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I have 2014 Jetta GLI Autobahn DSG. I leased it for 3 years, 15k / year for $361 / month. I have only 25k miles and it matures at the end of the month. I can buy the car for around $15k.

My question is how do I get any credit for the 20k miles that I paid for but didn't use? How would you approach a dealer with this?


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    You do not get credit for the miles you did not use.

    The one thing you could do is trade the vehicle. With the low mileage, it is possible the trade value is higher than the residual value.

    You could also sell the vehicle yourself.

    In either case, the vehicle would need to be purchased from the leasing company for the $15K.
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    Agreed... the only way to realize any gain, is to trade the vehicle in (sell it to a dealer), assuming you actually have positive equity in it. That means the wholesale price has to be above $15K.

    Post a complete description of the vehicle, here:

    Someone can check the auction reports, and see where you are.

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