is my 09 accent california emissions? - P2096

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to be fair, I am posting on other good forums as well.

2009 accent manual trans

the dreaded check engine light. the one I am getting is p2096. P2096 Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean Bank 1. I tried replacing the original oxygen sensors with aftermarket oxygen sensors. I know many disagree with using aftermarket parts, or in pericular, oxygen sensors, but the same code came back. lets assume the sensors are all working as intended and that, indeed, the CAT needs to be replaced.

the first question I need to ask is:
how many catalytic converters does this car have?

the second question:
is my accent california emissions?

there is a sticker under the hood, and it says this:

hyundai motor corporation
vehicle emission control information
conforms to regulation - 2009 MY
U.S.EPA: T2B5 LDV OBD: CA II fuel: gasoline
california: ULEV II PC OBD: CA II fuel: gasoline
no adjustments needed
group: 9HYXV01.6MW5
evap: 9HYXR0120PDM

all discussion is welcomed. thanks.


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    " P2096 Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean Bank 1"

    The code description is that the downstream fuel control is having to make a large correction because the system is too lean. It does not say that the sensors, nor the catalyst have failed. As far as it being California Emissions, if what your wrote above is what the decal says under the hood, then yes it is California.
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    There could also be damage to the 02 harness or wiring, or an exhaust leak.

    Remember the formula: G=PD x4

    (Guessing costs 4 times more than proper diagnosis) :p Good luck tracking this down!
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