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Introduce yourself and get to know other Mazda5 owners here.


  • isda65isda65 Member Posts: 74
    I'm a proud owner of a Platinum Silver GT since July 7th. Currently have 600+ kms and loving every minute of it.
  • perfectofcperfectofc Member Posts: 155
    Another proud owner here - I bought my Platinum Silver GT 5-speed on July 10th. Currently just over 1,000km on it, and can't find the words to tell everyone how much fun this car is to drive... :)
  • msljmslj Member Posts: 4
    Just bought mine last night! Black Touring!! Only 50 miles on it so far. Can't wait to leave work and drive more! :)
  • kaiankaian Member Posts: 36
    Phantom Blue Touring 5-speed. Picked it up July 14 and ~240 miles so far.
  • tcw2tcw2 Member Posts: 9
    I picked up a Carbon Gray Mazda5 MT/Sport on July 2. We have just over 600 miles on it so far and think it's great.
  • momstoymomstoy Member Posts: 30
    Hello from North Jersey

    We picked up our Phantom Blue Touring 5-speed w/Nav on July 19 - 100miles so far and loving every minute of it! :shades:
  • mrgarymrgary Member Posts: 33
    I bought my Phantom Blue Sport 5 Speed on July 7.
    So Far I have put 710 mile on it. I was the only one to test drive it so except for the dealer getting gas and moving it around the lot 705 of the miles are mine.
  • dag25dag25 Member Posts: 1
    I bought my Carbon Grey Touring 5 with navagation on July 17. So far I have only 50 miles on it.
  • drspongklongdrspongklong Member Posts: 48
    Bought mine the other day (July 22). Carbon gray, Touring automatic with nav. Drove 200 miles yesterday and it really is fun to drive. I'm so glad that I waited. I originally planned to buy Honda CRV three months ago.
  • vrmvrm Member Posts: 310
    Proud new owners!

    1) How is the "build" quality and fit/finish of this vehicle? Any squeaks, rattles or leaks?

    2) Is the Mazda5 Made in Japan?

    Thanks for your feedback.
  • bjerrybjerry Member Posts: 59
    I purchased my Carbon Gray Touring manual transmission on June 30, 2005. 750+ miles to date. I enjoy the car very much. I liked the finish, no obvious problems so far, no squeaks or rattles.
  • r2kr2k Member Posts: 25

    How's the automatic climate control A/C work there...pretty hot and humid I would guess?

    Other posts in other forums indicated that the A/C might be a little weak, especially in the back seats.

    Does the A/C seem to drag the engine down much?

    I am considering an auto Touring so it would be nice to know.

  • isda65isda65 Member Posts: 74
    The A/C is not the 5's strong department. I'm thinking that the windows have to be tinted to lend support to the A/C. The A/C however doesn't drag the engine as far as I am concerned. I didn't detect any deterioration at all. However, I don't drive aggressively. I always stick to speed limits even on the highway.
  • drspongklongdrspongklong Member Posts: 48
    Automatic Climate control works fine in the hot and humid environment of Louisiana. A/C has to be always on when you drive here during this time of the year but the engine is still strong. It does not "drag the engine down" at all. I have no problem with my A/C, not like others say it is weak.
  • r2kr2k Member Posts: 25
    isda65 and drspongklong:

    Thanks for the replies.

    When I drove a Touring/Auto the A/C did not seem to bother it at all, but I live on the Oregon coast and the temp struggles to get over 60F at times--maybe 65F the day I drove it. It was hard to tell if it was even on except the air coming out of the vents was a bit cooler than outside.

    We use A/C here to mainly cool off a car from the sun (when it shines)..and the black interior will probably heat up a bit with only lite tinting on the windows or when we go to the Willamette Valley, where it is quite a bit warmer than the coast, but nothing like Louisiana or Arizona. However it seems quite warm to us "coasties" if it gets over 80.

