice in this sector and have narrowed the choice down to an Accord Hybrid. I have been looking for about a couple of weeks in NJ and am getting the following numbers:
    1. HAH without navigation- $26,100 (incl. destination charges)
    2. HAH with navigation- $28,000 (incl. destination charges)

    Can you folks please elaborate on what the numbers are like on the 2005 models (with or without navigation)? If anyone from NJ, NY or PA can reply, I will appreciate it.
  • lipitorkidlipitorkid Member Posts: 11
    Those are good prices.

    if you figure that the HAH w/o navigation retails for 27100 and that doesn't include the $500 destination charge then your savings on a quote of 26,100 (which included destination) is $1500 under invoice.

    If you can get it in the color you like and without biting on the extra add-ins it sounds like a good deal to me.
  • ps_bindraps_bindra Member Posts: 5
    How much did you pay for your Hybrid lipitorkid? Do you know if there are any special financing incentives going on? (like 2.9% APR for 36 mos)

    I cannot seem to find the forum that has MORE pricing posts on the Honda Accord Hybrids? I am assuming I am looking in the right forum...Can someone please direct me?
  • minivanmama1minivanmama1 Member Posts: 28
    I live in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. I about to pull the trigger on a Hybrid.

    This from the sales rep:
    The big thing for now and the next 3 days is that Honda Finance is offering 2.9% up to 36 months financing, 3.9% up to 48 months and 4.9% up to 60 months. That is as good as it ever gets with Honda and I know it is as good or better than anything out there. Of course, that would be with approved credit.

    I presume this is nationwide. If you find a dealer who will discount off MSRP down to invoice- they are becoming rare as hen's teeth with gas prices the way they are.
  • minivanmama1minivanmama1 Member Posts: 28
    Living in Dallas Fort Worth, I just bought the Accord Hybrid with NAV. Think I got a good deal considering the times:

    MSRP $32,655
    Bankston Honda of Lewisville $28,450
    David McDavid Honda of Irving $31,840
    David McDavid Honda of Frisco MSRP
    Honda Cars of McKinney $29,994.23
    Huggins Honda $30,862
    The above prices include destination, but not TTL.
    I did get a dealer add on Tint $499 and convenience package ($199)
    With TTL, out the door for $30,809. Also the benefit of 2.9% APR.

    For those in DFW, the internet department at Bankston Honda made this an easy purchase with minimal waiting and no hassle.
  • alfredfife1alfredfife1 Member Posts: 3
    I am negotiating with my dealer for a 2006 Hybrid Accord. Prices are not even available yet. I decided on the 2006 because of the changes especially the vehicle stability control feature. What should I expect to pay....MSRP or am I find that I can negotiate a deal under MSRP?? He wants a $3000 deposit to order. Is that unreasonable?

    Al Fife
  • djr3djr3 Member Posts: 22

    Here in Austin, I put down a $500 deposit for a 2006 HAH a couple of weeks ago. The price wasn't out yet, so we wrote the deal out as "MSRP". I was expecting to pay that given it would be the first in the new model year. That was before the recent gas price hike which I believe may stimulate demand for hybrids in general. So I am not expecting too much discounting. But $3000 down seems outrageous, especially since my dealer said they wouldn't hit the lot until November.

  • lipitorkidlipitorkid Member Posts: 11
    2005 HAH w/o Navigation
    MSRP: $30,100
    Invoice: $27,100

