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2000 Dakota Quad Cab -Cross Country Trip

johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
edited March 2014 in Dodge
I just returned home from purchasing a 2000
Dakota Quad Cab 4.7 ,A.T. I bought it in Detroit
and drove it 2636 miles back to Las Vegas .The
truck came with a 3:93 rear end . It turns
2500rpm`s at 75 mph . I got Between 16/17 mpg . I
would like to know what kind of mileage someone
with the 3:55 rearend gets .The only problem I had
with the truck was the cruise control didnt
work . A dealer in Clovis N.M. checked it and told
me it had a bad servo . He would have to order a
new one ,so I drove home without cruise .I sure
missed it.My truck didnt come with the Power over
head conv. pkg. Does anyone know if a dealer can
install it .It has a mileage readout,including
miles per gallon . I sure would like to have that
feature .It also doesnt have daytime running lights
,which my Chevy did . Overall I am happy with the
power and performance .


  • I have a 4x2 4.7 auto that I ordered with all the goodies. I have the 3.55 limited slip diff. and on my first tank of gas I averaged 15.7 mpg.
    This was mainly city driving so, my mileage suffered a bit. I have the overhead conv. group and on the highway it indicates 20-23 mpg on level roads at 70 mph. I bet it will not be possible to add this option due to the wiring.
    It is a nice option, my dad has it on his Dakota R/T thats why I ordered it. Good Luck with your Quad!!
    P.S. isn't it nice to get all those stares at stop lights?
  • What body style is yours? Would you say 20-23 MPG is a reliable highway mileage figure? Have you ever noticed what your father's R/T gets at steady state highway speeds? Thanks
  • rrichfrrichf Posts: 212
    What route would one take to cover 2636 miles between Detroit and Las Vegas? I just drove between Huntington Beach and Daytona Beach and covered something like 2580 or so.
  • I've got a quadcab 4x4 with 4.7 and 3.55 rear end. This bad boy gets all of 15 miles per gal with mixed hwy and local driving and the trip meter readout says about 17 on straight hwy. It sure seems like a relatively light truck like this should do better. I've got a K&N air filter and just put a flowmaster dual setup on it. Anyone who is thinking 20 won't get it in N. GA!!
    Trans shifts real hard on occasion. Most confusing thing is that the cruise control/auto combination will sometimes stick at 3000 or so rpm, at 70, and not go back to overdrive for as long as a minute after re-gaining speed and being on level or downhill hwy. Today it did that twice in a row, when warm, and after that it went to 2700 or so for a few seconds, got the speed back and went back down to 2100 rpm at once. There have been many write-ups about the auto acting up.
    Only other thing is the yellow crud that builds up in oil filler kneck. The mx manager said he never heard of the 4.7 doing that. I almost called him a liar, but held up, I might need this guy some day! There are all kinds of write-ups on it in other posts here on Edmunds and others.He immediately asked me what oil I was using - I told him it was what ever they put in at the factory. Only have 2300 miles.
    I"m a synthetic oil person and that will be my choice, unless I hear a real good reason why not to use it.
    This was a monster decision for a guy who's had 10 GM trucks, so far so good.
    Love the truck, but these three things are a big concern.
  • Keep an ear on the Quad cab topics (mostly 700's) and we'll figure this thing out yet. I'm a Chevy guy, too. Always have been, but this little Dodge Quad charmer has me - for at least a while (48 pmts.). You have the most common setup (I think) , especially if yours is a 2wd. Mine is the same as yours, anyway.

