Tachometer and Head up display, Auto high-beam, Nav reset

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1. After about a month or so of driving my 2016 CX-9, I noticed that I no longer get an option of turning on/off tachometer display in my head-up display from the Settings (in nav screen).
I have an appointment with the dealer to have this looked at. I am wondering if anyone else have experienced the same or something similar?
2. Also I suspect the auto high beam feature is not working anymore. Auto head-light on/off works fine. In certain areas of my neighborhood when I drive in the evening when it gets really dark, I did see high beam come on and off automatically till another light source (street lights/cars/houses etc) is detected. This hasn't been happening lately. The street lights or any other light source in this ares has not changed at all that could possibly make my high beam not turn on automatically.
3. I have the navigation screen automatically reset after I started driving twice so far in about two months.

It looks like Mazda seems to have software/firmware problems.


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    Well let us know what the dealer finds--the info may be useful to others.
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