    I paid 26,400 and that included the $515 destination charge.
    with all the fees, taxes (CA tax is around 8% :cry: ) it came out to around 29K
  • mlrtexasmlrtexas Member Posts: 8
    What dealer, city and state if you do not mind? Thanks.
  • lipitorkidlipitorkid Member Posts: 11
    Power Honda of Costa Mesa in Southern California
  • zoomer1zoomer1 Member Posts: 42
    Ouch!!! No Way! Not only is it unreasonable but it is close to unethical :confuse: . Note that $200 to $500 is the is for good faith...not for his retirement. Walk! No, run! You will get the 2006 HAH for MSRP at almost any dealer!
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Member Posts: 1,978
    It was a $3,000 deposit not $3,000 more than MSRP. When 2005 HAHs are selling $2,000 under MSRP even in these high gas price days, MSRP for a new one seems high. I gues it must be a really, really nice sunroof.
  • dbillingdbilling Member Posts: 3
    Just received a quote for a 2005 at $25,976 (NC). 2006 will not be out until early to mid-November.
  • lhodgeslhodges Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2005 HAH w/Navi, walkout the door price of $30,000. They seem to be unloading the 05s before the new model comes in. Color choices are limited.
  • 68l68l Member Posts: 4
    Just picked up my '05 OTD, $28,000. Actually got a call-back from another dealer too late, $200 less. All in FL. Every dealer has at least six sitting around.
  • dbillingdbilling Member Posts: 3
    Just pulled the trigger on a 2005 honda accord hybrid w/o navigation. Got a price of $25,729. (MSRP= $30,690, and invoice is $27,667). Honda is offering a marketting incentive on these so you can pick one up well below invoice. The $25,729 price includes destination charge but not taxes, tags, and doc fees. My dealer charges a $399 doc fee and taxes and tags are going to vary by state. I was able to get $25,629 + $249 doc fee from a dealer that was 100 miles away, but I chose not to drive that far.

    I had excellent luck using the "request a quote" option on the honda web site. I requested a quote from 4 different dealers in my area via email, and was able to do all the negotiation before even stepping into the dealership.

    The 2006 Hybrids are coming out in mid-november. Nothing on the 2006 was of interest to me so I was happy to get a 2005 at a rock bottom price. The main things different on a 2006 vs. 2005 are: slightly different front and rear styling, sun roof included, spare tire instead of compressor and fix-a-flat, and I think you get 17" wheels vs. 16".
  • cal_calcal_cal Member Posts: 39
    At $25,729, inclusive of destination charge, you now hold the record of getting the lowest price for the 2005 HAH on the planet.

    Great deal! Enjoy!
  • etintoreretintorer Member Posts: 7
    I just purchase in Anaheim, CA for $27,000.00.

    I decline the extra alarm system and the extended warranty.

    I see that the extended Honda Care warranty can be purchase at other dealerships for $800-850. for 7years/80,000 miles.

    What extra protection the alarm system offer. Is it worth it to pay 300-400 for it?

    Can I purchase that alarm system only at any Honda dealers? Any suggestions for Orange Co, CA.


    Ernie T
  • clashedclashed Member Posts: 1
    i win ! ... just paid $25,700 even plus TTL ... Silver 2005 Accord Hybrid (non-NAVI) ... i didnt see that $25,729 post until after i bought it

    bought it from Norm Reeves West Covina Honda ... (LA/OC)

    FYI they wouldnt give me the same discount on the Navi unit and i couldnt pull the trigger on the extra monthly cost ... still i love the car

    they had 12 HAH (non-Navi) in stock and the fleet guy i was dealing with (Tony) said he could cut into holdback money if they had more than 10 in stock ... they were pretty eager to move the HAH ... they only had 3-5 Navi Hybrids ... but they may be ready to deal on those too in another week or so ... i'm driving out to Riverside next week so i'm interested to see how it does on an extended no traffic trip
  • cal_calcal_cal Member Posts: 39
    OK, you now hold the record. I envy the price you got. I paid $2000 more than you did and at the time was feeling pretty good about it.
  • vetfannyvetfanny Member Posts: 11
    Does anyone know when the 2006 Hybrid will be available and what the changes will be?
  • liaisonliaison Member Posts: 49
    My local Honda dealer has a 2005 HAH non Navi for $25,900. With only 3000 miles I am thinking this is a good deal but also the dealer may only have $23,900 in the car. If that is the case, then we are looking at some serious depreciation. Does anyone have an idea of what would be a good offer on this car?
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