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Should I spend $2800 to fix my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

jwgc2000jwgc2000 CaliforniaMember Posts: 2
edited January 2017 in Jeep
Couples days ago, the engine light was on and the shop told me that its related to transmission torque converter. they already found quite some fluid leak inside and some parts are already broken (I don't quite remember what's that though). below is my car's conditions
*133600 miles
*V6 4WD 4.0L
*just change 4 brand new tires
*new window motors at driver seat and passenger seat
*new fan in the engine room
But now it comes down to transmission issue
this repair shop actually is pretty decent and they gave me pretty detail inspections for free regarding the major components so that I can make the decision if I want to go for repair or not. so there are couple issues they recommend doing it
* engine room leaks pretty bad due to the gasket, they will replace and steam wash the engine and clean the engine room
* replace all spark plugs
* flush the break fluid
* only 10% left at rear break, replace them
* front two wheel have pretty bad noise due to wheel bearing, replace them
* Engine is still good according to them
So all the items above plus repair and service the transmission (w/ 3 years warranty the whole transmission, parts and labors), they are asking for $2800 out of door.
I really like my Jeep, but its 17 years old, I just checked my 2000 GC on KBB and it only worth ~ $3000 now, so I really don't know should I go for this or just buy a new car. welcome any suggestions or opinions


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    I would get a second opinion on the transmission repair, especially if the transmission seems to be operating normally and only the check engine light is bothering you. Also you should know what exactly you're getting for that money---is it a remanufactured transmission, with all new parts done at a factory, or is it an in-house "overhaul" where they just replace some of the worn parts in your transmission but don't rebuild the entire unit.

  • jwgc2000jwgc2000 CaliforniaMember Posts: 2
    Thank you for the opinions!
    what I was told is that they will check the transmission completely after they take it out, if there were any issues then they will fix/replace with new components. so this sounds like a in-house overhaul as you said, right? does that mean it's not good and they overprice me?
    basically what I am struggling now is should I repair this car. Lest's say whatever this shop told me is true and their work is perfect, still, what I am worried is that is there other issue pop out after the fix.
  • geojimmygeojimmy Member Posts: 1
    Sounds like $2800 is for labor removing the transmission and checking it out if nothing is wrong you pay $2,800. and off you go. If you have any parts or repairs needed then they will quote parts and labor for repairs needed once they check it out. I don't think they quoted you $2,800. to check it out and rebuild it, that quote is for removing, diagnosing, and replacing. parts and labor will be extra if the find a problem.
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