95 Honda Passport wont start

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Have a 95 Passport. V6 auto no alarms. It was working just fine till went to leave the store and suddenly won't turn over. No clicks, no sound, just silent. The battery is fine. Dash lights up good. The weird part is the hazards will blink on their own, along with the P for park on the dash and the light behind the hot/ cool slide switch on dash with the hazards. They go for 5-15 seconds, then off, then repeat. Even when I took the key out of ignition and the hazard switch is not pressed. Google and YouTube says so many things from ignition switch to main relay to Ecm. Does anyone here have suggestions that can help figure out what it really is?


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    There's no way to diagnose something like this on the Internet. It has to be diagnosed in place, and while it is happening for any technician to make sense out of what might be going on.

    Here's a website (see link below) that lists the very best technicians around the country. Click on "repair shops" and see if there's one in your area. It would be worth your trip.

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