2012 GMC Acadia Blown 3rd Cylinder? Maybe?

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I say maybe because, my car is at the GMC dealership waiting on diagnostics. Let me begin, one day ago I tried starting my 2012 GMC Acadia with 56k miles. It took about 3 times to start it. The engine would roll over but just not start. I took it to Jiffy Lube and they hooked it up to there machine and the code was saying something about the 3rd cylinder. I believe the cylinder is blown. The engine when you look at it while it's running is jumping in a way. It's not smooth like it should be. Also, it does not idle at a constant. it jumps, not by much but it does not idle like it should. Also while sitting in the car while it's on, you can feel the engine jerking. It's noticeable.

Is this common with this car year make and model? I've tried searching on the web about it but, came up with nothing. Could the 3rd cylinder be really blown? I know that 3 cylinders are not blown, only the 3rd one. This car is a V-6, if 3 cylinders were not working the car would not move, correct? But with one cylinder not working is it possible for the car to drive? As soon as I noticed this problem I stopped driving it. Only to get it to the mechanic's. I could use any advice or past experience anyone may have. Thanks in advance!


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    It sounds more like a misfire in that one cylinder. Could be a bad injector, bad spark plug, or quite possibly a bad coil--hard to say without proper diagnosis. The dealer should be able to figure this out for you. At 56K, a bad cylinder would be very unlikely---possible but unlikely.
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