    Several of the 'posters' in the Quad Topics have e:mailed me privately about possible solutions. If you want the poop, just look up my e:address and give me a 'heads up.' I'll get back with you and include you in our (way, way in depth discussions) about the mileage / longevity scenarios we're cookin; up. I think it's some good info. :-&
  • response to rrichf & tuckmiddle
    I covered 2636 miles because I went from Detroit
    to Dallas first,then Dallas to Las Vegas . I hit
    every snow and ice storm there was .
    Hey tuckmiddle ,my truck does exactly the same thing ! It would rev up to 3000rpm and stay there . I put the blame on a faulty cruise control servo , but maybe it is tranny related .I have to take mine in to get the servo replaced so I will mention the reving to the mechanic .
  • ferousferous Posts: 226
    I wouldn't count on adding the power overhead. I have a '96 Grand Caravan without it, and asked a friend of mine (Elec. Engineer for the supplier of these parts) to "bring" one home for me. He and I went to put it in and my van didn't have the wire harness to plug it in. Go figure... you would think that DC could save money by having one universal wire harness, but no... they have several. I did order the Power Overhead for my Quad, but boy that was expensive for what little it does!
    I asked about the day time running lights when I ordered my Quad. It's not a dealer option, but my salesperson gave me a bus. card for a guy who does custom acc. work. I haven't called him to find out a price yet. I will let you know when I find out.
  • Thank you for the information regarding the power
    overhead mini trip computer .I also thought it
    would be prewired .Did you give up trying to install it ? I just priced the unit at the dealer and he
    wasnt sure it was prewired . I just picked up my
    truck from having the cruise control servo replaced . they had the truck all day ! I told
    them I had it checked at a dealer in Clovis NM
    but they said they had to check it also .The
    result was the same.....bad servo !
    Thats the only thing Ive found wrong so far . I
    have 2770 miles on it and love the truck especially the four doors along with the 4.7V8 .
    The only thing Im going to change is the junk
    Good Year tires . I have had nothing but bad luck
    with Good Year on every vehicle I ve owened .
    The fog lights are a 100.00 dollar option but
    you can buy a set at Walmart for 59.00 dollars
    that will fit perfect .They are also Halogen !
    Thanks for your help . Johnboy9
  • Sorry I thought you were talking about fog lights . I beleive you can buy an inexpensive
    connector at a parts store to covert to daytime running lights .I think Im going to install one .
  • Johnboy9 & themacguy, et al...
    Thanks for your responses. Changed to Mobil one today, we'll see if the yellow crud keeps coming. It'll be 60 or 70 next few days, so it'll be a while before it's cold enough to be a problem. I was so anxious to get my free dealer oil change (except for the extra $25 for Mobil 1) that I forgot to even bring up the intermittent cruise problem, I'll keep watching for it. My week day commute is 14 miles of hell here in the Atlanta area, no way I could use cruise except to purposely smash into some one. The dealer did say it was the first oil change he had done on a Quad cab with skid plates; they got oil everywhere when it drained, so much for planning ahead! This is the first truck I've had with composite skid plates, no wonder they were only $120 or so. Sure feel strong to the smack of a 2x4.
    Let's hear more about this mileage, or lack of. The salesman I bought it from mentioned how it will be super after 3,000 miles. The computer know to do that or is his mouth engaged with his brain in neutral? I've got a Gem cap coming, as well as Smitybuilt black step bars. 6-8 weeks for each, according to Dodge dealer and Godfather customs. Did y'all see April issue of Truck Trend? All kinds of quads built up by the custom people as well as couple of concept models of Ford, Chevy and Dodge.
    Anyone bought a bed extender? It looked pretty good on Nissan Crew cab.
  • Johnboy9 & themacguy, et al...
    Thanks for your responses. Changed to Mobil one today, we'll see if the yellow crud keeps coming. It'll be 60 or 70 next few days, so it'll be a while before it's cold enough to be a problem. I was so anxious to get my free dealer oil change (except for the extra $25 for Mobil 1) that I forgot to even bring up the intermittent cruise problem, I'll keep watching for it. My week day commute is 14 miles of hell here in the Atlanta area, no way I could use cruise except to purposely smash into some one. The dealer did say it was the first oil change he had done on a Quad cab with skid plates; they got oil everywhere when it drained, so much for planning ahead! This is the first truck I've had with composite skid plates, no wonder they were only $120 or so. Sure feel strong to the smack of a 2x4.
    Let's hear more about this mileage, or lack of. The salesman I bought it from mentioned how it will be super after 3,000 miles. The computer know to do that or is his mouth engaged with his brain in neutral? I've got a Gem cap coming, as well as Smitybuilt black step bars. 6-8 weeks for each, according to Dodge dealer and Godfather customs. Did y'all see April issue of Truck Trend? All kinds of quads built up by the custom people as well as couple of concept models of Ford, Chevy and Dodge.
    Anyone bought a bed extender? It looked pretty good on Nissan Crew cab.
  • I've used both Mobil 1 and Castrol Syntec in my 84 turbo Buick without any problems (161,000mi). Between the two brands I prefer Syntec since it's pure synthetic. My turbo has not been replaced or rebuilt so there's good reason to use this type of oil.