  • bjerrybjerry Member Posts: 59
    Other posts in other forums indicated that the A/C might be a little weak, especially in the back seats.

    There are no vents in the back for the third row.
  • r2kr2k Member Posts: 25

    Knew that, but sort of hard to test A/C in the back by myself, and as I mentioned, where I live it does not get warm enough to need A/C about 11 months of the year.

    So I was seeking information from somebody that lived in a hot, humid area and might be able to at least say how the A/C worked in general in that climate because of comments in several other forums.

    I forgot to ask drspongklong if he carried any 2nd row passengers yet and if there were any comments from them about the A/C.
  • drspongklongdrspongklong Member Posts: 48
    Yes, I have had 2nd and 3rd row passengers and everybody are comfortable with the temperature inside even though temp outside reads 95 degrees F. I set the temp inside to 70 degrees F and set the fan to number 3.
  • r2kr2k Member Posts: 25

    Thanks much for the update....sounds like it should work just fine in my part of the country and even if I take a trip over the Cascade Mtns to the hot side of the state or someplace further south.
  • robyneilrobyneil Member Posts: 26
    We're happy proud owners of a white touring 5 in the bay area, CA. Haven't been able to carry 6 passengers yet to test AC, but great for 4. AC set at 60F cools the whole cabin quickly and grandma on 2nd row is comfortable after leaving '5 baking under the noon sun (in the low to mid 90's). It seems good enough from the third row, but the weather is not as humid here.

    All I can say is it's most fun I've had driving in a very long time. Turning and handling is one of the best for this size or bigger vehicle I've tried so far. I believe it's the 5's best trait.
  • smariasmaria Member Posts: 279
    My wife and I picked up our Platinum Silver Sport Mazda 5 (w/ auto and fog lights) last night! The weather wasn't cooperating (very windy with some heavy thunderstorms) but that didn't stop us.

    When we picked up the car it had 27 miles on it. We put on an extra 50 bringing it home and showing it off to some friends. Our friends sat in the 2nd row, and they kept commenting on how quiet the car was. No complaints so far, everything's working perfectly.

    I loved driving the car home...but my wife will be the one to do most of the driving in it from now on. If I'm lucky she'll let me drive it sometimes ;)
  • clownthebobo1clownthebobo1 Member Posts: 3
    Wife and I just purchased our new Platinum Silver 5 last week. 2 days later, we went on a drive up to Port Angles (100 miles) to catch the ferry to Victoria, B C. It is a Touring Model with Navigation, Auto Temp, 6 disc CD and Auto Transmission. The car handles very well, steering is very impressive. As for the trip, we have a 4 month old (cries the whole way on every car trip), a two year old, two rather large suitcases, double stroller, umbrella stroller, 2 diaper bags, snack bag, laptop, portable dvd player, huge freaking bag of my wife's shoes, swimming toys, kids' toys and a 2.5 gallon jug of water. It all fit! With all that weight, the 5 handled very well. I had the A/C going the whole time and went 415 miles on 1 tank of gas! As for complaints, the stereo is not that great and the seat belt retainers in the back are very brittle. The one on the driver's side broke. Mazda is replacing it for free. :) So far, we put 900 miles on the car with 2.9 tanks of gas.
  • ocmazda5ocmazda5 Member Posts: 3

    I'd be curious to hear more about your radio. I have a touring model also, which has the upgraded 6-CD in-dash stereo. I haven't had a problem; I think it actually rocks pretty well (between Caillou sing-a-long songs for the boys - 2 and 5 - and Metallica for dad). But I usually drive with an empty back and the 3rd row folded. I have noticed that when the car is stuffed from Costco runs, the sound from the rear is definitely more muffled.
    PS I agree on the belt retainers. Haven't broken one yet, but they don't "retain" very well. ;)
  • frank4carsfrank4cars Member Posts: 98
    I bought my cardinal red Touring model with auto trans on July 16. The first tank of gas worked out to an even 20 mpg with mixed highway/city driving. A/C was on full blast practically the whole time (90+ degree days) and I was carting around 4 other adults for most of that time also. No complaints from any of them about lack of room, comfort, or cool air. Power was adequate if not thrilling. No complaints so far except the missing passenger armrest and lack of knee padding on console and door for this 250-pound 6-footer.

