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Volvo S60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We paid $31k last July for an '06 with premium, convenience and climate....and AWD. We deliberately waited for the big cash-back clearance incentives. I would say that if you got an '07 with everything you mentioned and AWD, you got a great deal. BTW, the AWD is awesome. We just got a foot of heavy, wet snow and it just goes right through it.
  • volvos60volvos60 Posts: 2
    My 2007 for $31K did not have AWD, but included metallic paint, satellite radio prep as well as prem./conv/climate packages. Still think it was pretty good deal for '07. They also gave me a generous trade-in value. Am really enjoying the car1
  • todd7todd7 Posts: 16
    Just sealed the deal on an 07 S60R full spec minus navigation and satelite radio prep. Paid 37k and change. I'm doing the Volvo Factory pickup and leave in the middle of June to pick it up.
  • :cry: Hello all, I really need some fast help. I am trying to get out of a 2006 Mercedes-Benz C230. Because of a great promotion on my job, I now have 22,000 miles on the car and I bought it new in July 06 and the miles will keep coming. I found several dealers that are offering incentives one of which is Volvo on the S60. After offering $30,000 on the S60, the dealer said he'd only give me $19,000 on my trade. The payoff is $35,000. :cry: . Should I just give up and live with my huge Mercedes mistake, or is there someone who can give me advise on this issue. My credit score is 679 -711. Help please
  • l12l12 Posts: 2
    Just got a 2006 S60 T5 SE at what I think it a pretty good price, at least according to Edmunds TMV and what I read here.

    It's got leather, moonroof, 9 speakers, pretty much all the upgrades but no navi system or heated seats.

    Great condition but 28,000 miles after just 1 year of ownership.

    Paid $23K flat in Florida. Taxes came out to about $1800 additional which was covered by my trade-in (old poor condition 97 Nissan Sentra w/ 66,000 miles which needed $1000 in repairs).

    Really happy with my car so far!

    Is it a good deal?

    $23K was the price they told me when I walked on the lot (Sticker price was $27K) so I was skeptical and tried my best to negotiate it down but they just kept saying "This is the rock-bottom, if you want to pay less we should look at the S40s".
  • Let me get this have a credit score below 720, and you're driving a new Mercedes? The kind of advice you need won't be found on any car forum. Try
  • confused7confused7 Posts: 25
    Hi, Kasperghost (and anyone else who knows)...

    I wanted your advice. I've got a 2006 S60 T5 and according to my trip monitor, I'm averaging 17-19mpg. (The car has 15,000 miles on it - I bought it used from a dealer in May 06 at 7700 miles. The dealer had put it on the road in Dec 05.)

    I do all city (Los Angeles) driving, not much freeway though. What is your secret?

    What gasoline are you using? (BTW, I can't get a straight story on whether 87 is bad for the car or not... the manual says use either, the dealer I bought it from was putting 87 in it, and the dealer nearest me who just did a service on it says, only use 91!)

  • l12l12 Posts: 2
    As for gas, 87 is certainly not bad for the car. Any higher may give you increased performance in terms of speed, but not better MPG.

    I have the exact same car as you with 28,000 miles.

    As for mpg, I get 20 city in a small city with much less traffic and stopping than LA so I'm sure 17-19 is not bad really. All you can do to improve is not use AC, keep windows up (air drag), accelerate slowly, don't go too fast, and keep the tire pressure high.
  • realtorken1realtorken1 Posts: 14
    Ok, what do you all think of this offer...

    '07 S60 2.5T
    Premium Package
    Climate Package


    We are going to be leasing it and with $2k down for about $320 for 36 with a 42% residual which leaves us able to purchase at the end of the term a 3 yr old S60 for around 10k
  • spiderdanspiderdan Posts: 10
    The residual is based on MSRP, not negotiated priced. Since the MSRP on your car is approx. $35,700, the residual will be around $15,000. Nevertheless, you got a great deal. How did you get the dealer to go below $24k? They're probably losing money on this one.
  • vtdogvtdog Posts: 163
    I started looking at S60s. I had an offer of $ 500 over invoice (cant remember exact figure), but it was in line with invoice numbers that I have seen on KBB/Edmunds. The car was an automatic with awd with the 3 big packages, but not nav. They will also replace the 17 inch wheels with 16 and take off an extra $ 500 if that is what I want.