    I'm in the market for a new Dakota Quad with the 4.7 and I'm wondering if there's any strong reason to look at another make. So far, my research has kept me focused on the Dodge. Any replies would be appreciated.
  • I changed oil at2650 miles using 5W30 per the
    owners manual .It says it takes 6QTS of oil for
    the 4.7 V8 . After changing the oil I checked the
    dipstick , it appears to be a quart over .
    Changing oil was a real treat . You have to
    reach through the access hole , loosen the filter then catch the oil that runs out between the filter and the mounting surface . My solution
    was a one pound coffee can slipped over the filter before removing it .It works pretty good.
    But what a poor design DM has .
    If you dont catch the oil it runs down on the
    frame and makes a mess .
    Airwulf I was a Chevy man for years , but I am
    really happy with my Quad Cab . I sold a 96 Z71
    to buy the quad and I like it better . I cant
    wait for an excuse to drive it .
  • I drive mine waayyy too much. Any excuse. Rain or shine (it hasn't actually rained here in a year). Headed across Texas soon. I'll check back on mpg.

    tuckmiddle - glad you 'signed on' to synthetic. Been using it 15 years. You'll be happy with it; airwulf's right though, most of the newer brands (castrol, redline, etc.) are better, more pure synthetic bases. Only advantages to Mobil 1 is the usual availability & a pretty cool decal. Joy.
    Yes, I've got the bed extender - get it from your local (favorite) motorcycle shop (if they can get parts from 'Parts Unlimited' under AMP Research []- they're mountain bike frame guys - they can get one for you overnight) Get the SMALL size, it fits like OJ's glove (if you've got a bedliner) and takes about 10 mins. to install in their parking lot (just get it LEVEL) with a simple battery-type drill. Paid about $179 + tax. I use mine for everything you can imagine.

    airwulf - ditto on synthetics & turbos. Both of my Volvo Turbos (wagon & sedan) have 150,000+ each with no replacement, yet. And we run them hard. Volvo says 125k is max. Also, look at the Ford SuperCrew - then go ahead and buy the Dodge. ;-)
  • After owning four other trucks,
    1. 1976 F-150 360/V-8 w/4spd man
    2. 1987 F-250HD 4x4 351w/4spd Auto
    3. 1993 F-150 Lightning 351HO w/e4od 4spd auto
    4. 1996 Ford Ranger 4cyl w/5spd manual
    The only one I think I liked to just purely drive more than my new Quad was the lightning, but not on long trips. Me and THREE of my buddies are taking a trip to the Florida Keys, I want to go primarily to take my Quad on the 6+ hour trip. So I guess I do look for reasons to just drive her. Also me and my wife find ourselves arguing over who has to drive our other car (a 1995 Mustang GT, which is alot faster than the Quad but the Quad is that much of a joy to drive).
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    At long last, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not an oncoming freight train. I spoke with Ernie this A.M. @ Daimler/Chrysler, and my unit is status "D" and is scheduled to be built the first week in March. He provided me with the VIN and suggested that I speak with him the week of the 02/21 for further update. I am a happy camper. Thank you very much for your continuing input and edification along with education.

