Replacement costs for Toyota Highlander inverter and the hybrid battery

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i am aware that Toyota used to offer a discount if you allow your battery to be recycled at a a toyota dealership.any suggestions on the cost at the dealership.
Secondly, i am told that one can go to other indepedent dealers that are certified to replace the separate cell that are not working.
i have 166,000 miles on a car that i just purchased but carfax and toyato do not have a service history.
At age 88 all i needed was a safe vehicle for my 88 year old wife.The car is immaculate. i did replace the timing belt and the dealership found a cracked radiator during the timing belt replacement and put in a new radiator at no cost to me.
All i needed was vehicle for 36 ,ooo miles over a three year period.We love everything avout this vehicle.


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    2006-2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid - $6,198

    Each of these prices will be reduced by a $1,350 "core credit" for the old battery pack being replaced, which the dealer then recycles through a long-established Toyota program.

    Prices don't include a labor charge,which could run 5 to 9 hours.

    At 166,000 miles and 11 years, I don't think you are eligible for any extended warranty program in place, so this will unfortunately most likely be out-of-pocket.

    Of course, if you love the car and you bought it "right", such an investment could be worth it

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    There are independents that can handle this repair and there are options like remanufactured battery assemblies available, the trick is finding them. Here is a friend of mine who specializes in Hybrids and you will find a list of shops who have techs that have attended his training classes, here.
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    It seems that the Highlander battery costs are considerably more than the Prius.
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    The Highlander starts out as a luxury SUV and off hand would be expected to be 4WD. To accomplish 4WD with a hybrid Toyota uses an electric motor for the rear wheel drive in addition to the two motor/generators in the regular hybrid transaxle in the front of the car. To power and control all three motor assemblies, the invertor assembly has three invertor/motor controllers inside of it, that's one controller for each electric motor.

    The battery uses thirty, eight cell battery modules for a "nominal" voltage of 288v. While that's enough energy to handle normal power demands, the invertor also houses a DC/DC boost convertor which can step the voltage from the battery pack up over 500v before the power moves onto the power stages where it is then converted to three phase AC.

    That's the cliff notes version, all in all it is a very complicated system especially when you also have to consider how the ABS system is responsible for detecting wheel spin and then commanding the rear motor/generator to assist as well as provide other traction control functions.
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