    How does the $ 500 over invoice seem?
  • kasperghostkasperghost Posts: 72
    When I drive around town, I tend to get 25 mpg. per my trip computer. I drive a stick as well. But with modern automatic trannies, this factor should be at the outside a mile or two mpg. I also live at 6300 feet in altitude. Altitude is not a function of fuel economy. You do lose power though. My commute is 5 minutes from home (6 on a bad traffic day:). This is hard on the engine. Since we got a puppy, we have been taking the dog on longer trips. So I am taking a lot of short trips on a cold engine. I should have poorer MPG.

    I also tend to baby my turbo on these kinds of trips. I try to stay below the magic 2700 RPM barrier or ease past it. The only time I start ripping on my turbo is when the engine has been running for at least 20-30 minutes. Having the manual allows for very low shifts.

    Gas- Premium.

    Your car has adjustable cams, knock sensors, etc. that manage fuel ignition to the nth degree. Fuel is a choice because the car compensates. You will lose power with lower octane ratings though because they atomize less quickly and less fuel is burned per stroke, therefore the engine "detunes" itself. Octane rating is how quickly the gas evaporates- nothing to do with power. (I am sure the power loss is miniscule though)

    My wife grannies her truck around and it specifically states premium only- yet it has been running on regular for several years just fine.

    Were all services done?

    Don't know that this was much help.

    What's you color and options- don't you love the way it drives!

    Good luck.
  • pixiepoopixiepoo Posts: 5
    I went to a dealership on Saturday & here are the numbers: (S60 with Premium & Climate pacakges)
    MSRP: 35400
    Invoice (per dealership) 31500
    Dealer Incentives 4500
    Invoice from Edmunds 30495

    So according to the worksheet i subtract 4500 from the invoice 30495 & have a figure of 25995. This is the amount I should pay? Are they going to laugh me off the lot when I offer that amount?
  • spiderdanspiderdan Posts: 10
    Invoice you mention (30495) is for an S60 WITHOUT the options. You need to factor in the cost for Premium, Climate and paint (if applicable). According to Edmunds, invoice would be $33,324 (if you went with metallic paint upgrade).

  • pixiepoopixiepoo Posts: 5
    Oh, I was looking at the TMV Price. Without options it is 26660. With options the tmv price IS 30495. Im not going with the paint upgrade. Am I wrong in wanting to use the TMV price & then deducting the Rebates from that? That is how the TMV worksheet has it set up.
  • spiderdanspiderdan Posts: 10
    Wow, that's a huge TMV price fluctuation compared to my area (44056). TMV in Cleveland, OH is $34,454 (S60/Premium/Climate).

  • pixiepoopixiepoo Posts: 5
    It is a big difference. Do you think they are going to think I am nuts offering that price?
  • spiderdanspiderdan Posts: 10
    Not if the incentives from last month are still in place. Here's the deal I got on my S60 (Metallic/Premium/Climate):

    - MSRP: $35,725
    - Cap cost (negotiated deal): $25,425
    - Residual value: $12,488
    - Money factor: .00191
    - Term: 48 months/12,000 miles
    - Total due at delivery: $629 (first payment, doc, title)
    - Monthly payment (includes tax): $379.72
    - Ohio tax (6.25%) and bank fee was worked into the lease