    I'm reposting this as my first post (with a link to pics of the car) ran afoul of the mods. Mea culpa. Anyone know how I can add pics now?
  • rlawrencerlawrence Member Posts: 92
    "I'm reposting this as my first post (with a link to pics of the car) ran afoul of the mods. Mea culpa. Anyone know how I can add pics now?"

    Yes, I thought your post sounded familiar :D

    I think I touched your car the day before you bought it, if it was the red one under the awning of Browning's showroom.

    I picked up the same color on Sunday from a dealer in San Diego. However, I wanted a manual so I took the train down from Fullerton and drove it back home.

    As far as showing off your images, I believe a link to a Flickr page will past muster or if you know how to include an image in your message, I think that will be acceptable as well.
  • clownthebobo1clownthebobo1 Member Posts: 3
    I had an Eddie Bauer Expedition with a Mach 460 stereo and a Volvo 850 with a "premium" stereo previous to the 5. The sound in both vehicles seems to surround you and had better overall acoustic quality. That is why I would prefer a better sounding stereo in the 5, I was somewhat spoiled.
  • rrratinarrratina Member Posts: 27
    As of yesterday we are owners of a phantom blue, touring manual, with NAV! We love it :shades:
  • hipfan77hipfan77 Member Posts: 16
    Just got my new Mazda5 today, Phantom Blue Sport, Popular equipment and Moonroof. Absolutely love it, what a blast to drive. I will probaly miss my 2.slow Jetta, but not much.

    If anyone has the autodimming/compass mirror, how has the large back glass affected the autodimming function? I am worried that with as much light coming through the hatch as there is that the mirror can't keep up. :D
  • mazdasidmazdasid Member Posts: 9
    Just bought a Carbon Gray Touring Manual. I love it. We were considering a Mazda3 and walked into the showroom and saw the 5. Toyed with the idea for a month and then decided to buy. Had to order and 1 month later it was here. :)
    Really like the fact that it is a manual. I can't stand to drive automatics, no sense of control. One thing that is disappointing and that is the lack of accessories. Had to order at same time to get them. Now have to wait until list is published. :cry:
  • ccweemsccweems Member Posts: 33
    The technology all comes from the same vendor. My MB ML320 has dark factory glass in the rear and the autodimming mirror works flawlessly. All sorts of other combinations with other vehicles and it still works well. Worry about something else if you must.
  • hipfan77hipfan77 Member Posts: 16
    Excellent to hear that, and thank you for the information. :shades:
  • troopernewbietroopernewbie Member Posts: 60
    Someone commented they got 20 mpg on a mixed tank. Can the other Mazda 5 owners here comment on fuel economy?
  • frank4carsfrank4cars Member Posts: 98
    There's a whole thread on MZ5 real world mileage:
    KarenS, "Mazda5 Owners: MPG-Real World Numbers" #1, 22 Jul 2005 11:51 am
  • flyonthewallflyonthewall Member Posts: 41
    I'm on my way to get my platinum silver Mazda5 with 5spd manual and no options. This will be my first new car ever (I've been driving for 20+ years). I must say I am excited.
  • bwatersbwaters Member Posts: 52
    This is our second new car ever and I'm still excited four days later.

    We bought a Cardinal Red Mazda5 Sport with manual, moonroof, wheel locks, and cargo net Monday. The in stock model was close to what I would have ordered, a Phantom Blue Sport with manual, and moonroof.

    Cardinal Red: I still have yet to see a Phantom Blue in person but the Cardinal is growing on me. I liked the Strato Blue automatic that was at the dealer but it was a little darker than I had imagined. I also like the Stellar Greensilver Metalic automatic that was in front of the dealership on Tuesday. Cardinal Red was my fourth choice and my wife's second choice. It's her car so...

