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Honda Accord Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • How much did you pay for your Hybrid lipitorkid? Do you know if there are any special financing incentives going on? (like 2.9% APR for 36 mos)

    I cannot seem to find the forum that has MORE pricing posts on the Honda Accord Hybrids? I am assuming I am looking in the right forum...Can someone please direct me?
  • I live in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. I about to pull the trigger on a Hybrid.

    This from the sales rep:
    The big thing for now and the next 3 days is that Honda Finance is offering 2.9% up to 36 months financing, 3.9% up to 48 months and 4.9% up to 60 months. That is as good as it ever gets with Honda and I know it is as good or better than anything out there. Of course, that would be with approved credit.

    I presume this is nationwide. If you find a dealer who will discount off MSRP down to invoice- they are becoming rare as hen's teeth with gas prices the way they are.
  • Living in Dallas Fort Worth, I just bought the Accord Hybrid with NAV. Think I got a good deal considering the times:

    MSRP $32,655
    Bankston Honda of Lewisville $28,450
    David McDavid Honda of Irving $31,840
    David McDavid Honda of Frisco MSRP
    Honda Cars of McKinney $29,994.23
    Huggins Honda $30,862
    The above prices include destination, but not TTL.
    I did get a dealer add on Tint $499 and convenience package ($199)
    With TTL, out the door for $30,809. Also the benefit of 2.9% APR.

    For those in DFW, the internet department at Bankston Honda made this an easy purchase with minimal waiting and no hassle.
  • I am negotiating with my dealer for a 2006 Hybrid Accord. Prices are not even available yet. I decided on the 2006 because of the changes especially the vehicle stability control feature. What should I expect to pay....MSRP or am I find that I can negotiate a deal under MSRP?? He wants a $3000 deposit to order. Is that unreasonable?

    Al Fife
  • djr3djr3 Posts: 22

    Here in Austin, I put down a $500 deposit for a 2006 HAH a couple of weeks ago. The price wasn't out yet, so we wrote the deal out as "MSRP". I was expecting to pay that given it would be the first in the new model year. That was before the recent gas price hike which I believe may stimulate demand for hybrids in general. So I am not expecting too much discounting. But $3000 down seems outrageous, especially since my dealer said they wouldn't hit the lot until November.

  • 2005 HAH w/o Navigation
    MSRP: $30,100
    Invoice: $27,100

    I paid 26,400 and that included the $515 destination charge.
    with all the fees, taxes (CA tax is around 8% :cry: ) it came out to around 29K
  • Lipitorkid,
    What dealer, city and state if you do not mind? Thanks.
  • Power Honda of Costa Mesa in Southern California
  • Ouch!!! No Way! Not only is it unreasonable but it is close to unethical :confuse: . Note that $200 to $500 is the is for good faith...not for his retirement. Walk! No, run! You will get the 2006 HAH for MSRP at almost any dealer!
  • It was a $3,000 deposit not $3,000 more than MSRP. When 2005 HAHs are selling $2,000 under MSRP even in these high gas price days, MSRP for a new one seems high. I gues it must be a really, really nice sunroof.
  • Just received a quote for a 2005 at $25,976 (NC). 2006 will not be out until early to mid-November.
  • I just purchased a 2005 HAH w/Navi, walkout the door price of $30,000. They seem to be unloading the 05s before the new model comes in. Color choices are limited.
  • 68l68l Posts: 4
    Just picked up my '05 OTD, $28,000. Actually got a call-back from another dealer too late, $200 less. All in FL. Every dealer has at least six sitting around.
  • Just pulled the trigger on a 2005 honda accord hybrid w/o navigation. Got a price of $25,729. (MSRP= $30,690, and invoice is $27,667). Honda is offering a marketting incentive on these so you can pick one up well below invoice. The $25,729 price includes destination charge but not taxes, tags, and doc fees. My dealer charges a $399 doc fee and taxes and tags are going to vary by state. I was able to get $25,629 + $249 doc fee from a dealer that was 100 miles away, but I chose not to drive that far.

    I had excellent luck using the "request a quote" option on the honda web site. I requested a quote from 4 different dealers in my area via email, and was able to do all the negotiation before even stepping into the dealership.

    The 2006 Hybrids are coming out in mid-november. Nothing on the 2006 was of interest to me so I was happy to get a 2005 at a rock bottom price. The main things different on a 2006 vs. 2005 are: slightly different front and rear styling, sun roof included, spare tire instead of compressor and fix-a-flat, and I think you get 17" wheels vs. 16".
  • At $25,729, inclusive of destination charge, you now hold the record of getting the lowest price for the 2005 HAH on the planet.

    Great deal! Enjoy!
  • I just purchase in Anaheim, CA for $27,000.00.

    I decline the extra alarm system and the extended warranty.

    I see that the extended Honda Care warranty can be purchase at other dealerships for $800-850. for 7years/80,000 miles.

    What extra protection the alarm system offer. Is it worth it to pay 300-400 for it?