    Basically I got the car for $100 over invoice. And then there was $8000 of customer cash from Volvo if leasing through third-party bank (US Bank in my case).
  • pixiepoopixiepoo Posts: 5
    The offer now is $28200 not including $300 processing fee. It doesn't includeT/T either-these will be right under $1000. This is with the premium & climate-Ice White. How does that sound?
  • spiderdanspiderdan Posts: 10
    I think you could do much better. As Car_man recently stated Car_man, "Volvo S60: Lease Questions" #358, 23 May 2007 4:03 am), the customer cash on an S60/2.5T is $8500. So at a minimum, your capitalized cost should be TMV minus $8500. Basically anywhere between $24,400 - $25,500 should be a decent deal.
  • izzmo7998izzmo7998 Posts: 17
    2006 S60 Demo with Climate, Premium, Bi- Xenon and Wood Steering Wheel. 10K miles. Price is 23,900. 12k off MSRP. Also is it safe to buy Demos. I heard they get abuse and abuse. Please provide any input, thanks again.
  • pixiepoopixiepoo Posts: 5
    Excuse my ignorance but the incentive I see on puchasing (not leasing) this car is $4500 manufacturer to dealer. Is the $8500 for leases only?
    Using consumer reports data that include incentives #'s I should start negotiating at $28172. Am I missing something?
  • spiderdanspiderdan Posts: 10
    You're correct, I mistakenly thought I was in the leasing forum. Sorry about that.
  • plasmaplasma Posts: 1
    I am interested in purchasing a new 07 volvo s60. The detailed description and packages are listed out below.

    Year: 2007
    Interior Color: Graphite Leather
    Make: Volvo
    Model: S60
    Trim: 2.5T 4dr Sedan (2.5L 5cyl Turbo )

    Automatic Transmission
    Metallic Paint
    Premium Package
    Climate package

    The best price before tax I can get is 28.5k. But the dealer said this offer is only valid by next Monday. Is this a good deal? In addition, will the price of volvo 07 model decease a lot in July? Thanks a lot!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • cas1cas1 Posts: 6
    Just picked up an 07 S-60 2.5T Premium, Convenience Package, wood steering wheel. MSRP $35990.00 29990.00 with blue tooth hands free and window tint. +TTL
  • I am new to this forum and can use some help from anyone that can offer some pricing options or "what I'm supposed to do now" scenarios. I am looking at a 2007 Volvo S60 2.5T; White; Premium Package; Sport Package; Climate Package. MSRP is $36,845. This is a demo; no dents, dings or issues with the car - approx 7800 miles. Does not have one feature needed, the Convenience package with the homelink for the garage door opener. The dealer is advertising the car for $27,990. What should I go back and offer or ask for? I have a trade in (1998 Saturn) and financing is done, not going through dealer. I'm in Alabama. Any help or suggestions for me is greatly appreciated - I feel the price should be lower and that they can throw in the Conv. Pkg or the homelink due to this being a demo...just not sure what to do or ask for at this point. Help.
  • mfwmfw Posts: 14
    Not sure if you have already bought the car. But based on some of the postings here and my own experience, you should be able to get $7k off $36845. So close to $30k. On top of this you should deduct for the mileage. If you look at a '02 S60, it is worth about 10k to 11k. So ($30k-$11k) / (12kmile/year x 6years) = $0.263/mile. So 7800 miles cost $2058. But consider it is the first 7800 miles, I don't think getting $4k off is unreasonable. So maybe $26,000 is a decent price?
  • Here is what I got for buying for '07 S60 2.5 FWD with options: sport, premium, xenon lights, rear park assist, metalic paint, convenience = msrp $38,970. I paid $30,500 but it had 4200 miles as dealer car. Not sure if I got a good deal. Resale values scare me because I see Acura TL seems to do about 4 grand better after 3 years.
  • songbird54songbird54 Central NJPosts: 41
    Possibly one of the Hosts can help me with this question..
    I remember seeing a post a few weeks ago, I dont remember if it was in the Volvo boards or maybe Ford. It had a link that showed you how much above or below invoice particular car makers are selling. I remember Volvo being something like .5% below.
    Does anyone remember that link or site?
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