  • Just got my Gem Tonneau today. Man, is it super.
    Comes off in about one minute. The factory had the "shocks"set up too far back, but that was easy to fix - for the dodge dealer!! Square heads on the screws, ok if they placed things right.
    No foaming with the systhetic. I've also used it for years in lots of cars/trucks. Have to look into the others being claimed to be better.
    Bed ext - AMP research builds em for Mopar, can't find one. They gave me 800 numbers for two distributors here in GA. Calling tomorrow.
    Almost 3000 miles, been perfect except occasional "thunk" with shift from 2 to 3. Using O/D cutout in town, mileage stays same crummy 15 with 4x4, K&N and Flowmaster, 3.55 rear. Sure sounds like a bear with the flowmasters, guess I think I'm a teenager again. Use to have a 49 Merc that sounded like a Kenworth with no muffler at all.
    Keep the news flowing. What do I have to do to get a little more MPG? Gas is relatively cheap in GA; $1.22-25 at Speedway or Quick Trip, where I normally, then blow the savings on 2 donuts!!
    Happy Quading
  • Check ANY local motorcycle dealer for the 'Parts Unlimited' jobber (catalog) - they should carry stuff from them and several others, such as 'Tucker Rocky,' etc. --P/U carries Amp Research-- Anyway, if they get service from P/U have them order (for about $180 max.) the smaller of the two bed extenders. Should get it overnight. Install in 10-15 - MAKE SURE you get it level the first time you drill your 6 holes if you don't have a bedliner (check it with the extender OUT, or laying on the tailgate). If you have a bedliner, a mistake can be made w/o it ruining the looks of your truck (to you anyway). It also seems to fit 'tighter' with the bedliner installed. Also, keeps you from scratching the paint when removing.
  • My 4x4 Quad just turned 3000 miles and I
    agree with you . The mileage sucks ! I am
    going to install a k&n filter #33-2084 to
    see if that helps . I am also noticing the
    clunk between 2nd/3rd .Hope it`s not a problem .I got to use my cruise control for the
    first time since the servo was replaced . It
    worked fine . Wish it worked on my 2636 mile
    trip back home from detroit to vegas ,oh well .
    I installed my fog lights that I bought from
    Wal-Mart they look good and were easy to install .
    I`m surprised to hear your mileage is`nt better
    with the 3:55 rear end . I have the 3:92 and was
    expecting it to be bad ,which I think it is .
    Gas is $1.45 gallon in Las Vegas . Not cheap !
    Keep the info flowing we will all benifit from it . Viva Quads . Johnboy9
  • ozarkozark Posts: 124
    I've been shopping for covers and the gem tonneau seems like a good possibility. What did you have to pay? Did you have any install problems with the underrail bedliner? I've got a ship date of next week for my RED 4x4 quad sport(looks like the TV ad and the brochure)and I want to get a tonneau right away. I haul a lot of stuff(from feed to antiques to camping/fishing gear) and I need the full access rather than a partial access. Did you say that the cover removed easily?
  • johnboy9, you say your mileage is bad but never mentioned what you have been averaging? Care to share so others can compare?

    By the way, my 98 club cab 5.2liter/4x4/3.55/31x10.5 gets about 14 with mostly highway driving and some around town not taking it easy. It has 43,000miles on it. I have recently been making an attempt to baby it back and forth to work with NO hard acceleration and work is 15 miles of all interstate driving. I have gotten it up to about 16.5 mpg for the last two tank fulls. Thats driving 60-65. On long trips averaging 70-75mph, the best I've seen is 15.7. Higher rpm kills mileage with he 5.2 liter.
    It gets around 13mpg on a tank when I do a lot of around town / hard accelerating / over 70mph driving as well as my highway work trips.