    Moonroof: Nice! I've always wanted one. Thank you Carolyn!

    Wheel Locks: I look at it as insurance but you can get them cheaper on secondary market.

    Cargo Net: I wish I would have bought one for our Civic Hybrid. This one doesn't seem as user friendly because it stretches over the two back split seats. We decided to store it on the back right compartment. Time will tell if it is an unnecessary option for us.

    Only one color option for interior: It's a little dark and hot in summer for my taste. I'd prefer more shades of gray but red and black do look good together. I noticed it also looks great with the silver model in the showroom. The lack of interior color options may change with next year's model.

    Should we have bought a Touring manual? I'm still not sure but my wife doesn't like climate control and wouldn't use the 6 CD changer much. The four speakers in our Sport are adequate. There are some other nice options that are standard in the Touring, but overall for us, the lower cost Sport outweighed the Touring's package of standard options. I didn't get to play with the navigation system but I'm sure my wife didn't want one so this wasn't an option for us.

    Lastly, this is a first year model. There is a good article on first year vs. second year and later models in this month's Consumer Reports. Reliability does increase markedly in later years of a new model. However, I noticed that the Mazda reliability record for first year models was not too bad and the Mazda5 is based on the Mazda3 platform. I'm hoping the first year 5 is going to be reliable. We've had one recall on our first year model manual Civic Hybrid but overall, it has been extremely reliable for the first 35k @ 39.7mpg. I'm a little dissapointed that the new 06 Civic Hybrid doesn't have an manual transmission option... but I'm digressing here...lets get back to Mazda5.

    Zoom Zoom

  • baxtersitbaxtersit Member Posts: 4
    I have 500 mi on a 5spd Sport with the appearance pkg in platinum. Love it but yearn for more power, but there's never enough. Anyone know of intake or exhaust updates that aren't too expensive. Great handling, shifter/clutch and love the 17 inch wheels.
  • prulexprulex Member Posts: 9
    Bought a Charcoal grey Touring model with all the options on Tuesday. What a great car...none of the behaviors of a minivan (not that I've ever owned one.) The luxury options (nav, cd changer, moonroof, steering wheel controls, 17' wheels w/ low profile tires, etc.) are normally unheard of at this price point ($20800 plus tax, title, etc.). Just ordered the chrome exhaust tip, cargo net, rear bumper step plate, and roof rack (to attach my Thule trays) from (Rozenthal mazda). This car is super fun to drive and is much tighter and smoother than the last two SUVs I owned (my guilt and wallet finally made me swear off SUVs).

    Still looking for a K&N filter to install, but it is not referenced on the K&N site due to the newness (?) of the 5. I assume the filter would be the same size as the Mazda3 2.3L, but one of these days I'll take it out and measure it.
  • hipfan77hipfan77 Member Posts: 16
    I believe there is an accesories list in the thread. I have been able to get my winter mats and am waiting on the rest.
  • dabatmandabatman Member Posts: 25
    My wife and I have 6 yr old twins and a 4 year old. We had a 2002 Odyssey EX, great vehicle, but only got around 17 mpg all around. My wife commutes 110 miles per day and that came out to around $430/month in gas at $3/gallon. We needed a vehicle that got better gas aAND we needed vehicle that had 3 rows of seats... the Mazda5 fit our needs exactly.

    We test drove it and was completely happy with the car and the fact that Bour Mazda in Scranton PA was willing to deal. They had 7 Mazda5's on the lot and wanted to move them.. no one had heard of them yet and he wanted some on the road. He said I'd be better off selling my van on my own and I did.. Last Friday (September 16th) I sold my van.. on my way back I stopped at the dealership and saw there WERE NO Mazda 5's on the lot!??! The next morning I called and found out they had been recalled.... I saw on these boards that Mazda was offering a MPV in the intrim...

