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No Air

hpedolzkyhpedolzky Posts: 5
edited January 18 in Ford
1. After I fixed the no heat issue, clicking sound, it was the temperature blend door actuator. (Thanks Ford for putting it to where it is almost in accessible)>So I live in s. Indiana and we had nice cold weather and the heater works just fine. The last few days we had mid 60's temperature, so I found out now i cant turn the heat off, no matter where I set my controls. Did I get a bad actuator?
2. Searching for the blend door actuator, I had to remove my temperature panel (not needed fort my model year), now the cruise doesn't work. Is there something I forgot to plug back in? I don't recall any type of hose, just several electrical plugs and they are all plugged back in.
Any help would be great.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 55,879
    Have you double-checked all the fuses? You know, back to basics....

    Also I'm pretty sure your HVAC system is accessible to the right type of scan tool.

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