    I plan on ordering a quad cab when they become available with the configuration I want. It'll have the 4.7L which sounds like I might be able to squeak one or two mpg better out of that engine with the same combination I have on my current truck. I've driven them and I liked the 4.7L, although I will miss my low end torque of the 5.2L

  • myersedmyersed Posts: 102
    Just filled up at 3505 miles and decided to update my Dakota MPG spreadsheet. Average MPG from day of ownership is at 16.88 MPG (not per tank calculations averaged). Interstate driving @ 30%, mixed in with rural/intown. No single fillup is below 16.1 MPG

    Info for reference - 4.7,multispeed, Quad, 2WD 3:55 LSDiff, 255 tires. I still think highway should be over 20- but don't think I'll ever see it.
  • I have the 4.7/AT/4x4/3:92/LSD/31x10.5/QC.I havent
    checked my mileage since I got back from Detroit,
    but I averaged 16MPG on the trip . I just added
    the K&N filter.It appears to have more throttle
    response,but I havent had it on a trip to check
    the mileage since.I hope it will improve.I have
    3100 miles on the truck and I love It!
  • Just checked mileage in my 98 5.2L auto 4x4 3.55 31x10.5 again and with 95% highway driving trying to keep it at or below 65 I got 16.8. (trip computer calculated 15.7 for same tankful. ie: don't always trust the computer). I'm testing my third tankful in my "quest for my best mileage" and have been driving only 55 - 57 rather than 60 - 65. At least in my truck, this makes a HUGE difference. Looks like i'll probably be closer to 17 - 18 with this tank.

    Anyone that expects to get 20 or more MPG with a truck is not being realistic, even on the freeway, unless the speeds are low. Trucks are just not aerodynamic enough. I know there are always exceptions, but there is usually some out of the ordinary factor, like low speeds, sloping terrain, tailwind, add ons that improve aerodynamics like bed covers or lowered trucks, etc.

    16 mpg sounds resonable for a 4x4 with 3.92 ratio. (even with the 31's). I'm sure you were cruising at 65 - 70 or more so not sure it'll get much better than 16 - 17 mpg at regular freeway speeds.

    Truck mileage is often a shock to people that have owned only cars in the past. (not saying you, johnboy9, since I don't know if this is your first truck or not), but 15 - 17 mpg is normal and does not "suck" for a truck.

  • Yes Chad I`ve had lots of trucks . I sold a
    96 Chevy Z71, 4x4,5.7V8 eng that got 15mpg on the
    highway . So yes I think the mileage `sucks'
    considering the Quad Cab is a smaller truck. I
    expected 17mpg,which I don`t think is unreasonable.I use cruise control whenever possible and drive 75mph . john
  • Mine is not here yet but something else
    to throw into this mileage mayhem......
    Where are you guys buying gas. Name brand,
    C-store, Budget fuel depot? And finally
    what octane are you using? Oh, and the jury
    is out, did you break your truck in easy or
    run her hard....

    just some things to make you go.......Hummmmmm?

  • Over the first 3400 miles, 15 mpg is it. I don't accelerate hard, have 50% local commute and have K&N and Flowmaster muffler with the "dual" exhaust. The GEM top added a mile or so on my last GMC, we'll see what happens here. Got the bed extender couple days ago, haven't used it yet, next Tues have to move one of my daughters to another apartment, It'll help some.
    The GEM top comes off real easily, maybe one minute and a friend or wife or daughter or son, etc.
    I sure as hell like everything about my Quad 4x4, 4.7, 3.55, etc. I've always been a GMC/Chevy guy, but the Dodge boys have really done good, as the real southerners say. Peppy, roomy, no squawks yet. The transmission goes bump "in the night" now and then, but that's why I bought the 100,000 mile extended warranty. It's so far above the Nissan and the Explorer thing I saw the other day that it's the only real choice in my eyes.
    Good luck out there.
  • Forgot this in the above note.
    Yes, I broke it in ok, just about like the book said. Also changed the oil at 2,200 to Mobil 1 synthetic and the dreaded yellow crud disappeared, even during the recent ice storm, when it was freezing for a few days in a row, almost a rarity in Atlanta.
    Four wheel drive worked as expected during a 120 mile trip through the boonies to a house we almost own up in the foot of the N. GA mountains.
    Had to take lots of detours and gutter diversions during the ice storm to get the heat back on, had lots of trees everywhere and roads closed.
    More than enough said.
  • >>>I think the mileage `sucks' considering the Quad Cab is a smaller truck.