    I asked Jay (our salesman) about getting a loaner and that I was in a tight spot because NOW WE AHD NO CAR because we had intended to buy the '5' that day... Jay explained that the MPV was only given to OWNERS of the MAZDA5 and since he could not sell it to us, we really weren't due one.... he could give us a uses 626 instead... I explained we needed 3 rows of seats (our kids always end up fighting when they are so close)... BOTTOM LINE: They gave us a 2005 MPV... now I read MAZDA expects the recall to last at LEAST 30 days....

    I can't wait for the new vehicle to come in.. we are getting a Cobalt Grey Touring... with the Gerbers discount and the Ford Family Plan (my dad worked for FORD).. it came out to $500 below invoice... or $18,700... IMO a great deal for all the car we are getting...

    I just want to say that Jay and Bour Mazda have treated me real well.... and I really appreciate it... I'm impressed with the MPV, it rides much better and car like than the Odyssey (albeit a little smaller.. but the 5 sill be smaller yet, so I'm fine with that)...

    The Edmunds discussion helped me a great deal when getting my Odyssey and have been invaluable when getting this car...

    I read $7/gal prices are possible in the future... I cannot see how people can keep on getting their SUV's with 13/mpg... and I'm glad I got in on this Mazda5 before they all sold out....

    Keep up the good work and when this recall is finally over, I hope to get a lot more info and hopefully add some useful thoughts of my won....
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Member Posts: 41
    In theory, any mod for the Mazda3 should work for the 5 as well, as they have the same engine (with small alterations in torque/total horsepower tune). There's plenty of intakes/exhausts/whatnot for the 3, but the real kicker would be turbocharging. There is one kit that I know of out there (, but it's $4200 or so. That's a lot of coin. Incidentally, Mazda is rumored to be bringing a MazdaSpeed version of the 3 to market in the next year or so; turbocharged, still FWD, something like 245 hp...
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Member Posts: 41
    Just so I don't get razzed too much, I have been doing lots of research on the Mazda5, but I am not an owner. I am, however, a very interested prospective buyer. I currently own a 2000 Nissan Xterra, which was fun for awhile but is now loud, thrashy, a little too small, and not much concerned with the joy of driving. The poor fuel economy is a relatively small reason to trade it in--it takes years to recoup the gas mileage gains one might get, not to mention the loss on the trade-in value. I'm just older now, got two kids, and don't go off-road hardly ever, and looking for something a little more practical and fun. I'm hoping to purchase after the new year (actually, after school is done and I'm gainfully employed), so hopefully all this recall business will be finished. I'm happy to hear that people are generally happy with the car, and that there are enough people out there like me who appreciate intelligently designed cars. ;)
  • vinnyfastvinnyfast Member Posts: 33
    Proud Canadian owner of a M5 auto GT, that's same as touring model US. I only wish I had the Nav option, n/a here. Tinted the windows all around, and second day I had it, replaced the air filter with a K&N for $60. Trust me when I tell you this does make a difference in mpg. I'm getting 34.5mpg hywy with a/c on at 100kph. In US, that means 28.5mpg US at 62mph. I love this car, except I only had it 2 weeks before it went back to the dealer for the recall. :cry:
  • smariasmaria Member Posts: 279
    Could you explain to me a little more about the air filter? How is it different than the one supplied by Mazda, and how/why does it improve gas mileage? If it really does improve MPG (without any detrimental effects to the car), we all may want to replace our air filters when I get my Mazda5 back.
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Member Posts: 41
    Feel free to chime in here, Vinnyfast. The idea with aftermarket air filters is that they are more efficient at letting air pass through the air intake system, allowing the car to "breathe" easier, which usually increases gas mileage or horsepower, and sometimes a little of both. As an added benefit, with proper cleaning they last a long time, and are not meant to be thrown out when they get dirty like regular air filters. This is usually due to higher-quality materials which allow easier passage of air through the filter element while still trapping contaminants (which explains why these cost $60 or so, while normal air filters are in the $5-10 range).

