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Mazda5 Owners MPG-Real World Numbers



  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    Well, just to avoid any confusion, all of my numbers (22 and 25 MPG with an AT) have been U.S. gallons. But thanks for pointing out that the different gallon measures may confuse some people.
  • momstoymomstoy Posts: 30
    On our 5th tank and getting progressively better each time:

    1st tank 22.2mpg
    2nd tank 24.1mpg
    3rd tank 25.4mpg
    4th tank 29.6mpg

    Edited to add: Mixed driving with A/C on continuously (so dang hot here lately!)
  • Sorry hit enter instead of tab. Just filled up for the 1st time before gas prices shot up because of Katrina. Got 27.8 mpg US. 80% Highway 20% City. As a side note, just got the windows tinted. Onyx metallized. Huge difference in internal temp. Cools down faster too. :) Gas mileage is in Touring with MT.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I'm on my 3rd tank, gas gauge 5/16 of a tank away from empty. So far I've driven 314 miles on this tank (starting mileage 651, currently at 965). Assuming the gas gauge is accurate and linear, that's over 28 MPG on this tank so far. I'm sure that's an overestimate, but I'm optimistic that I'll beat my previous best of 25.3 MPG. I'll let you all know what the final numbers are when I actually fill the tank up...

    I've got an automatic, which is rated 26 MPG highway, and I definitely did some city driving on this tank, so anything above 26 MPG will greatly impress me. Consumer Reports says that only ~10% of cars achieve or exceed their EPA ratings in real-world driving, so maybe the Mazda5 will fall into that small category!

  • Finally getting closer to what everybody else is getting. I got 23.6 on my third tank and have an overall avg. of 21.6 now. 80 highway/20 city this time. No passengers. Less A/C. Just a sidenote on mileage: I never think of what kind of mileage I'm getting while I am driving, only when I'm at the pump. I drive fairly aggressively (read too fast) most of the time, and am over the moon that this microvan gets only slightly worse mileage than my old Civic driven in a similar manner. I used to get 22-24 with that.
  • Drum roll please.......

    A touch over 27 mpg (27.25) on my first tank. About 50/50 highway and suburban driving. Air conditioning on about half the time. I have used the auto stick a good bit. I'm pleasantly suprized with the mileage. I really wanted the manual transmission (but the wifey didn't, natch!), but am pretty satisfied with performance and economy. Let's see where we go from here.

  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I just calculated 27.4 MPG on my third tank! At least 20% city driving, and the AC on almost the entire time.

    On 3 tanks, I've gotten 25.3 MPG, 22.0 MPG, and 27.4 MPG. That's a total of 1151 miles driven, and a 3-tank average of 25.0 MPG.
  • Most recent tank saw me pass 1,000 miles overall and mileage is averaging 21. I'd say I've done about 50/50 city/highway with passengers riding along about half the time. I just can't seem to keep myself from zoom-zooming though ;) , and I'd have to say that although others are getting up to 30 mpg, I'm really pleased considering my driving habits.
  • I'll post the next few tanks if I get the chance to fill the tank and record. It is just about 80% city and 20% highway, 310 miles, a little less than 12 gallons rounded high to 26 mpg. I did top it off and bet the dealer didn't. We have three drivers. I've driven about 120, (all in city) my wife has driven about 150 ( at least 40 highway) and our son has driven about 20. :)
  • My first tank and I got about 30 mpg (USA#s).

    The pump shut off at 11.5 gal, but I was able to squeeze in 12.2 gal. So, if the dealer didn't top it off, I got 30.3, if he really toped it off, I got 28.5.

    This is a 5spd, about 70% city, AC maybe 70% of the time, and driving very mellow with just me and one or two small kids. (I drove it like I drove for my last tank in my previous vehicle. For that last tank in my previous vehicle I got 12.5 mpg (unloaded)! This is one reason I'm driving a micro van in leu of a 91 3/4 ton, 4x4, GMC w/ a 350 v8 and tow package.)

    Time will tell if this tank is really representative...
  • 1st tank 17MPG
    2nd 18MPG
    3rd 19MPG

    Auto. Touring model.
    Austin, TX. Hills, 90+ degrees most days so A/C on high.
    US MPG's.
  • Holy cow! That's even worse than mine! Are you towing a 12 foot trailer by any chance? :) At least it appears to be getting better. After 2 months I'm averaging about 21, although I've learned that it's as quick as a first gen Miata up to 60. :D
  • Just dopped my car off for the recall, have only filled up twice (first time was only about 3/4 tank).

    Auto Touring Model, US Gallons, mixed highway and city.
    1st tank: 20 mpg
    2nd tank: 24 mpg

    Can't wait to get the car back to see if it gets better.
  • I've been interested in the Mazda5 recently, but the other day I saw a Volvo V50 in the parking lot, and when I got home, did some research.

