2011 Camaro Electrical problems

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Car starts most of the time. Then will not start unless jumped off. Battery registers 14.5 volts. Then will occasionally shows 12.5 volts then 13.5 volts. The other day the radio was on but no sound through the system. Cranked car after visiting someone and the radio was working properly. Yesterday the drivers door window would not operate. This morning the window worked fine. HELP!


  • mike1805mike1805 Member Posts: 3
    Vehicle is a 2011 Camaro
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    How old is this battery? If it's the original, it's overdue anyway, whether it proves to be the problem or not. If the vehicle starts reliably when "jumped", then you know you have either a battery or a ground/connection/corrosion issue, for openers. How this affects the radio and windows remains to be seen. But you need stable voltage to even diagnose things.
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    Battery is new. Beginning to think the computer might need programming. Press the "anti-skid" button and the "low tire predsure" indicator comes on. Thanks 
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    This needs to be analyzed as if each failure is the only thing occurring with the car, and each failure can only be truly analyzed while it is occurring. It is even a mistake to assume that any of them are related until there is genuine proof.

    This article is relevant. http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/ownership/how-to-talk-to-your-mechanic/ar-BBy7Y2o?ocid=DELLDHP
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