    Replacing the intake system with a so-called "cold-air intake" takes this a step further, allowing freer flow of air through the system due to larger pipe diameters and a larger filter element. Instead of a flat, rectangular shaped filter inside of a small box, these use a cone-shaped filter which is open in the engine bay. There are a couple of problems with these, though. If they are poorly designed (any many are), they allow road water to splash up and soak the filter element, which can cause engine problems. They get dirty really fast (because they are open in the engine bay). They often add a "distinctive" sound to your car, particularly when you change the exhaust system as well--your choice whether you want that or not.
    Hope this has been helpful. :)
  • bigbear54bigbear54 Member Posts: 8
    I had about 2300 miles on mine before I returned it to the dealer for this recall :cry: , I averaged 25 to 27 MPG in town driving havnt had the chance to use it on a trip yet.
  • ca_mouseca_mouse Member Posts: 1
    I bought mine on November 25th only to find out last week about the recall still needing to be done on mine. While I understand the reason for the recall, shouldn't it have been taken care of prior to my purchase? I've seen the recall dates posted as September and October. Has anyone had to take theirs in for the recall repairs and not been given an MPV? Is this now a fix and return or is it still a turn in and wait for it to get repaired? :confuse:
  • flyonthewallflyonthewall Member Posts: 41
    As the parts are now available I wouldn't think you will have to leave your car at the dealer for more than a day. Regardless of how long the dealer has your 5, they should give you a loner vehicle, MPV or otherwise.

    The repair should have been done before you bought your 5, However, on the plus side I would think you now qualify for the $500 recall rebate. If so, and it were me, I'd be happy it didn't already have the fix done... Take your car in and drive a loner for a day and get $500!
  • jerseydeviljerseydevil Member Posts: 16
    I've got a loaded 2004 Pacifica that comes off lease next Decemberish and want something like the Mazda5. I've priced them and the loaded ones are ~$24,120 but the dealers here only seem to stock ones without the toys on them. The wife's Pacifica stickered at 38k and I like loaded cars, but we'll buy the next one. Has anyone seen a loaded 5 around? I'm talking Nav, automatic, DVD player, auto-dim mirror and all that stuff. If I have to order one, my negotiating margins will be less and I hate getting reamed by a dealer. :surprise: :sick:

    The dealer I spoke to before really researching the car told me that the 5 wasn't meant to compete with the MPV or Mazda 3 Touring - although I see it as a direct competitor to a MPV.

    Are the automatics reasonably peppy? I've not seen Car & Driver or any of those do a road test yet.
  • marshall2marshall2 Member Posts: 7
    This forum,so far has covered many useful and interesting topics.From recalls to gas mileage, stereos, prices, mechanical, as well as convenience about the M5. But what I really want to know is "How does it ride"? What is it like on a bumpy road? How does your lower back feel after a long drive. I vacation often and I try to drive more than fly, so I can see this great country of ours close up and in person! I believe the Mazda5 is not equipped with lumbar support,like most Mini/vans. So if some fortunate M5 owner could explain mainly how it rides, that would be a bonus! Thanks Marshall2
  • flyonthewallflyonthewall Member Posts: 41
    The 5s driver seat does have adjustable lumbar support. The adjustment is manual (a mechanical lever) not power (electric). The driver seat adjusts up and down as well as front and back, which helps change your position on a long trip.

    I've driven on long trips and think the ride is great. But you really need to test drive one to feel it for yourself. The perceived ride will be largely effected by your perspective. It rides much, much better than my 4 previous vehicles. But those were all true 4x4s and rode little better than buckboards. I'd say it rides much better than the Cadillac my grandma drove, which is to say it doesn't ride like a sponge with wheels. And to me it rides much better than the Caravan I rented last fall. To me the Caravan was sloppy and unwieldy. But to others it might be just marvy.
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