    Unfortunately, "size" (and even weight on flat terrain)doesn't have as much to do with highway mileage as the following factors. Tire size (diameter), axle ratio, overdrive gear ratio, aerodynamics of the vehicle, and speed. Speed because higher rpm usually equals more burned fuel even if the engine is not "working harder" and speed also because of wind resistance. Smaller size does not equal better aerodynamics. Remember the cobra? Tiny little car but deceptively UN-aerodynamic. Many larger cars were and are much more aerodynamic. Shape is the factor hear, not size.

    Johnboy9, because of these variables, 15mpg in your 96 chev 5.7 can't really be compared with your Dakota's mileage and "smaller size" unless the final rpm for a given speed are the same through various combination of axle ratio, tire size, and tranny gear ratio. The above factors would determine mileage more than size and weight of the vehicle on the highway. Your 3.92 rear end is rather deep gearing and you noted 75 mph. You are probably running quite high rpm compared to say a quad with a 3.55 and running 65 - 70. Can you give us an idea of the rpm you turn at 75 in overdrive? Just curious. I think you already mentioned you ran 31x10.5. High rpm eats gas. No way around it.

    Johnboy9, You said you got 16mpg on that trip. As a test, maybe drop the speed a bit (or compare to a similar vehicle with a 3.55) and you'll likely see better noticably better MPG along the lines of the 17+ you said you'd like to see. 3.92 ratio = nice for towing and quicker acceleration, but raises rpm and is bad for mileage.

    It'll be interesting to see what my 4x4 quad will run mileage wise with a 4.7L/3.55/31x10.5 compared to my 5.2L/3.55/31x10.5. Been putting off ordering until restriction are off, but each time one is lifted, another is created. I'd better just order and buy when it gets hear or I will end up with a '02 rather than a '00 or '01.

  • I agree Chad, there are alot of variables when it comes to mileage. My Chevy was an extended cab
    with 16in. tires and a 3:73 rear end. It turned 2000 rpm`s at 75mph.
    My Quad Cab turns 2500 rpm at 75mph.So yes I agree
    the variables do matter. I really wanted the 3:55
    rear end on the Quad,but mine came off the lot.
    I would like to know the rpm`s a 3:55 turns at 75 mph.Someone let me know please.Thanks
  • Note to johnboy9
    You said installing Wal-Mart fog lights was easy! Before I buy a set, would you tell me more about the electical connections? Was it necessary to drill the fire wall to install a switch? Does a connection exist on the low beam headlight, or is it necessary to wire into something else? Needless to say, I am not too swift when it comes to electricity. The owner's manual shows that the headlight switch can be pulled out turn the fogs on, but my truck is not equipped with the pull-out feature. That means another switch, doesn't it? Thanks for help. Bill
  • 2,125. That damn tach drives me nuts, 125 per line.
    Mine is a quad, 4x4 3.55 with the 4.7. K&N filter and flowmaster muffler (god, it sounds good). All of 15 on average tank full. It indicated, on the overhead thingy, 17 when I gassed up on the interstate and had driven about 100 miles. Did regular commuting few days and bingo, 15mpg. I don't know what inputs go into that overhead consul thing, but it's real accurate, I'm such a cheapo, I always have checked each tankful on every car/truck I've ever had. I loved it when my old (new at the time) Rabbit diesel got between 48 and 52.
    Be careful out there.
  • To add to the fuel mileage issue... I have a 97 Ford (dreaded name, I know) Ranger with a 4 cylinder (2.3 Liter), 5 speed. I don't have a tach, but the engine at 70 mph sounds like a screaming banshee. That, plus little power, is why I upgraded to a Quad, 5 speed, 4.7l, 3.55 with the tire and handling package. Due to be built the third week in March. Don't know what the Ranger pulls in rpm at 70, my guess is around 2700, but I do get 23 mph on a tank. Most of my driving is highway at 70 mph with a 75 mile round trip commute.

