1995 Lexus es300 won't start after transmission change

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My friend and I just changed out the transmission on a 1995 Lexus es300. We had everything bolted back on, turned the motor, hear a high pitched whine, and it doesn't turn over. The motor seems like it has seized up. Motor ran fine prior to the transmission change, but the transmission shouldn't stop it from starting. Any ideas?


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    If the "whine" is the starter motor, then it's not engaging the flywheel for some reason. Is it the starter you hear?
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    That's what we thought too, but it's in all the way. Do you know why it wouldn't engage the flywheel?
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    Well you might not have the transmission bolted up all the way

    Some starters require spacers or special bolts or they won't line up right

    You might have wired the starter incorrectly, where it will "motor" rather than engage the solenoid and throw the gear into the flywheel..or the terminals on the starter could be loose or corroded.

    You have a bad starter solenoid.

    Low voltage to the starter due to bad, loose, corroded battery cables


    The easiest way to confirm voltage drop is to put your volt meter positive lead right on the starters positive lug, negative lead to the battery's negative terminal (has to be the actual battery) and crank the engine over. If you get 9.5 volts or better, voltage is good, and the starter should spin.

    If it does not spin, spins slow with those 9.5 volts, or that starter gear does not pop the gear into the flywheel even after the gear shaft on the starter is lubricated, you have a bad starter.

    If your voltage is under 9.5, then you have a voltage drop (voltage from battery "stolen" by resistance in the battery cables) , and you need to find it. Corroded battery cables, loose connections, bad solenoid, and even rotted battery cables is what you're looking for.
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    Is the starter actually cranking the engine, but the engine just not firing? Watch the serpentine belt to see if it is being cranked. If it is actually cranking and the whine sounds like no compression, is there a chance that when removing or installing the torque convertor bolts that the engine might have been turned backwards?
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    The torque converter was on wrong. It was the problem.
    Thank you guys.
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