2005 Lincoln Navigator check suspension

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About a month ago, I was driving to church when I drove over a massive pothole. After church, the whole way home, I could tell the suspension wasn't working, The back end was bouncing all over the place. The next day, I went to get it checked out, but to my surprise, the bags had filled up and the suspension was working fine again, but, when I had it looked at, I was told that one of the bags on the back end had a leak in it. I then took it to get a second opinion because NTB told me it would cost $1200 to replace that bag. At the second shop, i was told they were both fine. So i decided to go about my business and not fork out the $1200.

A few weeks later after getting home from a 3 day trip, upon picking up the navigator, I noticed that again the car was bouncing around on the road. I pulled off the side of the road and the bags were indeed flat. After about 5 minutes of sitting, though, they were completely inflated again and the drive home was perfectly fine. (I'm not sure if this matters, but the temperature was around 40 degrees, which was about the same temperature when I was going to church when the problem first started).

Since these 2 occasions, I haven't had any problems with the bags not being full. It's driven perfectly fine, however, over the past week, I've had the message on the dash that's said "Check suspension". Does anyone know what the problem could be? or any troubleshooting ideas? Like i said, Its riding perfectly fine, there's only been those two instances ( 1 - After driving over the massive pothole, and 2 - The car sat for 3 days in the bitter cold) Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!!


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    Hard to say without a good diagnosis. It could be the leveling sensor that gets stuck and won't let the suspension "air-up"---and then suddenly it decides to get unstuck. Or, you could be developing tiny little cracks in the air springs (common issue) and your compressor has to run a lot to keep up with the teensy leaks.

    So you need someone who knows the system to diagnose it so that you don't end up just "guessing" and spending money uselessly.

    Also, if it is found that the air springs are bad, you can buy decent conversion kits to regular struts and springs through Strutmasters--and probably save some money that way.

    If you can't find a technician qualified to diagnose this system, you might try THIS WEBSITE---IATN.NET. Just click on "repair shops" and see if there's someone on this list in your general area.

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