    Can I purchase that alarm system only at any Honda dealers? Any suggestions for Orange Co, CA.


    Ernie T
  • i win ! ... just paid $25,700 even plus TTL ... Silver 2005 Accord Hybrid (non-NAVI) ... i didnt see that $25,729 post until after i bought it

    bought it from Norm Reeves West Covina Honda ... (LA/OC)

    FYI they wouldnt give me the same discount on the Navi unit and i couldnt pull the trigger on the extra monthly cost ... still i love the car

    they had 12 HAH (non-Navi) in stock and the fleet guy i was dealing with (Tony) said he could cut into holdback money if they had more than 10 in stock ... they were pretty eager to move the HAH ... they only had 3-5 Navi Hybrids ... but they may be ready to deal on those too in another week or so ... i'm driving out to Riverside next week so i'm interested to see how it does on an extended no traffic trip
  • OK, you now hold the record. I envy the price you got. I paid $2000 more than you did and at the time was feeling pretty good about it.
  • Does anyone know when the 2006 Hybrid will be available and what the changes will be?
  • My local Honda dealer has a 2005 HAH non Navi for $25,900. With only 3000 miles I am thinking this is a good deal but also the dealer may only have $23,900 in the car. If that is the case, then we are looking at some serious depreciation. Does anyone have an idea of what would be a good offer on this car?
  • i believe that i got the best deal on a White 05 Accord Hybrid with NAVI!!!...I just bought it for $26,800 plus TTL...can anyone beat that?
  • I have spoken with two dealerships regarding the '06 Hybrid Accord and they tell me late Dec early Jan for availability. One stated that they ship from Japan in about a week.
    The salesperson I spoke with told me full sticker price if I was to place an order. How loving they are of repeat customers who have owned a bunch of Honda Acura products.
    I am off to try the Requesting a Quote off the Honda Site as suggested. :D
  • djr3djr3 Posts: 22
    I am planning to pay MSRP for mine. I had a build date of 11/15 and a delivery date in Mid-to-late December based on a first day order. I think it takes several weeks to ship from Japan rather than just one.

    I'd be a bit surprised if you finda better deal this early in the model year. Please let us hear if you do. Regardless of customer loyalty, previous history, etc. I personally would expect to pay no less than MSRP for a popular vehicle in the first few weeks of its availability. I am sure you can get them to deal if you wait a few months.
  • I have a private party selling a 2005 HAH with Navi at $28500. Does this sound like a good deal? What would the benefits be of buying from a seller rather than a dealer?

    I do believe that it is a bit high and want to buy it a little cheaper than what he is quoting. He has mentioned in his ad that he is looking for reasonable offers. What would a reasonable offer be to someone who is selling a HAH with Navi at $28,500?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    That is a lot high for a used HAH even with NAV. They probably bought early and paid way too much. Do an Edmund's search for all the dealers in your area. Send them an email and tell them not to bother with anything over invoice and you are going for the best price offer you get. They are selling in CA way below invoice.

    kpatel1, "Honda Accord Hybrid: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences" #52, 19 Nov 2005 1:46 am
  • gagrice,

    I agree. Too high. Lets see. Whats your fav color? I think Graphite pearl and silver are pretty good. Gold is not bad either.

    I don't fancy white that much though.

    Wish Honda were not that conservative with their colors :cry:
  • You paid a lot more. See message # 46.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Herb Chambers, Seekonk, MA today has three new 05 Hybrids, asking $24,995. But, after reading all the message boards on this vehicle think I should wait another year or two for my hybrid options on other vehicles. Hoping Subaru will come up with in soon.
  • alp8alp8 Posts: 656
    any word on current pricing for 06 HAHs?
  • noctisnoctis Posts: 4
    I was wondering if anyone can really go in depth as far as the differences between the '06 and '07 HAH. I've been looking for a HAH at the local dealerships, and I've run across a few interesting deals. The average offer that I've gotten on a new '07 on their lot is 28,500. I've gotten two great deals: an '07 for 27,700 and an '06 for 25,800.
    There's where the question is. They're both good deals. The '06 is in a color that I don't particularly care for, but the '07 is the color I want. I was wondering what justification some people have for and against the purchase of either.
    My thoughts are that the '06 isn't THAT much cheaper. For it to really change my mind, I think I'd want it to be more of a difference in price than that. This is going to be a pure investment to last, not to trade back in a few years. I'm not worried about depreciation for I'll use the car for 10+ years; honestly until it cannot run any longer. In the interest of it being a full investment, it's worth the couple thousand in my opinion. There's also the discrepancy of the mpg of the '06 v/s the '07. I don't know what's up with the approximate 5 mile difference in the EPA rating.
    On the second hand, the cars are supposedly the same, and I suppose that an '06 car with a total of 30 miles on it will last as long as a new '07 with zero miles on it. If everything's equal, there's no sense in paying extra, in any amount, for an '07. I'd appreciate any opinions / advice.
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