    Without having real world numbers from the V50, I'm only comparing EPA estimates. But even so, with both cars nearly identical in all physical dimensions including weight, how does the V50, with a higher output engine (168 hp vs 157 hp), get better gas mileage than the 5 (25/30 vs 22/27)? Even the turbo 5 gets better highway mileage (21/30) and delivers 218 hp.

    It can't be weight, as both are within 50 lbs of each other. And the 5 has a lower coefficient of drag (0.31 vs 0.32).

    Any ideas? Am I missing something?
  • cd is only part of the equation, there is also frontal area to consider, and the Volvo uses a 5-speed auto compared to 4-speed in the 5.
  • The mileage I quoted for the Mazda5 is for the 5-speed manual, not the automatic. Unfortunately, I can't find any frontal area information to compare the two. Does anyone know where I can find this?
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    Here's my analysis:

    Mazda5, 5-speed manual: 22/27 MPG EPA

    Volvo V50, 5-speed auto: 22/30 MPG EPA
    (w/ T5 engine): 22/31 MPG EPA

    So, they all perform identically in the city, but the Volvo does better on the highway.

    Mazda5 Weight: 3333
    Volvo V50 Weight: 3058

    The Mazda5 is almost 300 pounds heavier than the Volvo V50, partly because the Mazda5 has a third row of seats (no third row in the Volvo V50).

    As for the drag, a rough estimate can be made by multiplying the car's width by its height (assuming the car has a square frontal area...not true but the best I can do for now):

    Mazda5: 64.2 high x 69.1 wide = 4436 square inches
    Volvo V50: 57.2 high x 69.7 wide = 3987 square inches

    Multiply by the drag coefficients (0.32 for the Volvo, 0.31 for the Mazda), and we get drag values of 1375 for the Mazda5 and 1275 for the Volvo V50. That's 7.8% more drag on the Mazda5. The extra 7 inches of height in the Mazda5 increases its drag, decreasing its highway EPA rating. You really feel those 7 inches though...I bet it's a noticable difference if you sit in the 2 cars. I love feeling high off the ground in the Mazda5.

    As for Volvo's 200-hp engine getting better gas mileage than the 160-hp engines, I guess that's just a very efficient engine.
  • 30 highway
    22.5 city
    25 mixed.

    I still cannot figure out why the mazda3 rental is getting 25mpg on the highway.
  • Maybe it's the 3 extra horsepower? :)

    Or the drag of the AVAILABLE roofrack :)

    Or the extra weight of the fire resistant exhaust heatshield
  • bwatersbwaters Posts: 52
    My automatic 2004 Mazda3 loaner averaged only 19.5 mpg on the second tank, all in city. I've been a little heavy on the peddle so I could have done better.
  • mrgarymrgary Posts: 33
    :D Well we took our MZ5 on vacation just before the recall.
    We put 1389 miles on it and averaged 30.5 MPG.
    For the entire 4024 miles of owner ship averaging 28.9 MPG but I am not a race type driver.
    Can't wait to get it back. The MPV is ok but not so much fun to drive.
    Although it is keeping the miles off my car..
  • I imagine the 5-speed would put up numbers like that.

    I have to admit, I was surprised the automatic was a 4 speed. When I test drove it, I noticed it was only going up to 4, but we were just driving in a small neighborhood behind the dealership and never really got above 35 MPH. The saleperson said he thought it was a 5-speed, so I bought it thinking that it was.

    But my sport automatic had about 212 miles on it when I took it to the dealer for the recall, and it was just about out of gas. That means I was barely getting 20MPG. That sucks.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Driving style makes a huge impact on mpg, so depending on when you shift or in an automatic, how hard you push the pedal down after stoplights, can add/subtract 5-10mpg. Try it yourself. Go for a week starting off more gradually, keeping the rpms down and manually calculate the mpg, and then go the next week racing around.
  • Well, I pretty much have a leadfooted driving style, but I was hoping it would get good mileage in spite of my driving style.

    Zoom-zoom, and all that, right?
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Then you should expect to get a lot less mpg than what's posted on the car, since thats calculated by a non zoom zoom driver!
  • I got 34.5 mpg after calculating the first couple of fillups, now have 1500km....only had it 2 weeks though, sitting in the shop for 2 months or so because of the driving a Charger SXT with about half that gas milage....if I'm lucky!!
  • prulexprulex Posts: 9
    Picked my 5 up a week or two ago.
    I've filled the tank twice...700 miles on the odometer.

    Initial full tank from dealer: 23 mpg
    1st fillup: 26 mpg

    Mix of city/highway...plenty of stop and go through downtown Orlando.
  • I took a 2005 MAZDA 5 Five Door 2.3 as a rental while my MAZDA 5 :lemon: is parked awaiting repair, so far I have been averaging 30 to 31 MPG on the road, the in town mileage is around 23 to 25 depending on how hard I push it.
  • I think you mean MAZDA3.
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