    I know my new truck will suffer in gas mileage, but with all the other positive things going for it, I will learn to live with the lower mpg. I hope to get around 18 or so if I do mostly highway. I will put in a K&N air filter but will pass on the muffler. My wife would never understand....

    Happy trails...

  • I hope you get your mpg, but don't hold your breath. I'm (and everyone else it seems is) getting mid-teens at best (4.7/2wd/auto/3.55)... I'm embarking on a no-holds-barred attempt to get this mileage up - at least on the highway. I'll keep all informed - as I'm trying some stuff nobody's tried yet - either here or in the new Quad forums - they've frozen the old ones - now we're in the 1630's...

  • Just read the TSB for the engine oil condensation where DC stated it was normal and not a concern. I have noticed in some posts here that switching to synthetic oil solves the problem. My question, having never used synth. oil, is at what mileage intervals do you suggest changing the oil?
  • I cut out the hole for the fog lights in the
    shroud below the bumper,with an EXacto knife.
    The lights come with brackets, but you have to make two more so you can attach them to the frame.You will have to drill a hole in the firewall,but be careful not to drill it through the the wheelwell panel like I did .No big deal I used silicone to close up the hole ! The lights come with a switch that you will have to install under the dash.It is lit when the fog lights are on. The factory headlight switch won`t work.The
    wiring is very simple and is included . I`m very happy with mine and they look good.
    The lights are called Blazer Tech 2200 and cost $59.99 at Wal-Mart,where America loves to shop!
    Good Luck .
  • Note to Johnboy9
    Thanks for the info. I made a mistake not ordering the fog lights w/the DQ. Didn't realize that the shroud would have specific indentations for them, and since we never have fog in New Mexico, thought they would be useless. Now the truck looks naked without them. Regards, Bill.
  • go to topic 1318 / post 109 - see if it helps. and change your synthetic at about 5k; if you drive hard or live in a dusty or weird environment about 3k will work nicely - just think of the extra expense as a little insurance policy... and you'll be paying me less (synthoils) for the privilege - i'm in the petroleum industry... i know how most people love to 'punish' us whenever they can. ;-)
  • thanks for the info... will be using synthetic oil when/if my quad finally arrives.
  • bsparxbsparx Posts: 84
    Mid teens sounds ok to this long time Ford driver with a new QC (200 mi)

    84 Ranger 2.2 4 spd = 17 mpg ( 48k mi)
    87 Mazda (Ford) 2.2 5spd = 18 mpg (69k mi)
    91 Explorer 4.0 5 spd = 18 mpg (96k mi)
    92 F250 7.5 auto = 11 mpg (36k mi)
    98 F150 4.6 auto = 13 mpg (29k mi)

    It was time for a change, as those Fords got worse and worse - quality and mpg. Anyone worried about their Dodge, should rest assured its the best out there right now! My new QC has 4.7 auto, 3.92, 31x10.5. My questions: What is the p-metric size equivalent to the 31x10.5 to fit the 15x8 rims? Is it a Dunlop (I think I read earlier)? Had Dunlop Radial Rovers on the Explorer for 50k miles and they were good on wear, traction, noise, mpg, etc. I'd get more if I can find the right size. Also, will replacing the diff oil with synthetic 75 wt really help?
  • chadc777chadc777 Posts: 54
    >>>My Quad Cab turns 2500 rpm at 75mph.
    I would like to know the rpm`s a 3:55 turns at
    75 mph.

    And 2500rmp was a 4.7L/3.92/31x10.5 tires, right Johnboy9?

    So, anyone with 4.7L/3.55/31x10.5 have an rpm at 75 mph they can share?

