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Hi guys

I overfilled the oil-tank of my Peugeot 607 and drove it around 50 kms to finally noticed it was leaking oil. I checked the dipstick and it was above the maximum.
I also noticed the engine was still quite hot around 20 minutes after turning it off ( this may be due to using the wrong oil and not because of the overfilling)
The oil leaked only while the engine was running and straight afterwards. I didn't notice any further leaking while it's been parked.

My main concern now has to do with any damage that the engine may have suffered or could suffer. Would getting rid of the excess of oil be enough? Or should I have a mechanic to check other components that may be affected such as the rear main bearing seal?

Any other advises and suggestions are very welcome


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    It all depends on how much overfill. If it was just a quart, I wouldn't expect much damage beyond the possibility of causing an oil leak because of excess crankcase pressure. If the oil that was added was excessive, that can lead to "cavitation", a kind of frothing of the oil into a foam, with lots of air bubbles, This of course, would prevent the oil from being effectively taken up by the oil pump and distributed evenly to the engine.

    I'm not sure about the relationship between excess oil and overheating (if any). I suppose an engine crankshaft that has to plow through lots of oil when cold might be put under some strain. Hard to say.

    Again it depends on how much extra oil is in there.

    Not much you can do at this point except drain out the excess oil, check on that oil leak to see if it has stopped, or needs correction, and then see if the overheating goes away. Actually it sounds like the engine isn't "over" heating, just seems a bit hotter than normal. In fact, nothing wrong with a very warm engine as long as it maintains its coolant and doesn't spill over or leak out. Engines like to run hot.
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    In addition to what Mr Shifty said I am wondering about the part where you said 'wrong oil'.
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