    I think my 5.2L/3.55/31's turns between 2000-2100 at 75. I just got done testing my third and final gas tankful in my "quest for the best gas mileage". This was my daily 15 mile one way commutes with all but about 1.5 miles on interstate and NO around town driving this tank. I tried to keep it down around 55mph which makes a HUGE difference compared to 65mph and I averaged 18.03mpg (trip computer was off and said 16.8mpg). Last tank with a tiny bit of in town driving and average speeds closer to 60-65 got me 16.8mpg (trip computer said 15.6). If I do any more around town driving and drive around 70mph on the freeway, I get about 14 - 15 mpg.

    I did note that my trip computer used to be more accurate and does still do an OK job when around town driving is added, but lately, it has been a bit off on my highway-driving-only fill-ups. Truck has 43,000 miles on it.

    Next tank is back to 65 - 70 mph and will likely have more around town driving. I'm sure I'll be back down to 15mpg.

  • My truck is not here yet so I don't have
    very much to offer. I have read in other
    areas of guys going to K&N air filters. I
    think though some of you guys might be missing
    the boat. Take a look at your spark plugs.
    You will probably find they are Champions.
    Champions electrodes are 2 pieces that are
    butted up together with a metal wrap to
    connect the 2 pieces. I would reccomend
    that you replace your Sparkplugs. A better
    quality plug will deliver a better spark
    therefore getting a better "burn" in the
    combustion chamber. A more efficient running
    engine will produce better performance with
    an after effect of improved mileage.

    just an opinion guys, don't blast me too hard.

    thanks renegade
  • johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
    Yes Chad, I have a Quad Cab 4x4,4.7,A.T.I was
    concerned with mileage, with the 3:92 rearend,as
    well as higher RPM`S.I really wanted the trip
    computer,but it did`nt come with my truck. I would still like to install one,but I don`t know if it is pre-wired. Anyone know ?
  • bsparxbsparx Posts: 84
    Thanks for the size. If the Goodyear was a real LT tire, it would be worth sticking with. I run 6-ply LT's on my work trucks (I'm a contractor) for payload capacity. You also typically air up LT's to 85 psi. That stiffness helps counteract the heavy rotating weight. However, the Goodyear is "LT" in name only, not psi or ply (4). A typical p-metric tire is 3 ply, so the 4 ply Goodyear only really adds rotating weight (= bad mpg) without adding the benefits of an LT tire. I don't tow, so that's not a concern, and if I did, I'd use real LT tires. Thanks.
    Anyone know about synthetic diff oil?
  • wilmar1wilmar1 Posts: 32
    Red Line recommends 75W80 synthetic for the diff. Try their web site to view their claims of world's best oil. Only one problem, no one seems to know where you can buy the stuff.
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Posts: 165
    their e-mail is [email protected] and they have a list of dealers under 'dealers' (click)
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    can be ordered from any local [non-permissible content removed] bike shop who sells services Goldwings / any other water cooled bikes, or any true speed shop that offers Redline Water Wetter (I've used it for years). It'll probably come out of Calif. or some distant place and you'll probably have to buy a case, but that's where you can easily get it. Great products.
  • bsparxbsparx Posts: 84
    Thanks for the info, y'all. I'm in CA already, if that's a distant place, so maybe I don't have far to look. If it makes a difference in rpm or mpg, I'll post for all to see. I'll probably wait for 2500 mi or so, to get past break-in. Thanks again.
  • stvdmanstvdman Posts: 62
    I thought I read that the Quad has a change interval of 7500 miles. If that is true I am switching to synthetics, changing the oil every 6000 miles and changing the filter every 3000. Thats my plan and I am sticking to it. No scientific reasoning behind it just my idea.
  • c5alivec5alive Posts: 4
    For all you guys out there who ordered there Quad, how long did it take (or is taking). I'm thinking about placing an order for a 2001 sometime late summer, and I'm curious about when I can expect it.
    Also, any advise on ordering through a dealership compared to a website. The prices seem to be cheaper to order through discounted vehicle websites. The only problem with ordering online is that if there is a problem, a dealer is much closer to chew them out.

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